23rd March, 2000
Notice Board

Notes from Blackrock

The Ursuline Secondary School and the Department of Education and Science launched a North - South Cross Curricular initiative entitled "Our TOWM / YOUR TOWN" this event was launched in the school by the former Minister for education and Science Mr Michael Martin TD.
This is an exchange project between post primary teachers and pupils from seven Northern Ireland schools and seven schools from the Republic of Ireland. The pupils and teachers involved will engage in a focused study of their own town and in turn will enlighten their visiting colleagues as to the main historical and modern elements of their town. The Ursuline Secondary School will be exchanging with St. Catherine's College Armagh and will be visiting the Armagh area from the 22nd to the 25th March. During the study visiting pupils and teachers will analyse the similarities and differences of each other's towns while promoting mutual understanding in the process. Mutual familiarity and understanding between young people and teachers from both jurisdictions is now more important than ever in the context of the political uncertainty that prevails.
The main local sponsor of this exchange programme is SIFCO; other sponsors include City Life.


The Carrigaline Pioneer Centre are travelling to Dublin on this Saturday March 25 to receive a Gradham for the second year in succession. The annual awards are given to centres who have attained a high level of excellence during the year. The award ceremony will take place at 12 noon in St. Francis Xavier Church, Gardnier Street, Dublin. Anyone interested in travelling for this memorable occasion should contact 021-372035.
The year 2000 is a special year in the annals of the Carrigaline Pioneer Centre as they will be celebrating their Golden Jubilee. Members who qualify for silver or gold pins should contact 021-372035.


Cllr Deirdre Forde has proposed that the Council erect a railing at the edge of the footpath under the Bow-wow Bridge…. The ESB Community Games Special Activities Weekend takes place on May 19th…..Togher Children's Choir is to represent Ireland at the Choir Olympics 2000 in Austria next July…Citizens Information Call Centre (1890 777 121) at Penrose Warf is providing a much needed service….."Airports are an essential part of our infrastructure and should not be sold"says our local TD Deirdre Clune…..Deputy Simon Coveney tells us that the progress on the proposed Maritime College for Ringaskiddy is slow… Cllr. Deirdre Forde wants the Douglas Post Offices facilities upgraded…. Closing date for the Cork Community Games 'Art and Modelmaking' event is March 24th…. It's also the closing date for entries to the U14 Quiz…Progressive Democrat's National Chairperson Cllr. John Minihan wants to see the National Development Plan delivered to Cork on time…The UCC German Society's production of Volker Ludwig's "Café Mitte", described as 'Two Weddings and a Nazi Invasion' runs in the Granary Theatre until 24th March…The Gaelic Football Club Past Members Union of Queen's University Belfast are holding a one-day Sigerson Masters Invitation Tournament on Saturday 6th May, those interested should contact Eamon Ryan of UCC at 021 273526….Ten members from the Crosshaven Lifeboat Crew to commence training at the end of March, the station will operate on a temporary basis for a period of 12 months beginning in May.


Quinnsworth Douglas are holding a re-union night on 5th April in the Four Courts Bar across from the City Hall. Any past employees of Quinnsworth are very welcome, or you can contact Timmy Jordan in Quinnsworth or Telephone him on 892807.


On April 9th, the Chernobyl Children's Project is sending out the Millennium Convoy 2000. Ten 40ft, 38ton trucks and 16 ambulances will be delivering £2M worth of humanitarian aid, on the 15th Anniversary of the worlds worst nuclear disaster. The Project already has a fleet of 113 ambulances operating in the region, providing life-saving service's in the poorest and remote areas, to those most in need, so far they have they have distributed £12,25M worth of aid. Martin McSweeney and Gerald Walsh are two local Bus Eireann Drivers, who are presently fundraising to pay for the ambulance, which they are taking to Chernobyl. So far they have raised half of the £10,000 needed, mostly with the help of their colleagues, family and friends. They even did a 24hr fast and received generous donations and support from local businesses, including Bus Eireann. The students of Christ the King Girls secondary, Douglas Community School, St Columba's Girls and Boys School's are all giving great financial help. Breen's Auto Centre in Donnybrook and their mechanic Donal Martin have made the ambulance as good as new, repairing brakes and supplying a battery and a full service free of charge.
Their final fundraiser takes place on Fri 31st March at the Douglas GAA Club. Dan Noonan of Disco 2000 and the O'Donoghue family of Calderwood sponsor the Music. As well as Rock'n'Roll, Ceili agus Craic, there will be a special appearance of the kiely -Walsh School of Dancers. A great night is guaranteed lots of prizes. Don't miss this chance to show your support for the Chernobyl Children's Project. Be there!


An automatic spamming virus is going around that arrives as an attachment called Happy99.exe. If this exe is run you would have seen fireworks on your screen. In the background however there are some interesting modifications going on in your computer (ie. deletion of files).
Basically the end result is that every time you mail someone after this, the Happy99.exe attachment is sent without you knowing it. Follow these easy instructions to get rid of this:

Click Start, then Shut Down, then "Restart Computer in MS-DOS mode", then click Yes. It's important to do this so you can make the necessary changes.
At the DOS prompt type this exactly and press enter at the end of each line:
If that doesn't work, try CD SYSTEM

Next, Delete SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL by typing

If you get "File not found" you're either not infected or in the wrong directory. Make sure you're in your Windows System directory; check to see if you followed step 2 exactly.
Copy WSOCK32.SKA to WSOCK32.DLL by typing
Answer "Yes" if it asks if you want to overwrite WSOCK32.DLL. Explanation: WSOCK32.SKA is a backup of the original WSOCK32.DLL made by the virus. You are replacing the modified DLL with the original.

Optional Delete WSOCK32.SKA by typing

You can leave WSOCK32.SKA on your system. It is a copy of your original WSOCK32.DLL Do not delete WSOCK32.SKA if you are unable to replace WSOCK32.DLL with WSOCK32.SKA.

Return to Windows by typing:

To find out who you have unknowingly infected - Choose Start, Programs, Accessories, Notepad, choose File, then Open then type :\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\LISTE.SKA in the File Name box. It will load a list of email addresses you have sent the file to. Warn the people on the list, then delete LISTE.SKA. If you haven't sent out any infected e-mails, there won't be a LISTE.SKA.

If you receive this attachment in your email, don’t panic! Simply delete it, immediately. If you do not see the ‘firework’ display, you are OK.

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