13th April, 2000
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Ballygarvan V Douglas Part 1

The first round of the Munster Bowling Championships took place recently on the Monkstown Rd. between the Hall's Walter "Killer" Clark against near neighbour Sam "Carpet" Martin who came out of retirement to represent Paddo's Bowling Club Ballygarvan. Although, Sam did not play for over 4 years it did look like a mis-match, especially when he had only 3 supporters on the day compared with at least 23 for the "Killer" At first it was thought that there would not be any "stake", but the "Carpet" seemed to be in a confident mood and was heard to say that he would LAY DOWN or COVER any thing that they could MEASURE UP too. Eventually it was settled for 400.00 per. ONE HALF MILE LENGTH including VAT Now I have reason to believe that Sam Carpet had been in secret training up Scart with a Square Bowl he got from Donie MacCarthy and also used special UNDERLAY in his shoes for a better GRIP.Wally 'KILLER' Clark also did his bit for this score I was told he was off the jar and nearly off the fags he also was seen bowling every Sunday up Scart. The score got off to blistering start with both players TRIMMING the EDGES WALL to WALL it was neck and neck for the first 220 metres, but then THE CARPET began to STRETCH his LENGTH of bowl and by the Soldier's House it looked like CURTAINS for WALLY but that was not the case as the KILLER had an expert road shower in Frank "I know the road" Murphy assisted by Christy "take it over my shoulder" Donovan who brought Wally back into it with the Carpet. It was then time for Sam to call on his Carpet Fixers; Jerry noisy Murphy split the sop, Connolly and Macker LONG SHOT McCarthy to measure the situation. When WALLY through a Miler from The YELLOW WALL to the BARKING CATS the Hall'ites went wild with delight but that was the turning point in the score, with Heffo saying don't mind the middle Wally1 throw it down the centre, Diesel Dan shouting "get off his hand and let dog see the rabbit" and to add to that "the Corners wouldn't be bad only for the Bends on the road", it was Frantic ---- this seemed to confuse the Killer and the Carpet took full advantage of the confusion and ended up winning a most enjoyable score that will live in the memory for a long time. Wouldn't it be FITTING if these two could meet again in the future at a different venue to decide once and for all who is the King of the Road? Over to you Georgie to organise.
Not the B52
To be continued


Over the past year the fifth year students of D.C.S. have been involved in fund raising activities for a very worthy cause, namely the Chernobyl Children's Project.On March 31st Adi Roche visited the school and was presented with a cheque for 600 by the students. Accompanying Adi were Martin McSweeny and Gerry Walsh who are part of the biggest ever convoy to leave for Chernobyl. It is called the Millennium Convoy 2000,and left on April 9th. Well done to the students for their charitable work and the best of luck to them in their upcoming exams. Good luck also to Gerry and Martin in their long journey to Chernobyl.
In the Sporting Arena the International Schools Cross Country Championships were held in Scotland recently. Niall Duncan represented D.C.S. on the Irish Team. A brilliant performance by Niall helped the Irish team to take first place in the team event with Niall achieving fourth place in the individual event. Congratulations are also due to Alan Sheehan and Paul Sheehan who won first and second prize respectively at the Feis Maithiu Extempore public speaking competition.


An open public meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th April next at 7.30pm at the Maryborough House Hotel to discuss the resettlement of asylum seekers at the Havisam House House Hotel and the Cork Airport.
Local residents and any person with an interest in this matter are invited to attend. Representatives of the Department of Justice and An Garda Siochana will be in attendance.


by Eugene & Valda Furlong

When a star explodes as a supernova it may leave behind a collapsing core. In theory the core contracts into a point of zero volume but infinite density, called singularity. The gravitational field of the singularity is so intense that it creates a region of space called a black hole. The surface of the gravitational field is so strong that light leaving it, is to some degree pulled back. Once inside a black hole nothing can get out. In order for a black hole to form around the earth, the planet would have to be compressed until it had a diameter of just 1cm.
In 1994 the Hubble Telescope provided strong evidence that a black hole exists at the centre of the galaxy M87.
The English physicist Stephen Hawking has suggested that many black holes may have formed in the early universe. If this is so, many of these black holes could be to far from other matter to form detectable accretion discs. In reaction to the concept of singularities Hawking proposed that black holes do not collapse in this manner but instead from “wormholes” to other universes besides our own.


Clear soft and supple skin is one of the greatest beauty assets we can have. There is plenty you can do on a day-to -day basis to ensure it always looks as good as possible, you cannot neglect your skin for months or years and then try to make up for it with expensive creams and short term care, it doesn't work that way. You will see the benefits in the long term by regularly spending time and care on your skin, so follow a good skin care regime every day whether it be for ten minutes or longer because the benefits will last a lifetime.
From twenty years of age onwards we begin to loose the elasticity in our skin, so it is important whatever skin type you are to use an anti ageing cream to help keep those wrinkles at bay. Especially those of you who have dry or very dry skin. Diet is also important to keep the skin looking healthy, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and of course at least six or eight glasses of water a day, to keep the skin hydrated and to wash toxins from the body.
Kathyrn Kennefick O'Sullivan's Pharmacy, Grange 021/364217


On March 13th we left Machava, the place at the outskirts of Maputo were we stay, in the early morning with the intention of taking three and a half tons of baled clothes to a place called Hokwe (200 km north of Maputo). The last two days we had spent two days at the airport in Maputo trying to get the clothes transported up to the flood area, but everything that could fly, from military aircraft's to civilian-run aircraft's, they were all booked up. Finally they told us that if we would go to Palmeiras (60 km from Maputo) we were more or less guaranteed a slot.
After picking the bales up from storage at the airport we left, but we were not very confident in reaching Hokwe as the sky was very cloudy. But luckily by the time we reached the improvised heliport the skies had cleared. The heliport is just an open area by the side of the road and the road itself had been closed off to be used as a runway for light aircraft's. When we arrived it was hill of activity; military helicopters were flying in every few minutes and taking off again loaded up with food and medicines destined for the lower Limpopo River region.
A British officer co-ordinating the flight schedule directed us to a place were we could unload our truck, which was done by local villagers. We had to wait for an hour, in noise and dust from the helicopters, before a South African helicopter lifted Dame, my Mozambican colleague, and myself together with 21 bales of clothing (that's 126 'family packs") to take us to Hokwe. The flight in all took 30 minutes and was extraordinary. From the window we had an amazing view of villages, farms and small settlements which were completely underwater. Most of the people we could see had gone to the higher ground.
Hokwe is in the fortunate position to be on higher ground and as a result the town's population has doubled from 15,000 to 30,000. The town was completely surrounded by areas that were underwater. When we landed on a football field used as the heliport thousands of people had gathered around the heliport. As soon as we touched the ground the people began to run towards the helicopter and they had to be pushed back by armed police and guards who literally had to beat the crowd back. Finally, we unloaded everything but because of the tight schedule of the military it was uncertain whether we would be picked up or we had to spend the night in Hokwe. Leaving the bales with the guards, we headed for the administrator's office, which was completely swamped. His office was overflowing with people and they were all hoping for some kind of help, which made it almost impossible to get in to see him. Without electricity, fresh water, communications and roads Hokwe is completely cut off from the rest of Mozambique. He told us that despite the fact that the town was above the floodwaters, most of the residents had lost almost everything due to the rains. So apart from the 15,000 displaced people he also had to deal with his own townspeople. The small town was literally crowded, every sidewalk, every open space and even the streets were filled with people sleeping, eating or just sitting. Most of them didn't even have small bundles containing the remains of their possessions, as we had seen in some other towns. Everything had gone. They slept on the bare ground, without blankets.
Due to the pressure of time we only had 35 minutes in Hokwe, which wasn't long enough to distribute the clothes packages to the people from outside the town who were chosen to receive them. The packages were left with the local authorities to be distributed later that day. Thankfully an RAF helicopter arrived on its way to Palmeiras and they agreed to give us a lift.
The whole experience brought home to us exactly how devastating the floods had been. After hearing countless Stories and watching news reports on TV to be actually there on the ground and seeing it all for myself made it all much more real and made me also realise how tragic the whole situation is.
ADPP is extending its clothes distribution beyond Hokwe to include Chokwe and Xai-Xai in Co-operation with the Red Cross of Mozambique.
I only hope that all the hard work that is being done by so many people in Machava at the ADPP Centre will help to reduce the suffering of those people as quickly as possible.

Andy is a Development Instructor from The Travelling Folk High School in Denmark.


Minane Bridge Church Building Fund are holding a Car Boot Sale at Fountainstown Car Park on Sunday 30th April and 3 o’clock.
All are welcome !!


Mentl Productions is a new production company to the community. It was set up in the beginning of 2000 by local man Edward Coughlan and Siofra Hegarty. Edward, whose background is in the acting side of the business decided to form a company that would enable him to produce at first his own work and then seek out other local talent to bring it to the attention of the public.
Edward's first play, "By Name and Nature" is beginning a one week run in The Half Moon Theatre on Monday 24th of April - Saturday 29th of April, 2000, nightly from 8pm. Fiona Lawton directs the show and joining Edward on stage are Marcos Bale and Helen White.
The play is a study of how ridiculous our thoughts can become given the slightest encouragement. Jack Deft, an-out-of work actor, is plagued with the constant brawling between his self motivating confidence building pep talks and the harsh reality of not getting any acting work time and again, one audition after another. Strangely enough there is a rich comic theme running throughout the piece.There are hints that Jack is possibly only involved in acting because it sounds cool.
Mentl Productions is forever grateftul to the support it has received from the local businesses and people of the area to enable it to produce a top class piece of innovative theatre.
Should you need any further information contact
Edward Coughlan at 086 833 7840


As and from Sat 15th April work will commence on the demolition of 37 and 38 Douglas West, (opposite Mario's take away). The demolition will take approximately 2 days. Then work will begin on a new development shortly afterwards. It is estimated this work will take three months. We trust that the people of Douglas West and beyond will bear with us during this reconstruction. We apologise for any inconvenience and in anticipation we thank you for your understanding .


by Declan Cronin of Apex Clinic

Question: I'm 29 years of age and two years ago 1 was diagnosed with having lBS, even though the symptoms started when 1 was a lot younger. My symptoms vary from mild to severe. I have recently added a new member to my family. I now have two boys and one girl. At the moment I find myself feelin2 very concerned with thoughts that I might pass it on to my children and if any of them complain with a tummy pain I convince myself that they have contracted lBS from me. Sometimes when my symptoms are at there worst, I can suffer from sever abdominal pain for anything up to six hours. I'm sure that you will understand my concerns when I see one of my children with a tummy pain I would he very grateful if you could let me know ii lBS is hereditary or even if children can suffer from it.
Answer: There is no evidence to suggest that IRS is hereditary. Research suggests that the average age of people who suffer from the complaint is 29. However the symptoms of IRS have been identified in children as young as one and right up to people in their sixties. Just because you suffer from IRS does not mean that your children will. If you find that your child is showing similar symptoms to IRS then it is very important that you bring him/her to your doctor, as
each case has to be investigated individually. As I stated on previous articles. the symptoms of IRS can be similar to those of more serious physical conditions and so you should never assume that someone else has IRS just because they are showing similar symptoms to you. At the end of April 1 will be conducting a pilot study on the positive effects psychotherapy can have on people who suffer from lBS. The costs of this study will be totally absorbed by the Apex Clinic. If you wish to partake in this study then you should write or phone for details at your earliest possible convenience.
More next week.


The Douglas Weekly has learned that the organisers of the Thomas Kent memorial for Kent Station want Gerry Adams to perform the unveiling ceremony but Iarnrod Eireann point blankly refuse to allow Mr Adams to participate…Granary Productions with UCC Drama are presenting "Equus" at the Granary Theatre April 26 -29……any parent left carrying the sole responsibility for their children and wish the other parent would be more involved should contact Parental Equality at 087 / 6395470….the Lace Convention takes place on May5th,6th & 7th in the Park Hotel Dungarvan contact Eleanor at 894771.. ..last weekend 32 Macaoimh and Scouts and 9 Leaders spent a fabulous few days in Mount Melleray Scout Centre in Co. Waterford…..Maher Sports are sponsoring a 500 shopping spree and the Celtic Ross Hotel are giving a weekend for two as prizes at the forthcoming Home Design Exhibition in Bantry House….the European Commission saysthe E-commerce could generate up to 200 billion Euros in the year 2000 and create a quarter of all new jobs in Europe…Deputy Simon Coveney has welcomed the announcement of thirty new buses for Cork and partliculary welcomed the provision of wheelchair accessability on these new buses…Cork Community Games have their U 15 Badminton games at the Community Hall Carrigtwohill on Sat 6th May, contact John O'Mahony 961516.


Cork County Council and the nine Urban District Councils in the County have launched a new programme for Partnership in the Workplace. Partnership in the Workplace arises from Partnership 2000 - the last National Agreement between the social partners. It's stated objective is "To achieve joint ownership by management, staff and unions, and to replace the adversarial approach to change with an open co-operative process based on effective consultation and participation by all concerned."
Partnership in the public service is now organised in three different strata;
A national partnership advisory group
A local authority partnership committee in each local authority
A number of partnership working groups which will be set up in
each local authority to address specific issues.
"This is a new departure in the local authority system" said partnership facilitator, Gerry Geaney, "The concept is the last remaining element of the old partnership 2000 national agreement and sees management, staff and unions in a recognised structure that will allow everyone an input into the introduction of changes in work practices and other matters of concern in the workplace."
A number of areas of concern have already been identified at national level to be addressed by the new partnership process, but it is expected that each authority will set its own agenda.
These include: Health and safety, Employment policies, Public image of local authorities, Strategic plans for service delivery, Designing less formal hierarchies, Customisation of national policies for local delivery.
"The Council is committed to the long term implementation of the partnership process as an integral part of our working methods," said Garry Geaney, " Today is the launch day we are in this for the long haul.”


Thursday cycles every week till mid Sep. Meet Opera House 7pm. Tel. Liz 021-274143. Wear a helmet Bring pump, spare tube (or repair kit) and rainwear. All welcome. April 27th. Carrigaline Family Cycles every Thursday. Meet Owenabue car park 7pm.
An Carrig Health & Leisure Club
Membership of An Carrig Health & Leisure Club Carrigaline is now open for An Oige members with a saving of 50 to 200 For booking and information Tel. Michael 021-372552
Membership:- Adults 10, Under 18 4, Family membership 20. Join at An Qige Hostel 1/2 Redclyffe, Western Road, Mon - Sat. 9am - 1pm & 5pm - 9pm. or Tel. Michael 372552.
VISIT THE AN OIGE WEB Site www.irelandyha.org


A new sculpture has been commissioned from Sean McCarthy to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of Douglas Community School. Will be unveiled by Minister Michael Martin on Friday, 14th April, as part of the celebratory ceremonies at the school.
Sculptor Sean McCarthys work is prominent in the Munster area in particular. His bronzes of Christy Ring in Cork Airport's terminal building and of Bill Clinton in Balybunion are probably his best known works. The Douglas Community School piece portrays hands,
suggesting the ideas of welcome, re-assurance and accessibility to the community.
The Minister for Health Michael Martin, who has had a long association with Douglas Community School, will also formally inaugurate a high tech Information and Communications Technology Network, linking the school library, two computer rooms and all the administrative offices in the School. In addition, he will open a customised Business Studies Room, supported by AIB Banks to mark the anniversary or the school A new millennium Pond, which is a Transition Year project sponsored by Hern Roofing Systems, will be on view in a courtyard in the centre of the school building.
A wide range of community representatives will attend the ceremonies. Local business interests, voluntary groups, educational organisations and Sporting bodies will be among the attendance. The days events will finish with an ecumenical prayer service, conducted by representatives of the local clergy.
For further information contact Owen Casey 021/4294201


The Annual Supper Social, organised by the above association, in aid of Edel House, the shelter for homeless girls, women and children, will take place on Sat., 15th April, 2000 at the Baltimore Room, Jurys Hotel, Western Road. Music is by Jasmine and tickets are 10 each, which may be obtained from any member of the executive.
Tel: (021) 364431 for further details.

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