27th April, 2000
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2 p.m. sharp, Sunday May 7th, Whitechurch, Co. Cork
Male & Female teams, Gaelic Football, Basketball & Soccer (all 5-a-side & 2 subs)
Badminton (Doubles - Gents, Ladies & Mixed)

All Competitions - 9 to 12 yrs, 12-15 yrs & over 15
Contact Your Local Centre – Or Ph - 087 234 0987
Barra Cogan, 3 Heatherfield, Carrigaline, Co. Cork.


Never buy herbal products abroad, by mail order or over the Internet.
Only buy a remedy that states on the packaging which herbs It contains.
Do not collect herbs in the wild for medicinal use.
Do not use herbal remedies for serious illnesses such as diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, or cancer.
If you experience side effects stop using the product.
Do not exceed the stated dose or take herbal remedies over a prolonged time.
If you arc pregnant or breast-feeding ask your doctor or medical herbalist before using herbal remedies. In general herbal remedies are not recommended during this time.
Although some reputable therapists advise patients to continue with conventional treatment for certain conditions, a few do not agree with modern medicine and science.
Complementary medicine can be harmful if it is used to substitute mainstream diagnosis and treatment. Reputable practitioners will advise patients to see their doctor in the case of many ailments and particularly if they arc suffering from a disease.
Although some of these herbs are proven to he effective no studies have been carried out to examine the practice of herbalism. There are no regulations that require practitioners to have a licence or specific training. It is difficult for consumers to determine who are
authentic practitioners.
There are no training courses available in Ireland. People must go To Britain where there are many different courses. The most comprehensively trained practitioners are known as medical herbalists and are members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). The European Herbal Practitioners Association was set up to encourage greater unity among medical herbalists.
Licensing herbs
The Medical Preparations (Advertising) Regulations 1993 and the Medicinal Products (Prescription and Control of Supply) Regulations 1996 govern the use of herbal remedies.
Under this legislation remedies which make a medicinal claim, such as a claim to cure, alleviate or prevent disease, are classified as medicines and require authorisation by the Irish Medicines Board (IBM).
The IBM licenses the sale of medicinal products for human use under the Medicinal Products Regulations 1998.
Preparations made of dried or crushed herbs, such as those used in cooking, which are labelled specifying the herbs and the process of production, are exempted from the Medicinal Products Regulations.
They include cinnamon hark, gingerroot, carrageen moss, and senna leaves.
The licensing of herbal medicines radically reduces their availability to consumers although you can get most preparations without a prescription over the counter. Licensing requires that products undergo strict clinical trials, monitoring and authorisation, all of which puts up their costs.
A prescription-only preparation also requires a doctor's consultation fee. So a product such as St John's Wort which originally' would have cost 6 could now cost 30 or more. Consumers are also faced with the lack of approval of herbal medicine in conventional practice. A large number of doctors refuse to prescribe any herbal medicine, as they arc not trained in this area.


The Owenabue Valley Traditional Group are travelling to Germany next month to participate in the Hanover International Folk Dance Festival. The 28 strong group of traditional dancers, musicians and singers fly out from Cork airport for the five day festival from Wednesday 31st May to Sunday June 4th. The invitation was received from the Hanover Minstrels, who they met at the Farup Folk Dance Festival in Denmark last October. Groups from eight countries totalling 400 dancers are taking part in this international festival. The Carrigaline based Owenabue Valley Traditional Group representing Ireland will give eight performances. the visit coincides with Expo 2000 where the group will perform on Friday 2nd June.


The London Welsh Male Voice Choir, with special guest Majella Cullagh are giving a Gala Concert at the Rochestown Park Hotel on Sunday 28th May in aid of the Friends of Saint Patricks Hospital and Marymount Hospice. Great night assured.


Home Design 2000 will be holding a major Exhibition in Bantry House, Bantry during the May Bank Holiday Weekend from Saturday 29th April to Monday 1st May 2000. The show times will be from 11:00am to 7:00pm each day:
This will be a unique event with a Home Design Exhibition, a Garden Exhibition, a Motor Show, a Strawberry & Cream Fair and Fashion Show with models from Ed Jordan’s Profile agency, all taking place in the magnificent surroundings of Bantry House and Gardens. The Fashion Show will feature all the latest fashions from West Cork and Cork City shops.
The Home Design Exhibition will take place in the largest marquee ever seen in West Cork, and will have 90 exhibitors showing every thing that relates to Home Design. There will also be a major Garden Exhibition with 6 Garden centres in attendance. This will provide an ideal compliment to the newly restored Bantry House Gardens.
A major attraction at the Exhibition will be Helicopter Rides provided by Gaelic Helicopters Ltd. to see the magnificent views of Bantry Bay from the air.
Vintage & American Stretch Limousines will provide another unique feature of the Show. They will provide Family Limousine rides around the Scenic Bantry Bay. As there is limited availability for this, it is essential that all Family Trips are booked in advance by contacting Susan at 021 866403.
There will also be outside catering facilities throughout the weekend.
As this is the 1st major Show to occur in Bantry, record crowds are expected to descend on Bantry for the May Bank Holiday weekend.
The admission cost will be 3 for Saturday and 5 on Sunday and Monday per adult. This is a considerable reduction on the usual admission to Bantry House & Gardens of 8.
Bantry will be the place to be for the May Bank Holiday Weekend. The Exhibition is organised by Peter Crowley.


As far back as ancient times people have seen imaginary shapes and patterns within groups of stars and called them constellations. Today there are 88 internationally recognised constellations. Each of the constellations are named after an object or a creature and a number of then are named after mythological figures, for example Orion the hunter and Ursa Major the great bear. Beneath is a list of constellations in our Northern Hemisphere. Every week we will introduce to you a new list of different named constellations.


Andromeda Andromeda
Aguila Eagle
Aries Ram
Auriga Charioteer
Bootes Herdsman
Camelopardalis Giraffe
Cancer Crab

Although the stars in a constellation seem to lie in the same plane, they are all at different distances from the earth. If we could view Orion from elsewhere in space, its star pattern would be different from the one we see from the earth. A constellation looks to us to be a two-dimensional pattern in the night sky where if we could actually look down on the constellation we would probably not be able to recognise it. The reason for this is that the stars in any constellation can vary in distance of between 500 light years and 2500 light years distance from the earth.
The following is a list of dates, times and direction that Mir will be visible from Cork in the coming week.

Date Time Direction & Duration
25-Apr-2000 3:38 W- E 4 min
26-Apr-2000 2:24 E- ENE 2 min
26-Apr-2000 3:56 W- ESE 5 min
27-Apr-2000 2:42 ESE -E 3 min
27-Apr-2000 4:13 W- ESE 7 min
28-Apr-2000 3:00 WSW -ESE 3 min
29-Apr-2000 3:18 WSW- ESE 4 min
30-Apr-2000 3:35 WSW- SE 4 min


Now as the summer approaches we look forward to sunny days and safe sunbathing.There are so many sun creams and lotions on the market,but it's essential to use the right one for your skin.Here are some handy tips,to decide which spf suits your skin.
1.Fair-skinned red hair or blond Total sunblock or stay out of the sun.
2.Fair hair and pale skin burns easily tans with difficulty ,start with spf 20 and use sunblock on delicate areas progress gradually to SPFi5
3.Light brown hair and medium skin tone.Start with SPF10 and work down to SPF8 .
4.Brown hair and eyes occasionally burns but tans easily start with SPF8 moving on to SPF6
5.Dark hair and skin hardly ever burns and tans easily use SPF6 all the time.
Apply lotion or cream before you go out into the sun,gradually build up the time you spend in the sun.
Stay out of the sun between 12o clock and 3 oclock whwn it is at it's hottest. If you play a lot of sport or are swimming choose a special cream for this. Lips also need a good sun screen to protect them from burning and chapping. There are also special hypo-allergenic products around for those with ultra sensitive skins. Next week i will talk about fake tan and bronzing powders.
Kathyrn Kennefick


The weekly gatherings of the Club Cupla Focal takes place every Thursday night at the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion. A Cead Mile Failte is extended to anyone interested in a conversation as Gaeilge, to come along any Thursday between 8.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. The club are planning an outing to one of the Gaelteacht areas during the summer.


Premier Antiques Fairs have organised an outstanding Antiques fair, to take place on 30th April in the Rochestown Park Hotel from 11am to 9pm.

This fair will include over 20 exhibitors from all sectors of the Antiques & Art trade. Highlights will include Clarence Cliff porcelain, Irish Georgian silver, furniture from the 18th & 19th Century, Cork glass & various collectables & jewellery.

Householders in Douglas & surrounding areas have a great opportunity to buy that special item for their home and to view literally hundreds of high class antique items for a very reasonable 2 entry fee.

There will be a free valuation of goods between 3pm and 4pm.

Premier Antiques will buy for cash old furniture, glass, silver, jewellery, pictures and interesting old Irish items.



From this week on photographs from Douglas Weekly can also be seen in full colour in Douglas Court Shopping Centre compliments of the Douglas Weekly and AMBA Advertising. The photographs will be displayed on a large 42" inch state-of-the-art plasma screen, situated at the entrance to Douglas Court Shopping Centre near Academy Shoes and Sasha Fashion. Douglas Weekly is the first Weekly paper in Ireland to take advantage of this innovative use at leading edge emerging technologies. The resolution and quality of the AMBA plasma screen has to be seen to be believed. Every house should have one!
The AMBA advertising display is capable of showing almost any form of advertisement including DVD quality video. For the next few weeks the screen will be showing video footage of the Gala Fashion Show {in aid of St. Gabriel's school for children with special needs} which took place in the Rochestown Park Hotel in March. If you were there on the night you might well see yourself and friends in the audience at the event.

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