1st June, 2000
Notice Board


by Ronnie McGinn

Around the bend by the rainbows end
They may lobby for this and that,
And true or not, it's the very spot,
Where Napoleon hung his hat

No tag so high that money can't buy,
What's the price of democracy?
Oh rant and rave, but the truth will pave,
The stage of our history.

For no king would try to believe a lie
Or a twisted tale turned flat,
Nor handsome fee set a traitor free,
Where Napoleon hung his hat.

From big brown bags to the rich glad rags,
From start to beginning and end,
The gates of hell will cast their spell,
On the one who betrays a friend.

For good will smite both the left and right,
And our time will take care of that,
When voters boot the pinstriped suit
Where Napoleon hung his hat.


Cllr. Peter Kelly has stated that given the current political climate, former Judge Hugh O'Flaherty's recent appointment is outrageous, and the blame for the unease felt by the general public lies squarely at the feet of Charley McGreevy


How do the stress relief properties of Reflexology work ?
It is a fact that the stresses of modern life lead to illness because most people ignore the demands of their bodies for sufficient relaxations, which permit their bodies to rebalance their natural functions. A Reflexology treatment removes congestion and blockages from the energy pathways of the body thus helping to normalize
organ and gland function. relaxing the whole system including the mind, in a way that has yet to be explained in the context of modern medicine.
Benefits of a Reflexology treatment.
It induces calm and relaxation
It is effective for healthy bodies as well as for those who are ill.
It is suitable for all ages including babies
It is a non-invasive technique.
It puts a person in touch with their own body and with our own power to heal and re-balance ourselves. Reflexology is not a tool for the diagnosing of disease but a Reflexologist may draw some conclusions from her treatment of a client's feet, which may lead her to recommend that medical advice, should be sought.
How long does a treatment take?
The full treatment takes approximately one hour which includes ten minutes relaxation at the end of the treatment.
What after-effects are there?
Reflexology affects. people in different ways. You may feel wonderful. or equally you may feel weepy and tearful later in the day. You can feel totally energised or feel very tired. This depends on the amount of toxins released during the treatment. Drink plenty of water after the treatment and for the rest of the day to flush away the toxins and the following day you should feel the full benefits of the treatment.
So don't delay. Find a Therapist and start to-day...
From Marian Gray@ 087 6540696 - More next week


Time is ticking, so carefully book your final trip to the hair salon before your holidays.
Your Cut: While you're away a hair-care routine won't be a priority so ask about a low-maintenance cut that's not too different from what you're used to.
Your Colour: Get it done about a week before you go, hilites, semis and vegetable colours can all be applied about a week before without any problem. However it is advisable for a tint to be done about 10 days beforehand.
Your Condition: Hair that's been coloured dries out, so it needs regular intensives. If you fancy a treat visit the salon for a treatment masque to keep your hair soft, shiny and manageable. Happy Holidays!
From Christine & Denise of "Clipso" Unisex Hair Design. Pinecroft Grange, 021 4895744


All Irish driving instructors are to come under strict new rules from 2002. The Department of the Environment and Local Government is to regulate the Industry to improve quality control.
From I January 2002, all instructors have to undergo a compulsory Competency test. However, drivers already registered with a recognised body that meets certain criteria will be exempt from the test.
The Department is due to have a meeting with the voluntary Driving Instructor Register (DIR), the National Accreditation Board and driving instructor representative bodies to set up a working group.
This group's objective is to agree standards of its registration bodies for the new compulsory system.
The DIR was set up in 1996 and is Co-funded by the Department of the
Environment and Local Government. Its role is to examine and monitor the standard of its registered driving instructors (RDIs). It has nearly 600 registered and provisional driving instructors from the estimated 1,200 full-time driving instructors in the country. Announcing the proposals, the present Minister of State at the Department of the Environment and Local Government, Robert Molloy. 'TD, said it was important to ensure that driving instructors teach a
consistently high standard of driving skills to learner drivers. We agree.
Over the years Douglas Weekly has called for an official compulsory
examination and registration scheme for driving instructors as Ireland is the only EU country not to have one. At present anyone can set up a driving school. Consumers need to know that driving instructors are qualified and competent to teach them.


The Owenabue Valley Traditional Group Launch their Traditional Irish nights for the summer tourist season on Thursday June 8th next, at the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion. The nights are runs every Thurday night until September from 9pm to 12 midnight, with a great variety of traditional Irish entertainment, dancing sets, ceili and old time. Cead mile failte roimh cach, taille 3.


Continuing our look at the responsibilities of owning a dog
Going on holiday
Before you go on holiday; ask a vet or look up the Golden Pages for a list boarding kennels. Before booking, check the kennel to make sure it is clean, roomy and well staffed, and find out if it requires a vaccination certificate. Make sure your dog will get plenty of well-supervised exercise.
A11 kinds of dogs need daily exercise, but when being walked the owner or a responsible person capable of controlling them must accompany them. Dogs should be kept on a lead in public places.
Restricted breeds
The Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 specifies 10 breeds that need strict control. These breeds are: American pit bull terrier, Bull Mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, English bull terrier, German Shepherd (Alsatian), Japanese Akita, Japanese Tosa, Rhodesian Rideghack, Rottweiler, Staffordshire bull terrier. Every other strain or crossbreed of these dogs are also covered.
These dogs must be securely muzzled and kept on a dog chain or leash, not more than 2m long, in a public place and supervised by someone aged over 16 who is capable of controlling the dog.
Noisy Dogs
If persistent dog barking bothers you, talk to the owner. Check with others in your area if they are affected and get their support for your complaint.
The Control of Dogs Act 1986 (Section 25 (2)) sets out a procedure to follow if you are bothered by persistent dogs barking in your area. Go to your local District Court and state that you want to make the complaint. You will be given a date when your complaint will lie heard and a copy of Form Number 5.
Write the name and address of the noisy dog's owner, your name, and the date and time when your complaint is to be heard in the District Court on the form. Sign and date it, and give it to the dog's owner 7 days before your complaint is due to be heard. The dog's owner has this time to resolve the problem.
If you go the District Court and the judge finds that a nuisance has
been created by excessive barking, he can: order the owner to exercise 'due control' over the dog, limit the number of dogs the owner can keep for a certain length of time, order the dog to be delivered to a dog warden to be dealt with as if it were an unwanted dog.
More next week


You can veto your children's choice of reading material and what they watch on TV, but controlling what they get up to on the internet is a whole new ballgame for many Irish parents. At Douglas Weekly we will try to help you set up safety rules and examine the industry and the Governments moves to tighten up child safety on the Internet.
The Internet offers children a huge source of entertainment anti education. Unfortunately; it also offers them access to material, information and perhaps even people you may prefer them not to have. But it is important to keep these concerns in perspective. Parental supervision and involvement, allied with industry and Government moves to tighten child safety on the Internet can help keep your children safe. Legislation to control what appears on the Internet is
difficult to enforce, mainly because the Internet is international while legislation works on a territorial basis. What is deemed harmful, offensive or illegal can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. While governments can try to deal with illegal
material originating within their boundaries, they cannot control material held in another country. International co-operation is vital but at the moment, technology is moving too fast for legislation to keep up.
Net supervision
If your children use email or participate in newsgroups or chat rooms (where Internet users log on to chat to each other), there is a chance they could be experiencing or expressing inappropriate ideas. Language of suggestions, or they could he in contact with unsuitable people.
Discuss the potential benefits but also the dangers of making friends over the Internet. For example, people can hide their true identity online so an adult could pretend to be a child.
Teach your children never to give personal information to other Internet users. On an international level, there have been cases where paedophiles used the Internet to exchange child pornography and to try to set up meetings with children they 'befriended' over the Internet. Initial Irish research indicates that there is evidence of Irish involvement in child pornography on the Internet, although this is believed to be low level.
The more likely scenario is that your children may accidentally stray into undesirable sites, or they may look for them out of curiosity. Porn, violence and racism are among the many offensive topics that can be accessed on the Internet. Children may also come across material that is legal or harmless for adults but inappropriate for younger people.
Get Involved
You don't have to know as much about computers as your child to get involved in their Internet activities. Spend time online with your children, familiarise yourself with the services they use and get them to show you how to access them. Treat the Internet as you would any of your child's hobbies or interests - ask them about what they have been doing, what interesting sites they have found and who have they been 'talking' to.
Safety Rules
Consider moving the computer to a family area where you can keep an eye on what is going on. Limit your child's online time to when you are nearby. However, you cannot be there all the time (and older teenagers may not want you around) so agree some online safety rules and explain why they are necessary. We suggest that you:
Regularly chat about the information they find on the Internet.
Encourage them to tell you if they ever receive messages or accidentally access material that makes them feel uncomfortable. Pass such information on to your Internet service provider (ISP).
Help them choose a nickname and stick to it if they use chat rooms or join newsgroups.
Agree that they never reply to threatening or scary e mail or chat room messages and that they instantly log off and tell you about it.
Teach them never to give out personal information such as their, home address, school, telephone number, password photographs, or details about family or friends.
Tell them never to agree to meet anyone in person without your permission. If you decide they can meet someone, choose a public place and accompany your child.
More next week

The Boys and Girls of St. Columba's Boy's and Girls School Douglas had a non-uniform day recently to raise money for the Chernobyl Children's Project. The efforts raised the fantastic sum of 1000. On two different days both schools were given details of the involvement of the Chernobyl Children's in Belarus, Ukraine and Western Russia. Martin McSweeney and Gerald Walsh of Bus Eireann, and Garda Sargent Trevor Laffan represented the project.
On Thurs. 25th May 2,000 the cheque for 1,000 was presented by the Boy's Principle Donal Murphy and the Girls Principle Michelle Cashman. The money will help to send aid, such as food, clothes, medical supplies and Ambulances to the affected area.


by Declan Cronin of Apex Clinic
For many years I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When I was at the early age of seventeen I didn't realise that other people suffered the same symptoms as I did. On social occasions I would find myself secretly leaving to go to the toilet and I would be extremely embarrassed if anyone realised how often I had to go and so I avoided social occasions as much as possible. When 1 confided in a few close friends about my problems I was told that it is disgusting and that I shouldn't talk about it. I believe at the time I suffered a lot of emotional damage because I felt ashamed and isolated over something that seemed to be frowned upon and viewed as a taboo subject. It is natural and essential to have a bowel movement and the more understanding people have of Irritable Bowel Syndrome the greater the chance that both young and old will not suffer the same emotional upset as I have. Best wishes Paula. Keep up the good work.
Comment: I have received a number of comments (majority favourable) from the public with regard to my articles on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. However, the Douglas weekly and myself have received a few complaints with a view that it is distasteful and unsuitable. When you consider that approximately 15% to 35% of the population may suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome at some stage in their lives it is important that sufferers realise that they are not alone. It is also important for relatives to have a greater understanding of both the physical and emotional upset that Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause. A lot of this emotional upset is due to ignorance and fear (as stated in the above letter) of something which is a very natural and essential bodily function. Over the next week I would like to encourage people who have an opinion to phone and voice that opinion. As you can see from the above letter Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be very distressing and embarrassing to the sufferer due to lack of understanding within the general populous. As previously stated, I will be conducting a controlled pilot study on the positive effects psychotherapy can have on alleviating the symptoms of IBS. The cost of this study will be totally absorbed by the Apex Clinic. The results will be printed in the Douglas Weekly.
More next week.


The Irish Meniere's Support Group hold their Summer Meeting at the National Association for Deaf People Centre 35 North Frederick Street, Dublin on Saturday 24th June enquiries 01 8723800….at a Southern Health Board conference on "Tackling Inequalities in Health" a report made in 1907 by a Dr. Denis O'Donovan, which pointed out that when it comes to inequalities in health it is those who live in disadvantaged circumstances experience more illnesses, more disability and live shorter lives, was mentioned. "We must find solutions to tackle inequalities in health - everyone has a right to good health" said Sean Hurley, Chief Executive Officer of the Southern health Board…… "Active older citizens are healthier and happier contributing to their communities" said Minister of State Danny Wallace at the presentation of Certificates for the first group of Older Adult Advocates…… homedesign.ie is a premier Irish Web site dedicated to marketing household goods…..St. John's Central College are holding their Graduation Ceremony for Post Leaving Certificate Students on today Thursday 1st June at 6.30 PM in the City Hall…… Mr. Thomas Ryan Cork County Council Chairman is to launch the Cork Environmental Forum on World Environment Day, Tuesday 6th June at 7pm in the Cobh Heritage Centre…Simon Coveney TD MCC says that if the Government refuses to act on inflation there is a serious danger that the industrial relations policy will be undermined by Public Sector Unions who seek to regain what their members are losing through rising prices…..Former Douglas First Active, Manager, Finbarr Garrett has opened for business as an Independent Mortgage Broker / Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent …Cork super group Azis are to appear live at the Douglas Village Shopping Centre on Saturday 1st July at 4pm.


For almost 50 years parents have known and trusted NUK teats and NUK baby bottles, world-wide. The shape and structure of the NUK bottle and teat were designed by specialists to simulate breast-feeding as closely as possible, taking into account the anatomical requirements of the infant’s oral cavities, and have been used for many decades by millions of mothers.
NUK teats and soothers were created on the basis of scientific studies on infant’s orthodontic developments carried out by Prof. Dr. W. Balters and Dr. med. dent. A. Muller.
If you are uncertain whether to use latex or silicone you may rest assured that both materials are recommended for different reasons. Basically, latex is more flexible and extremely durable. Silicone may be used just a safely, it is however more easily damaged and must be checked for tears before each use.
Rest assured, both NUK latex and silicone teats and soothers meet all world-wide standards for these products and are tested on a regular basis by independent institutes.
A NUK Baby Feeding Advisor will be present in Sam McCauley’s Chemist in Douglas Court Shopping Centre on Friday 9th June from 3pm to 6pm to answer any questions you may have. Free samples and information leaflets will be available on the day.

Buried Treasure in Douglas ?

From ' A history of Douglas' by Con Foley, to be continued next week

On the rising ground to the south of Douglas stood an ancient fortress bearing the curious name of Castletreasure. 'Castletreasure' is said by some to be a corruption of 'Castle Frizelle.' Smith believed that the "castle" was built by the Danes. It is an interesting speculation that Donnybrook, by which one approaches Castletreasure, was earlier called Danebrook which gives slight, if tenuous support to Smith's contention that the castle was 0f Danish origin. The site of the castle is doubtful but the oldest Inhabitants State that it was in a laneway immediately behind Delaney's farm, about 100 yards off the Carrigaline Road.
There is a legend in connection with the name 'Castletreasure.' It seems that during one of the many wars in past centuries, the owner of the castle was forewarned of an impending attach on his stronghold. Gathering his valuables together in a sack, he took them outside the castle walls and buried them secretly. He then prepared to defend the castle. Unfortunately he failed to do so and, he and all his followers were put to the sword. SO firmly was this story believed that up to the middle of the eighteenth century, 0rganised parties used to hunt for treasure. Early in the nineteenth century, Windele the archaeologist began digging in the castle area. The local inhabitants, knowing the legend, immediately assumed that he was digging for gold!
Croker himself was a witness to an organised local effort in search of gold. He relates: "Having on the morning of the 14th May 1814, left Cork soon after daybreak, for a walking excursion 'to cross the county' as it was called, to Carrigaline, in company with a medical gentleman named Carroll, about two miles brought us to the village of Douglas, at the early hour of five o'clock. Here we again struck of f from the main road, into what is called a bohreen or cart road, to a field, for the purpose of crossing to the Carrigaline carriage road; and to complete the advantage of our angular cut or gore, we had to pass over the hill of Castletreasure, so named it is said, from pieces of gold having been found there, and where a castle, built by the Danes, Dr. Smith says, Once stood. On the ground called Castletreasure, we were surprised at finding nearly a hundred peasants at work, somewhere about three quarters of an hour before Six o'clock, actively engaged in turning over the large stones, of which the farm presented a large crop. Mr. Carroll said to me - 'There is something not right in this kind of work, but we must go on; come what may, never do for us to turn back. You see the fools are under the command of that 01d woman;' and he directed my notice to a kind of Meg Merilie's figure in a ragged cloak, who, with a long stick or pole, pointed out now here and now there, and whose motions were implicitly obeyed by a movement towards the spot indicated. We stood for some time looking
On at this strange scene and, at last, Mr. Carroll, who had much native humour and spoke Irish fluently, so far ingratiating himself into the confidence of one of the labourers, that he told him they had met there for no bad purpose, but in consequence of the command of Shelah the Dreamer, nodding towards the hag commandant who he said, had dreamed three times, three nights running (this was said very mysteriously) that for a certain quantity of tobacco and whiskey, she had the power of pointing out to those who gave it to her, a great heap of treasure, enough to make all their fortunes ten times over, which had been buried in a golden cauldron by the Danes, adding that she was afraid to undertake looking for it herself without a strong guard, as it was watched over by a fiery dragon and a black dragon. They had now, it appeared, worked on the hillside for three days from sunrise till nearly six o'clock, when they had to go to their labours in the fields; but no one had found anything bigger than a brass farthing and two or three old buckles that were not fit to hold the harness of a decent jaunting cart together.
"Mr. Carroll, who had evidently been taken for an agent or bailiff of the Castletreasure property, suggested that if they piled up the stones in a corner of the field, they might be useful for building and then, Mr. Carroll continued, whose speech had collected several inquisitive peasants around us, "when your pickings are all put up in that corner, the teeth of the harrow could go easily through the ground and they would be sure to turn up the little crock of gold for you, for as the Danes were obliged to run away out of Ireland in a great hurry, they could have had time to bury it more than a spade's length under the ground.’

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