22nd June, 2000
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Tried, tested and funnily enough it works! A little 'get your own back' if you have your mobile stolen. It may be of interest to those Mobile Users among you. To check your Mobile phone's serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 # . A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Should your phone get stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card you phone will be totally useless. You probably won't get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can't use/sell it either. If everybody did this, there would be no point in stealing mobile phones.


Last February Cork County Council gave planning permission for 94 apartments in five blocks at Harty's Quay, Rochestown. The decision was appealed to Bord Pleanala by residents associations in Thornbury Heights,Rochestown Tidy District Association and Maryborough /Mount Oval Residents Association. Harty's Quay where the apartment blocks are to be built is near the Rochestown Inn and beside the amenity walk on the former rail line to Monkstown.
Bord Pleanala will hold an Oral Hearing of the appeal in County Hall(Floor) on Thursday 29th June, commencing at 900am. The Oral Hearing before an Inspector of Bord Pleanala is open to the public.


Four weeks from now, residents in Donnybrook and Grange/Frankfield are to get extension of Bus Services to the No 6 and No 7 Routes.
Welcoming the news, Cllr Forde praised the efforts of Management and Unions alike for finally bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion. "Residents have been very patient in this matter for many years , but finally are to get the modern efficient service they deserve".
The No 6 Service from Frankfield to South Mall will run every 10 minutes during the day. Starting at 7.55 there will be 4 buses within 15 minute period from Curragh Wood Frankfield through GrangeDouglas to South Mall via South Douglas Road.
The No. 7 Service will run at twenty minute frequency from Donnybrook through City to Ballyvolane via main Douglas Road. This service will use new bus turning area provided by Cork County Council at Scart Cross.
The Bus Eireann team in Cork is to be congratulated in having a comprehensive strategy ready to be put in place at this time. These services should help eleviate the dreadful traffic congestion residents have to endure every morning."
I understand that Bus Eireann Cork will add 10 midi Buses and 20 large capacity buses to their fleet in 2000. All buses will be fully accessible. Thanks to funding from the Governments National Development Plan and Bus Eireann the indications are for a further 30 buses by early 2001. In addition, a comprehensive suburban network service should be in place next Spring, concluded Cllr.Forde.


Herbalife, the world's greatest Health and Nutrition Company have officially opened in Ireland.
Did you know that 70% of premature deaths in the world result from, stroke, heart attack and cancer and that 50% of these are directly linked to poor nutrition? (World Health Organisation).
It is never too late to begin a healthier lifestyle. By giving your body correct balanced nutrition you add years to your life expectancy and can enjoy food instead of worrying about calories and overindulgence.
Herbalife Weight management programmes are not diets. They supply your body with essential vitamins and nutrients missing from today's food. Herbalife products are classified as food not medication, therefore they are safe for everybody.
Today over three million people are using Herbalife products, either to loose weight, gain weight or simply to maintain good health.
Herbalife have being helping people regain control of their bodies and health for over 20 years and in 49 countries.
In addition to nutrition for inside our bodies, Herbalife also have a complimentary range of skin and hair care products using the same principles of vitamins and nutrients.
So if you want to stop battling with the weighing scales and calorie counting and you want to increase your energy and vitality, take the step and ring Gabrielle Joyce at 021 863160.


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Toothpaste Active agents
Many toothpaste's now contain therapeutic or preventative agents for specific problems. In Britain and the US numerous products have been accredited by national dental associations, In Ireland only one product, Listerine mouthwash, has been accredited by the Irish Dental Association. The active agents must be scientifically proven to support the claims before they get a seal of approval.
This is usually found as sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate in toothpaste. Different brands contain different amounts of fluoride ranging from 500 to 1,5Ooppm (parts per million or the equivalent of 1p in 10,000). Tooth decay occurs when bacteria produce acid from food. The acid attacks the tooth enamel dissolving the calcium and phosphorous minerals. Fluoride helps to reverse this process by causing minerals found in saliva to move back into the tooth enamel. Clinical trials have shown that fluoride toothpaste can reduce dental decay by 15% to 30%. The levels of fluoride found in toothpaste are safe provided they are used in accordance with manufacturers' and dentists' guidance. According to EU law the maximum amount of fluoride which can be used in over-the- counter toothpaste is 1,5OOppm. If significant amounts of toothpaste are swallowed by small children over several years, fluorosis may occur which appears as mottling or white flecks on the teeth. There is toothpaste specifically manufactured for children which has lower levels of fluoride (500 PPM). Parents are advised to supervise their children to ensure only a pea-size amount of toothpaste is used up to age 7 and to prevent swallowing. Fruit-flavoured toothpastes are not recommended for children since they may have greater appeal and encourage the child to swallow.
Plaque is a soft, sticky film of saliva and bacteria and other products, which forms on all teeth and gums. If it is not removed it thickens, propagates and breaks down food leaving the teeth prone to cavities. The most effective anti-plaque agent is chlorhexidine, which is released in the mouth up to 8 hours after rinsing. It is an antiseptic and therefore inhibits plaque from spreading. However, chlorhexidine can interact with certain constituents of the diet and cause yellow or brown staining. The staining can be removed by professional cleaning but products containing chlorhexidine should not be used on a long-term basis. Chlorhexidine may also dull taste sensation for a few minutes to several hours after rinsing.
Several toothpastes contain an antibacterial agent called triclosan. It is not as effective as some other anti-plaque agents and does not remain on the teeth for very, long but it does not cause any staining. Some toothpastes use triclosan in combination with gantrex acid which helps the triclosan stay' on the teeth longer Plant alkaloid extracts and enzymes are also used but are not very effective.
Tartar control
Plaque can combine with food particles and minerals in saliva arid harden to form tartar also called calculus. Once tartar forms it collects more plaque, which adds to the tartar build-up and makes it difficult to remove by brushing. It can be removed completely only by having your dentist scale it off.
Anti-tartar or tartar control toothpaste claim to stop tartar from forming. The active agents include pyrophosphates, diphosphonates and zinc salts which slow the build-up of new tartar above the gum-line.
Sensitive teeth
Some people experience pain when they eat hot or cold food. In some cases this is because the gums have receded exposing the dentine (the tissue beneath the enamel). 'This newly uncovered section of the tooth may conduct heat, cold, or pressure to nerves and cause pain.
Toothpaste's for sensitive teeth can effectively numb tooth pain. They contain one of the following agents: strontium chloride, strontium acetate, formaldehyde, potassium nitrate and chloride, and sodium citrate. These agents work by blocking the tube-like channels that pass through teeth and connect to nerves. This type of toothpaste should be used only for a few weeks for mild sensitivity since it could mask a more serious problem such as a cracked tooth or cavities.
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The chances of Sinead O'Connor making headlines is always pretty high. When you've enraged Frank Sinatra, defaced a picture of Pope John Paul II on U.S. television and later been "ordained" a Catholic priest, no mere dust-up/divorce/nude-photo scandal will cut it. So here it is: O'Connor is coming out of the closet. "I am a lesbian," she declared in a June 8 letter to Hot Press. "I love men, but I prefer sex with women and I prefer romantic relationships with women." In an upcoming issue of Curve, the largest-circulation lesbian magazine in the U.S., O'Connor elaborates that she's mostly gone out with men because I haven't necessarily been terribly comfortable about being a lesbian." Oh, and in case you're curious, the timing of this announcement coincides with the upcoming release of O'Connor's new album, due June 20.


Known as VBS.Stages/worm or IRC/Stages.worm
See http://vil.nai.com/villib/dispvirus.asp?virus_k=98668

A worm virus that spreads via Outlook.
How to detect: The message title includes a subset of the words FW: "life stages"; "funny jokes"; or "text". The body of the message includes the words "The male and femail stages of life". The attached worm file is named "life_stages.txt.shs. As usual, if this message is received, delete it without opening by holding down the Shift key while pressing delete.


Get your tickets now. Fans of the Winter Olympics can register now at Tickets.com for the 2002 Games. The Salt Lake Organising Committee's Virtual Wristband makes ticket allocation fair by randomly allotting tickets for oversubscribed events. Only one request per household is permitted. Some tickets to popular events, like the opening ceremony, will be auctioned over the Web, with proceeds going to Salt Lake Olympic programs such as the planting of 100,000 trees before the Games. Those who miss the Dec.12 cut-off date must wait in line.


A draw took place in the Douglas GAA Hall on Thurs. 15th June at 8pm, for a Roy Keane jersey, signed by Roy and the Man United Team. The tickets were drawn by Mark Kennedy and the winners were; John Tobin c/o Murphy's Brewery who won the jersey, Sheila Fitzpatrick c/o The Red Cow Inn Dublin, who won a meal for two in Jury's Hotel and Jonathon Tobin of Boreenmanna Road who won the Bottle of Whiskey.
In attendance was Mrs Noreen Crowley of Calderwood, a fundraiser with the Bus Eireann Chernobyl Fund. It was Noreen who procured the precious from Roy Keane. Also on hand was her husband, Steven. This endeavour raised 1,760 for the Bus Eireann Chernobyl Fund.


Here are some howlers that have turned up in exam papers;

1. Ancient Egypt was inhabited by mummies and they all wrote in hydraulics They lived in the Sarah Dessert and traveled by Camelot. The climate of the Sarah is such that the inhabitants have to live elsewhere.
2. The Bible is full of interesting caricatures. In the first book of the Bible, Guinessis, Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree. One of their children, Cain, asked, "Am I my brother's son?"
3. Moses led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea, where they made unleavened bread which is bread made without any ingredients. Moses went up on Mount Cyanide to get the ten commandments. He died before he ever reached Canada.
4. Solomom had three hundred wives and seven hundred porcupines.
5. The Greeks were a highly sculptured people, and without them we wouldn't have history. The Greeks also had myths. A myth is a female moth.


- continued from last week
From 'A history of Douglas' by Con Foley

In 1702, Douglas is not even mentioned. It was probably included in the Carrigal inc union at that date. The first post-reformation church of which there is any knowledge was situated near Grange Cross. Gn the orchard wall of Shamrock Uiwn (to the rear of the new building scheme) up to recently were still to be seen the two pillars of the entrance gate to the church. The Rev. Florence McCarthy who died in 1805, aged eighty years,was parish priest when the church existed. He lived to the south of Grange Road. This was the well known Fr. McCarthy who was buried at Killingly, at whose grave rounds were made. According to local tradition, he was a native of the Kucrea district. He was ordained at Rome and on one occasion, as he was going to or coming from the continent, he was taken prisoner by the English. The Penal Laws were then in force. The young priest was obliged to take part in the war and probably fought in the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745. Years later when he was parish priest of Dou~as, he met his commanding officer who was in Cork in connection with "Whiteboy" troubles. The memory of the past helped to soften theColonel. There is an inscription to Fr. McCarthy in the old ruined church at Killingly.

The Parishioners of Ballygarvan
have at their own expense
erected this stone to the memory of the late
Rev. Florence McCarthy
parish priest of Douglas
and Ballygarvan
who departed this life
Feb. 24th, 1814
aged 80 yrs.

One parish priest of Douglas, Fr. Begley lived in a house, the ruins of which can still be seen behind the hoarding between Mr. John O'Leary's boot repair shop and St. Columba's Hall, (C. 1867). In his time, the gallery to St. Columba's Church was approached by an outside stairs. This layout was altered in the church extension. Douglas was probably made a parish when this church at Grange Cross was built. The exact date is not known, but it was probably in 1752. This lasted until 1814. Douglas was certainly a parish before 1768, when a pastor of Douglas died. Fr. Crowley, as far as it is known, was the first parish priest of the modern parish. He died in 1768. The obituary notice states "Died at Douglas, the Rev. Mr. Crowley, parish priest of that place." He was interred at St.Mary's, Shandon.
Church records also suggest that theestablishment of a religious foundation in Ballincurrig near the end of Ballinlough Road. This establishment did not appear to be of great importance and was designated a 'cell' rather than a 'monastery.' ln support of this claim the nearby Boreenmanna Road is called in Irish 'Boithrin na Manach' or "The Little Road of the Monks." The church records also speak of a 'church field' at Ballyorban and another at Ballinvuskig.
To be continued next week


Simon Coveney T.D. attacked the Finance Minster 's "Complacency" as Ireland's inflation rate hits 5.2%. "Rising prices are now threatening our prosperity," says Deputy Coveney …..Batt O'Keeffe,T.D.,M.C.C. tells us that the Minister for the Environment has extended a grant to the Cork Corporation under the Regional Traffic Management Scheme, parts of this will be used to make improvements such as pedestrian crossing's. , traffic lights, kerb and footpath height's etc, on the Douglas Road/Clermont , the South Douglas Road, and Church Road/ Skehard Road…Deputy O'Keeffe also tells us that it is hoped that the Joint Committee of the Cork Corporation and Cork County Council will come up with the 169,000 shortfall for the completion of the Cork Regional Sports Complex - all weather track facility…. Deirdre Clune T.D. has criticised the Government and the Minister for the Environment for his refusal to remove their proposal to charge a fee for planning Applications…Deputy Clune has also called on the Government to address the housing policy issue and provide the much needed protection for the growing number of people that find themselves dependant on the private rental sector….Progressive Democrat's National Chairman, Councillor John Miniahan has welcomed the Governments radical action on housing….another note from Batt O'Keeffe tells us that there are 81 patients awaiting Radiotherapy treatment as at June 7th 2000'and there are 90 patients currently receiving treatment. The determination of urgent cases is a clinical decision the waiting time for such cases being 3/4 days (minimum waiting time). Treatment of urgent cases is dealt with out of hours i.e. after 5 p.m. Patients classified as non~urgent currently have a maximum waiting time for treatment of 6 weeks. This includes initial assessment by the Consultant Radiotherapist, and all stages of the treatment planning.

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