29th June, 2000
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Deputy Deirdre Clune today sharply criticized the Government for failing to provide the necessary funding to futher develop Cork Airport….The Lover a play by Harold Pinter can be seen in the Granary from June 29th to July 1st…Deputy Deirdre Clune calls on the Government to begin Decentralisation and Reverse negative impact on the environment…. Clune calls on government to ease childcare costs.


- continued from last week
From 'A history of Douglas' by Con Foley

There is a tradition in Douglas which says that the 'Blue Nuns' were established at the rear of Shamrock Lawn, in direct contradiction of t~e church records. The real title of the 'Blue Nuns' is "The Little Company of Mary" and they have no knowledge of any house of their order ever being established in Douglas. They were founded in Nottingham in 1877 and, their only convent in Co. Cork is in Fermoy, twenty four miles away. There is another order of nuns which have a certain amount of blue in their habit; they are the 'Poor Servants of the Mother of God' and have a convent in Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork. But they too have no knowledge of ever being in Douglas.
Again, the older generation of Douglas speak of a massrock in Donnybrook, now overgrown and that mass was celebrated in 'the bad old days' in the 'Shelly House' in Crichton's Wood. This house derives its curious name from the fact that its interior was covered with seashells. They will speak of the stone seating around the walls and the niche where the sacred vessels were kept. But the Catholic church annals state categorically that there was no mass rock in Douglas and make no mention of the 'Shelly House.' The site of this house alone, situated between the estates of Donnybrook House and Westgrove House, makes it highly improbable that it was ever used as an isolated rnasshouse. It is small, leeehive in shape, about six feet in diameter, with a stone bench seating around the wall, and only a short walk from Donnybrook House, whose owners could hardly be said to turn a blind eye to such proceedings. The late owner, Mr.Kenneth Crichton stated that an ancestor of his who was partially incapadtated by polio, and consequently spent much time on horseback used the "shelly house" as a place of retreat and also to meet his friends.
Near the southern end of the road known locally as Cooney's Lane (off the Grange Road), one comes to Willsfort House. There is a cottage at the corner of the road, just beyond. Round the bend of the road from this cottage and on the same side is a field, marked in the Map of 184l as the "Church Field," and also mentioned in the church annals of Douglas. The old lady in the cottage remembered that on one occasion when her father was ploughing that particular field, the plough-share struck something hard. On further investigation, he came upon a large slab, with some inscription on it which was largely obliterated. She herself found "bones and skulls" as she put it, in the same field. She spoke of the time when s was thinning turnips in the field, with the assistance of a boy from Donnybrook, and laughingly recalled how the sight of human bones so sickened her helper that he left there and then, never to return. She remembered also, a "find" of a type of headgear which she called "salute hats."
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NASA has joined newly created U.S.-based Multimedia Company "Dreamtime" to give the public access to its 80-year old archive of still and moving pictures of flight and space exploration. As well as digitising "NASA'S archive for Web viewing, "Dreamtime" will provide a high-definition television link to the International Space Station and Space Shuttle. For previews go to; www.dreamtime.com.


in association woth Douglas Village Shopping Centre

Douglas library, in association with Douglas Village Shopping Centre, have lots on this summer. On July 5th a video will be shown in the library at 11.00am of George Eliot. There will be a puppet show on June 30th at 2.00 - 3.00pm, a literary Treasure Hunt (Ages 8+) on Wednesday July 5th, and a Holiday Collage (Ages 8+) on July 4th, 11.30am - 12.30pm (places for this are limited to 10 per session, so booking is advisable).
There are lots more events to follow, so watch this space for all the latest goings-on in the Library.


Continued from last week ...

Baking soda
This mild abrasive has been used since the early 19OOs for cleaning teeth. It has been added more recently to toothpaste and many' people believe it is better for teeth than regular toothpaste. While its abrasive action will remove plaque it becomes less effective when wet since some of it dissolves. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is alkaline and is thought to neutralise the acidity of dental plaque making it less likely for certain bacteria to grow. But there is no evidence that it fights decay or gum disease better than toothpaste's without it.
Tooth whitening agents
Tooth colour, like hair colour, is genetically determined. Teeth can also become stained superficially by coffee, tea and tobacco or as a result of illness or certain medications. Sometimes teeth become discoloured by the breakdown of tissue if a nerve dies. Teeth can he bleached externally by applying bleach under the supervision of a dentist. Whitening toothpaste formulations vary. Some use agents similar to those in anti-tartar toothpaste. In Europe, whitening toothpaste's do not contain bleach (hydrogen peroxide) because EU law allows no more than 0.1% in toothpaste and this it to0 little to make a difference to tooth colour. Some toothpaste for smokers may be slightly more abrasive than regular toothpaste's which scrub the stained teeth. All toothpaste should have an abrasivity level within the requirements of the 1995 International Standard (ISO 11609) but there is no system for ensuring that toothpaste sold in this country adheres to this Standard. The effect of abrasive toothpaste is temporary and after a week the teeth can become stained again. This can lead to people overusing them, which may damage the teeth or expose the dentine leading to increased sensitivity. There are numerous whitening products available over the Internet, through mail order or pharmacies. Some of these products may not contain hydrogen peroxide at a concentration high enough to have any effect. If they do they are illegal.
Herbal toothpaste
Using a herbal toothpaste it probably better than not using any
toothpaste at all as it contains some form of detergent, which removes plaque. The ingredients of these toothpaste's can vary but the most common are tea tree oil, which is thought to have antibacterial effects, or aloe vera to soothe sensitive gums. Other ingredients may include anything from ginger oil to seaweed extract. Most of these products have ingredients described as being of 'natural' origin such as peppermint, silica, sorbitol, and xylitol but these can be found in any toothpaste. The majority of these products do not contain fluoride and probably do not have any clinical evidence that they reduce dental decay.
A wide range of mouthwashes are available from simple breath fresheners to products which contain active ingredients. Brushing is the most effective way of cleaning teeth but using a mouthwash can provide extra benefits. Mouthwashes which contain fluoride can help to prevent dental decay Fluoride mouthwashes may be recommended for children having orthodontic treatment since a brace it fixed to the teeth and makes them more difficult to clean. They can also be formulated to counter inflammatory gum disease using ingredients such as chlorhexidine, triclosan, essential oils, cetylpyridinium chloride, perboates, and peroxide. Chlorine dioxide is claimed to eliminate volatile sulphur compounds and reduce bad breath. Most brands also contain some alcohol, which acts as a preservative. But there has been some concern about the high levels of alcohol in some mouthwashes. They should be stored out of reach of children to avoid any bad health effects. Some mouthwashes have undergone clinical trial and have proven to be effective in reducing gum disease. However many have not been subjected to testing and should be regarded as cosmetic rather than health products. Some products are available only from pharmacies on prescription and should be used only on a dentist's advice.
Chewing gum
Over the last 20 years there has been much research into the role of Saliva in oral health. Saliva is the mouth's most important defence mechanism. It neutralises acid in the mouth and helps to wash food and sugars from the surface of the teeth. The chewing action and the taste of sugar-free gum can stimulate the production of extra saliva by up to 10 times the normal rate. When saliva flow is stimulated its composition changes, the alkali concentration increases, enhancing its ability to neutralise plaque acid. Also, as saliva flow increases, the availability of minerals is increased, helping to repair early tooth decay. When toothbrushing is not practical after meals and snacks, chewing sugar-free gum is help, but it should not replace any aspect of routine dental hygiene. If used, sugar-free gum, ideally, should be chewed for around 20 minutes to maximise dental benefits.


Azis, Ireland’s newest noyband will take the country by storm this month with the release of their first single “(We Want) The Same Thing” on the 30th of June. The trio, who consist of Paul Barry, Andrew McSweeney and Paul Newman, all hail from Cork and have already scooped numerous music awards, including overall winners of cong/dance at the world championships of performing arts in los Angeles.
Azis see themselves as a pop group for all ages and would recognise their work with that of the Backstreet Boys, whose manager praised the lads for their talent when he met with them whilst they were touring and being choreographed in the U.S. last year. All three lads come from a background in the music industry and have been inundated with requests to perform in venues around the country. All three feel proud of being the first pop group to come out of Munster, and to release a single.
“With so much talent in our country at present, I feel there is room for any band or artiste to make it in the music industry if he/she shows themselves to be sincere and are determined to make it. I have no doubt that people out there will see Azis as a group of lads who love what they do, which is performing”, stated Sean O’Neill, manager of Azis.
Jenny Jones of Talk show fame described Azis as, “Exciting ... will go all the way to the top”, when she saw them perform, and that’s exactly where this band seems to be headed with their debut single.
The band have just finsihed shooting their first video, which was shot by Scorch Productions, and are already back in the studio writing some original material, and preparinf for their next single.
Azis are performing live in Douglas Village Shopping Centre this Saturday at 4pm, and signing copies of their debut single at Laser Discs. Be sure not to miss it !


Here are some more howlers that have turned up in exam papers;

6. Actually, Homer was not written by Homer but by another man of that name.
7. Socrates was a famous Greek teacher who went around giving people advice. They killed him. Socrates died from an overdose of wedlock. After his death, his career suffered a dramatic decline.
8. In the Olympic games, Greeks ran races, jumped, hurled the biscuits, and threw the java.
9. Eventually, the Romans conquered the Greeks. History calls people Romans because they never stayed in one place for very long.
10. Julius Caesar extinguished himself on the battlefields of Gaul. The Ides of March murdered him because they thought he was going to be made king. Dying, he gasped out: "Tee hee, Brutus.”


If you have PC at home, with Internet access, speakers & a microphone, there's a new web site that you should check out. It's a web based telephone service that will allow you to call anywhere in the UK & Ireland for the price of your local call to the ISP. Your call is routed through the net and back to the telephone of the person that you are dialling, so they do not need a PC. You do have to register for the service, but that's free, and there are NO other charges involved either.
The address for the site is:
We can verify that the service does work as we got through to relations in the UK last night. The quality of the line isn't as good as a direct normal line, but it is as good as a mobile phone, so no problems there. There's also a parent site, which will allow you to connect to phones in the US. This is at:

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