5th August, 1999
Photo Call

Shane Keneally from Kent Rd. and Allison Rice of Texaco Service Station, Sth. Douglas Rd. take time out for a photo.


Sean O'Sullivan of Douglas Credit Union waiting to give out more money.

Pat Johnson and Pat Craven out to catch Sunday lunch.

Azis and the Laser Disc staff on Saturday.

Inspector Ted O'Connor relaxing in the summer sun.

Dermot Keane and Gus O'Callaghan from Douglas enjoying the summer sun.

Turners Cross, 1.05pm, Tuesday 3rd August, 1999. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Kevin O'Leary, Carrigaline, who came 3rd in the Cork County Championship Road Race.

Mrs. Wals from Tramore Lawn collecting copies of the Douglas Weekly to send to London, Indonesia and Hawaii.

Fr. Phillip M. Andrews, originally from Douglas, now stationed in Russia.

Jeremy O'Neill, cartoonist for the Weekly before moving to New Zealand.

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