13th January, 2000

Photo Call

A reader has asked us to publish this photograph in a hope that some information can be given about it from any other readers. It was taken at Old Court in Rochestown sometime during the 1914-18 war at a garden party and sent to a Captain Alexander Boyd Foott who was believed to be serving somewhere in France at the time. The photograph comes from a very comprehensive diary of Captain Foott, who was a relative of Mr Alexander Mitchell Foott. Any help would be appreciated, please contact Douglas Weekly at the usual address.


Pat Harte and Celia Murray at the St. Columba's Girls School Christmas Draw.

Kevin, Sharon and Martha Murphy at a recent family celebration.

The lads at St. Columba's Hall.

Jim and Eva Bermingham celebrating the Millennium in Baltimore, West Cork.


Michelle Cashman, Principal St. Columba's Girls School, and Celia Murray, Parents Association at the School's Christmas Draw.

Sisters Betty Cashman and Debbie Franey at the Dickie Rock Show.


What Christmas is all about! All smiles while doing the Christmas shopping in Douglas Court Shopping Centre.



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