9th September, 1999

As I write this on a Monday the rain is coming down in torrents. A few weeks ago a reader rang us about the lack of drains at the bus stop across from Breens Service Station at Donnybrook. We rang the council and we were informed that new drains were fitted during the summer. We printed this and within hours the phone was ringing. Angry readers were asking, “Where are the Drains?” Today I drove to Breens and now there is a new bus top at Breens entrance. There was a lake at the bus stop and any person who was foolish enough to stand there would need an aqua suit. Across the road at the other bus stop there was an even bigger lake and no sign of a drain, and even worse the brand new tarmacadam surface is being dug up again. Peter Kelly told us that Bord Gais and Eircom would be the last and that the road would finally be re-surfaced and that would be the end of the excavation. But readers, the Gods laugh when men make plans.

The interview in the ‘Weekly’ this week is unfortunately true. Another horror story from the innocent fifties. Last year I did an interview with one of the women who runs Cuanlee House, the refuge for abused women and children. I will always remember one thing she said, which was, ‘The first slap is one too many, get out then’. The Tel No of Cuanlee House is (021) 277698.

Speaking of abuse the TD & senators are taking a good bit of it from the public and the press over that word ‘Expenses’,. I honestly believe that the senate, like the house of Lords in England is not representative of the people, failed TD’s, business men and women, academies, friends of politicians etc. They get paid about 20,000 a year and on top of that expenses. Now we come to the TD’s who we are told are looking for a 200 a week increase. A few of them complained that they are almost on the breadline. Do they think that we are fools to believe that line? Their annual income is 38,000 topped up with expenses of 40,000 brings it up to 78,000. And how many of them have other jobs and more income. I’d love to be a TD on the breadline. One TD claimed 6,638 in a year for phone calls. That’s 18 a day on phone calls or 54,750 calls a year. What more can I say? What about this planned checkpoint war on dole cheats. Perhaps a few letters in the word ‘DOLE’ should be changed, if you get my meaning.

By the time you read this friends I will be on holidays. No, I do not have any friends with villas in France. I do know someone with a bungalow in Graball Bay. Come to think of it wouldn’t that make a good name for a politicians holiday resort, Graball Bay!

Bye for now,
Michael O’Hanlon.

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