14th October, 1999

Yet another West Cork person has opened a business in Douglas. Joe McCarthy has taken over the Grangehill Stores in Grange, we wish Joe and his staff the best of luck in his new venture. As I left the store Joe’s parting words were “Leave us more Douglas Weekley’s please”. Consider it done Joe!
I called down to the Touchdown Bar & Restaurant last Thursday to sample their new menu. The starter I chose was breaded garlic mushrooms followed by sirloin steak, followed by Baileys in chocolate cups. The best meal I’ve had in a long time. Well done to the Head Chef Don Bullman, Manager Andrew Terry who looked after us all for the night. Pat Hennessy was off for the night and spent it sampling the new menu with Deborah Kirby. I must compliment the staff of the Touchdown, a great bunch of Guy’s and Gal’s.
The County Council has engaged a team of consultants to conduct a survey on the traffic situation in Douglas. A meeting was held in West Douglas last week, and it was opened to the public. I met a reader who asked me if I had attended it. I told him I didn’t know it was on, the reader told me he counted about twenty five people at the public meeting. The next time, perhaps they might let the people of Douglas know through the Douglas Weekly. I’m told a few people read it.
I enjoyed Neil O’Donoghue’s letter last week concerning his memories of dancing in Cork Boat Club during the 60’s, a follow up letter to Neil appears in this weeks letter page. Keep those letters coming in , we love to get them.
Speaking of music the annual Singing Competition starts again this Friday at Douglas G.A.A. Club. Every year the club gives the proceeds to a worthy charity, previous causes to benefit have been St Finbarr’s Children Ward, Cork Rape Crises Centre, Douglas Lions homes for the elderly. There is no entry fee all you need are three singers and a phone call to the club @ 895559 ask for Nancy or Dermot. Douglas Weekly will have a team this Friday. Always a great night and a great sense of that magic word , Community.
Speaking of music again the long weekend is coming up shortly and you all know what that means, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz. There is a lot of good live music taking place in our locality, perhaps next year we could organise a Douglas & District Jazz Trail. I hope to see you at the venues mention in the Weekly.
Congratulations to Paul Twomey of E.C.S. Printers (next to Lovett’s Restaurant on the Well Road). This is our first week with colour in the Weekly, and what better way to start than with the team who print the Douglas Weekly, not forgetting our Graphic Designer Stuart, who is a craftsman supreme, and finally Ronnie my right hand man who thank God writes everything down. Back to E.C.S., assume you’re about to open a business and you only have an empty room(s), E.C.S. can supply all your needs, Office Furniture, Equipment, Printing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul and his staff could throw in a kitchen sink as well. Contact Paul @ 021-291559.
My good friend Rockin’ Gerry was on to tell us that there is a monster CD & Record Fair this weekend (Sat & Sun) at the Metropole Hotel. Being a 50’s & 60’s music fan and collector I’m sure I’ll meet some old friends there. Those fairs usually begin at 11.00 a.m., be early to get the good stuff.
Brendan Heffernan just rang to let me know that Douglas Rugby Club will be playing Ennis this Sunday at Ballyorban and the good news is that they will be wearing their brand new jeresys, so give them your support on the day.
Bill Clinton compared the Northern Politicians to a couple of drunks, and tonight on the News F.G. T.D. Alan Shatter called the Government Ministers Lager Louts. Bertie and the boy’s must be shattered. Terrible pun Michael!
And Finally we come to Charles J. Haughey’s Paris Shirts. I heard a discussion about the shirts on the radio this week. It seems that the French shirts have twelve stitches to the inch whilst the ones we buy here in Ireland have six stitches to the inch. I suppose to a small man six stitches is a lot.

Bye for now,
Michael O’Hanlon.

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