22nd December, 1999

Firstly, congratulations to Pyman and Eileen from Donnybrook on the birth of a baby boy last weekend, the ultimate Christmas present for all concerned.
Speaking of Christmas, local auctioneer Joe Harris of Harris Properties is a brave man. I met him yesterday and mentioned that I would be in Myrtleville at 11.00am on Christmas morning for the Grange swimmers charity swim in aid of the children’s Leukemia ward in the Mercy Hospital, I’m not going in, I’m just taking photo’s. Anyway, Joe says, “Put me down for it and drop in a sponsorship card”. Anyone else interested, be at the Grange Bar at 10.30am Christmas morning.
The awful weather last weekend took its toll on football matches, with a lot of cancellations. However, there are a lot of sporting activities taking place over the festive season. Make sure you support them over the holidays.
A reader asked us to mention the fact the people are back parking under the (Bow Wow) bridge at six o’clock on Saturday evening. This is very dangerous as they park on the footpath, thereby forcing pedestrians to walk on the road under the bridge. So please car owners, don’t park your cars on the footpath under the bridge.
This is the last time I’m going to mention St. John’s Wort. By now most of you will know that this herbal cure is being taken off the health food shelves and will only be available on prescription, after Jan 1st, 2000. I have no connection in anyway to health food stores, but what concerns me is the Irish Medicines Board (which is listed in the telephone book under Government Departments and Offices) is funded by pharmacuetical companies. Last year the Board was presented with over 200,000 worth of computer software. Does anybody know who presented it to the IMB? What next? The Revenue Commissioners funded by the AIB? No state body should be funded by the private business sector, but perhaps people don’t care.
Last night (Monday) I called down to St. Columba’s Hall to see and hear Declan Ryan and “Shindig”. What a great night of rock’n’roll. The nearest group you’ll ever hear to the Shadows is “Shindig”. Don’t miss them next time they’re in your area.
Finally, I would like to wish all our readers, advertisers and friends a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas, and as Douglas Weekly goes into it’s third year after Christmas, what more can I say only a big thank you to one and all.

See you after Christmas,
Bye for now,
Michael O’Hanlon.

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