16th March, 2000

A professor has stated that children are suffering, because they are being put in day care, what do you make of that? I believe that parents are suffering because the vast majority of them have no choice. A few months ago we made contacts with the embassies of our E.U. neighbours and asked them to send us on details of creche facilities in their respective countries. The replies made interesting reading. Both Denmark and Sweden topped the list of Child Care facilities. They both have State run creches, for example the local Councils and Health Boards provide creches for children with working parents, and they pay as much as they can. Here in Ireland it must be hard to pay almost half your wages to have your child/children cared for, and then to have no tax relief on what you pay. Seems to be somewhat lacking in compassion to people who are feeding the Celtic Tiger, I.E the Taxpayers. Not to worry if they get depressed they can always get some St John's Wort. Oh I forgot, it's not available over the counter anymore, it's now on prescription only. The only country in the whole wide world to have it on prescription, thank God for the Irish Medicines Board protecting us from something that has never harmed anybody in 2,000 years. Perhaps they know something the rest of the world doesn't, would they like to share it with the rest of us?
I'm sick of David Beckem and Posh Spice, and even sicker of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. It seems Michael and Catherine are going to see their respective lawyers before the wedding to sort out who gets what when they separate, and then Michael says, "You can read all about our engagement on my website", how tacky can you get? As for names, what do you make of somebody called Puff Daddy? If Jennifer Lopez had married him she would be called Mrs Daddy, and their child would be Baby Daddy, and one day the child would shoot up the town because some kids called his daddy a Puff. Elvis we miss you.
On Questions & Answers tonight (Monday) someone mentioned that the Pope intends to canonise Pope Pius IX. Then somebody else said that Pius IX had stolen a Jewish infant and reared it as a Catholic. Please somebody tell me I'm dreaming, what next? St Patrick wasn't Irish but Welsh!!!
A woman asked me to mention the condition of the footpaths on the Well Road, from the traffic lights to the bend before the roundabout. I did a piece last year about their condition, but it seems nothing changes. Corporation Councillors take note!

A woman approached me in Douglas Court last Sunday and asked me " Did you know that there's no bus service to the train station?" I confessed I didn't. I wanted to say to her "If you lived in Frankfield you'd know the feeling". Incidentally, a reader from Frankfield told me she left her house and walked out to a man waiting at the bus stop and informed him that he would have a long wait. Were any of our readers at a meeting a few weeks ago in Maryborough House Hotel to listen to a discussion on the plans for a bus service to Frankfield. The ironic thing was the meeting was in Maryborough Hill to discuss a bus service to Frankfield How did the people looking for a bus service get to the meeting? Did they get on a bus? Or did Bus Eireann provide a bus to bring them to the meeting?
There once was a man named Gus
Who went to catch the bus
On Frankfield Hill
His ghost walks still
Cause no one made a fuss.

Teresa Kelly tells me that there is to be a big reunion night next month for all past employees of Quinnsworth staff. I'll let you know the exact details next week.
Finally Happy St. Patrick's day to all our readers, have a good weekend. Drive carefully and belt up.

Bye for now,
Michael O'Hanlon.

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