13th April, 2000

The National Lottery owns the word “MyLunaire”. The reason I've spelt it like that is because nobody can use that word without their permission, and its very hard nowadays to get a good lawyer, it seems they're all very busy in Dublin. One could always use the title “Who wants to be a 999,999 plus 1. They also own the words “Wheel of Fortune”. I love living life on the edge.
I wonder how George Redmond the ex-Dublin County Manager even got into trouble. He was a very thrifty man over the years, saving a couple of hundred thousand over a few years, not alone that but he was so lucky on betting. A builder friend who owned race horses would oblige George with a 30 or 50 bet every so often and lucky George collected 50,000, not just thrifty but lucky as well. Some people just seem to have it all.
A rather interesting interview with builder Paddy Gallagher was published in a Sunday newspaper. You all remember Paddy, he spent some time in the North of Ireland as a guest of Her Majesty's Prison service, something about a few bob that went astray. Anyway Paddy is now domiciled in South Africa and he is not too pleased with all the bad press Ireland's getting internationally. It was a very strange interview. Paddy mentions his good friend C.J. Haughey, who he claims was responsible for smashing the Masons in Ireland. I know in the mid 70's Maggie Thatcher smashed the Miners. In the 80's Regan smashed the Air Traffic Controllers, and Paddy tells us that in the 50’s C.J. smashed the Masons!!
He also tells us that Charlie and his team genuinely had the interest of the country at heart. Paddy doesn't stop there. He mentions C.J's lifestyle. He asks “How can you entertain eminent men in Europe in a Dunnes Stores Suit. This was the question that troubled me, did he mean: (A) Did we expect C.J. to buy a suit off the rack in a Dunnes Stores shop or (B) Buy a suit with Dunnes Stores money. I'm confused, maybe that hot midday African sun does queer things to the brain. Oh, I almost forgot, Paddy also said that all the men who stood shoulder to shoulder with C.J. in the good old days are dead. If you stood shoulder to shoulder with C.J. you were like Charles Haughey a small man in every sense of the word. As my Granny used to say “Show me your friends and I'll show you what you are” Granny was a wise woman.
Another newspaper headline read “ Fury over 2 million Hotel Plan for Refugees” It seems 1,000 angry residents in Rosslare turned up at a meeting to voice their objection the plan to house refugees in a local hotel. One speaker said, “They'll spread Aids and other diseases” Another man said “If one gets in we'll never get them out”. In contrast to this I think back to last year when the Kosovan Refugees arrived in Crosshaven to be housed in the local Convent. The late Joe Piper of Piper's Amusements along with his family organised a free night for the refugees. They closed the Amusement Centre to the public and gave it to the refugees for the night, with free sweets, popcorn and drin's for everybody. As far as I know there's no epidemic of Aids, Cannibalism, Rape, Pillage and Plunder in Crosshaven. Rosslare, you have a lot to learn from the good people of Crosshaven. Crosser, I'm proud to know you.
About a fortnight ago we received a phone call from Conneiticut, U.S.A. The caller, a man, asked for the name of the head teacher in the school. He had read the essays every week on “What I Like about Douglas” written by local children, and wanted to speak to the head of the school, we obliged. The following day we telephoned the school and spoke to Michelle Cashman and told her the story, she told us that the man had telephoned her and was coming to Ireland the following week. Today we called to speak to her again to be told that the man's children were starting school in Douglas in September. His choice of school? St Columba's with facilities for Deaf Children. Well done girls with your essays, Jim McDad, take note, the girls of Douglas are doing their bit for Ireland. Incidently would the Man who phoned us please send us an E-Mail and tell us about his decision to send his child/children to school in Douglas. We think it's a great story one which deserves to be told. Our Email address is douglasweekly@eircom.net
Three weeks to go to the Douglas Rose Night. May 5th is D-Day. This week we publish a selection of Rose Entrants. It is open to everybody (including Refugees) over 18, under 25 and single.

Bye for now,
Michael O'Hanlon.

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