27th April, 2000

Man of the week has to be North of Ireland snooker player, Joe Swail. Joe was playing former world champion John Parrott for a place in the quarter-finals. The best of twenty-five frames goes through. The score was 12-8 to John Parrott. John only needed one more frame to go through, but Joe had other plans and went on to win the 5 frames. The score was Swail 13, Parrott 12. Well done Joe. The snooker commentators had a discussion to nominate the most intelligent of all the snooker players, and their choice was our own Ken Doherty. Another Dublin man is also through to the next round, Fergal O' Brien. So, all and all a great week for Irish snooker.

Have any of you noticed that Donnybrook Hill has not been mentioned once during the traffic report on ''Morning Ireland'' for the past week. The reason for its absence from the radio news can only be for one reason. That's right, School Holidays. Councillor Peter Kelly came up last year with a very good suggestion on ways to ease the traffic in Douglas every morning. The ''walk to school'' bus. I thought it was a very good idea, but the response seemed a trifle negative. With another 1,000 houses planned for Douglas perhaps it's time to take another look at Peter Kelly's recommendation. We'll print it next week.
A few weeks ago a friend of mine who's involved in the music business, asked me if I would become a Judge in a Karaoke singing final. I obliged, and last night {Tuesday}in the Beer Garden, Turners Cross, I sat with two other Judges to decide on the winner and two runners up. 14 singers turned up on the night, each singing 2 songs. The eventual winner was local girl Claire Deasy, who is a superb singer and I predict a bright future for Claire in the music business. The runners up were John Lombardi and Reg Arnold. Well done to all the singers and organisers for a great night. I've said it before, live entertainment, you can't beat it.

They say a week is a long time in politics. I'd say some people had wished they had never entered the political arena. More scandals emerged during the Easter week. The politicians remembered the patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice during Easter week 84 years ago. The bible tells us that Judas sold his master for 30 pieces of silver, and finally some of our own elected politicians sold their votes for money. What did you make of it? What did P.R Guru Frank Dunlop say about himself many years ago? '' I have balls of steel'', well, as Frank shuffled out from the tribunal last week the steel seemed to have melted. The smile was gone; the spring was gone from his step. They say the truth is a hard master. I don't believe it's going to stop there.

Finally, we hope to see you all next Friday week, May 5th, at the Rochestown Park Hotel for one of the biggest and best social nights of the year. The selection of a young woman to represent Douglas in the Rose of Tralee competition. This year is going to be the bigger and better than last year. Don't Miss It!

See you then,
Bye for now,
Michael O'Hanlon.

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