6th July, 2000

I read that singer/priest Sinead O'Connor has become a psychic medium and now tells us that she talks to the dead. I presume if the living won't listen to her, then her other audience has to be the dead. That woman gets weirder by the day. Then again, I suppose we need eccentrics to make the world an interesting place.
On Monday I called down to speak to Jim Jackson who keeps St. Luke’s Church of Ireland graveyard in such immaculate condition (as does Pat McSweeney across the road in St. Columba's R.C graveyard) I planned to spend about 15 minutes talking to Jim but two hours later we were still talking. He told me about some well known names in St. Lukes graveyard, and the Stokers (related to Bram Stoker, author of Dracula), The Arnotts (Arnotts of Dublin store) McLarne, a survivor of the Titanic sinking who worked in Pipers Amusements, the Lanes (Sir Hugh Lane Collection) a forensic science professor whose evidence helped convict a man who poisoned his wife so that he could have an affair with the maid. I'm not being flippant, but one meets a lot more interesting people inside the walls of a graveyard rather than outside.
Well done to our Lord Mayor of the past year, Damien Wallace. He was a credit to the position he held. It is about time we had a woman in the mayoral chair? Perhaps next year.
Our T.D's began their Summer & Autumn holidays last Friday. They return to the dail sometime early in October. Three months holidays, nice work if you can get it, not to mention the Christmas break which comes a few weeks later. What do you give to a T.D for Christmas? Send them a Christmas card, the envelopes can be useful afterwards. I know I wouldn't like to be a Fianna Fail politician in need of a liver transplant. According to newspaper reports one man gave 100,000 to Fianna Fail and he is still waiting for a receipt. He probably got what I sometimes get “It's in the post”
Mr Ruardai Quinn leader of the Labour Party refuses to say whether or not Labour will go into coalition with Fianna Fail in the next election. The “Auld” Merc under your bottom is hard to resist. The P.D's should change their name to P.S B.D (Past sell by date) Fine Gael will get into bed with anybody who will have them, and the Independents? Not a whimper from them about all the scandals, a lorry load of tarmacadem to their constituency will buy their vote. Sometimes I despair of our system, but it is the only one we've got.
One of the most important pieces of legislation to be introduced in this land of our has been the “Freedom of Information Act” Under this act we are entitled to know what takes place at council meetings, who attended, who proposed, who seconded, etc... To all resident groups, if you can get somebody with a knowledge of your rights to become a member of your residents association, then you’re on the right track.
The excitement is beginning to mount in Crosshaven as ford Week looms nearer. The beautiful walk is looking better by the day and the road from Carrigaline to Crosshaven has been resurfaced. I wonder if Douglas had a Ford week would we get Donnybrook Hill resurface?. Anyway, best of luck to everybody connected with Ford week. Did you know that visitors from the sailing fraternity pay up to 2,000 to rent a house or bungalow in Crosshaven for a week!
Congratulations to Joanne Lewis on the birth of a baby girl this week. Most of you will know Joanne she works in Laser Discs in Douglas Shopping Centre. My sources tell me that the baby is to be named Abbey, so best wishes to Joanne and Abbey, who knows? Abbey could be a Douglas Rose entrant like her mother last year.
My sympathy to the O’Flynn family on the death of Tony. Tony was a familiar face to most people in Douglas, especially to anybody who ever called to St. Columba’s Hall. The Hall really was Tony’s home, where the art of conversation is, thankfully, still alive and kicking. Somehow now, the Hall won’t be the same without Tony, but I’m sure his contribution to the social and sporting world of Douglas Hall will never be forgotten. R.I.P.

Bye for now. Michael.

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