13th July, 2000

Last week was another week of excavation in Douglas, digging up the roads took place on Maryborough Hill, Donnybrook and Church Street, (opposite St. Luke’s School) This work was carried out by contractors laying cables for Irish Multi-Channel. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that it seems anybody can put up a set of traffic lights in the middle of a busy road, take out a kango hammer and away they go. We telephoned the Douglas Gardai to ask if they knew what was happening, and whether the contractors had contacted them. We were told that the contractors must notify and apply for planning to the County Council to carry out this type of work, and as a matter of courtesy the council should contact the Gardai and let them know what is happening.

I am told that if a road is to be closed it must be advertised in a national newspaper, and according to the County Council that's all they have to do. How many readers know that next Monday July 17th until Friday 21st, Church Road connecting Donnybrook Hill with Carrs Hill will be closed? I read the notice in a National Newspaper, contacted a local councillor who knew nothing about the planned 5 day closure, a very busy public road. We rang the Council office in Carrigaline and suggested that they let us know what is happening. We just happen to think that Douglas people are entitled to a little common courtesy, and people are going to be inconvenienced for the week, and they will be major traffic delays. Perhaps County Hall think that a notice on a national newspaper is all they have to do, to justify this major road closure. we offered to put the notice in the Douglas Weekly for free and not as an advert, just to let people know what's going to happen next Monday, but then again perhaps County Hall believes nobody in Douglas reads the Douglas Weekly. The full details of the road closure are on page 6, we borrowed the information from a national newspaper.

The Frankfield bus service has finally arrived. I'm afraid we don't have the time- table as we didn't get it from Bus Eireann, perhaps they will send it to a national newspaper! Although I did hear from a reader that children were handing out time- tables to Mass goers last Sunday outside the church. I trust that all churches were covered by whoever organised this source of information. It's not just Roman Catholics that use the bus service!

Congratulations to the Gannon family on the opening of the Bohemian. I am told it is fantastic, another fine public house to add to our list of top class establishments. Deborah from the Touchdown tells me that they have huge plans in the pipeline for this well established restaurant and bar. Watch this space.

Not only is Tom Singleton the best general manager that Tesco Douglas has ever had, but he is also a good snooker player as I found out on Monday night. Although he caught me on a bad night I was tired after a long weekend, and Tom had youth on his side. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I knew I shouldn't have tried to cross the pink, but then I've always lived life on the edge. Tom for the re-match, to quote Baldrick in Blackadder, “I have a cunning plan”
Best of Luck to Sandra of Alexandra's Antiques who has just opened a beautiful showrooms on the well Road. She stocks a superb collection of memento's of the past. So why not pay her a visit.

Isn't the weather the worst we have had for a long time. Watching the news the other night, I learnt that Scotland was having snow storms, England was been flooded, so I suppose we are not too bad in Ireland, Although I do feel sorry for anybody with children in a caravan park at the seaside. Children need the sun, come to think of it we all need it.

The weekend sees the start of Ford Cork Week in Crosshaven, and I must compliment everybody involved in the organisation of this huge undertaking. Crosshaven is looking beautiful, the roads, the walk. It's going to be the place to be this weekend and next week. Don't forget if you are driving, don't drink and enjoy the weekend. See you there.

Bye for now. Michael.

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