22nd July 1999

Reading the reports on the tribunals last week I was amazed at the memory loss in middle aged wealthy men, not to mention politicians. These men can glance at share prices in the Financial Times while eating their rice crispies over breakfast and within seconds they know what they’re worth. But once they appear before a tribunal their poor brain cells shut down. It’s terribly sad, there’s only one known cure for this terrible disease, but it’s a high price to pay … it’s called the truth!
And what about the leader of our country Bertie Ahern? On tuesday he appeared before the tribunal, but we never saw him go in. Lots of those old buildings have secret passages. My God I thought, is Bertie going to come out like Martin Cahill with Mickey Mouse underpants over his head, but thankfully he didn’t. What I’d like to know is why hide when you have nothing to hide?
Am I the only one who believes all these tribunals are a complete waste of time and millions of pounds of tax payers money. Money that could be spent of providing state run ceches for infants whose mothers and fathers have to work very hard just to make ends meet, or giving couples tax relief who pay child minders up to 100 a week.
Last week a reader mentioned to me that Douglas Library has no audio tape books for people who are visually impaired, In simple terms a book such as “Ivanhoe” on a set of tapes which people could listen to. I decided to ring Douglas Library, and so let my fingers do the walking and looked up Libraries in the Golden Pages. No Douglas Library in the phonebook. Next step ring the county Library, after all Douglas Shopping Centre is situated in the county. I rang the county Library to be informed that I should ring the City Library, so I rang the City Library, “Can I have the telephone number of Douglas Library please?”
Back came the answer, “It doesn’t have one! I’ll connect you.”
I called down and spoke to a charming woman who informed me that they do not have audio tapes but they can borrow them from the other branch in the Northside. It seems they have a very good selection of audio book up there. I have a few books in tape form which I intend to give to Douglas Library and if any readers have something similar they can hand them into the Library, which would be appreciated.
To paraphrase Martin Luther King, “Clean at last! Clean at last! My God its clean at last!!”. On sunday morning last, Douglas was swept by the council. Several readers remarked how clean it was as they made their way to mass in the GAA Hall (the good Lord must have been listening because Cork won!!).
Anyway, Douglas Weekly has been campaigning for Sunday cleaning for a year and a half and finally it’s been done, so don’t stop. Next step - more bins and not open topped ones!
On last weeks weekly we had a photograph of Jerry Russell, well known singer. We received a telephone call from a reader who remembered Jerry when he sang in the Glengarrif House Hotel on the Model Farm Road many years ago. We rang Jerry and he told us that he used to sing with his friend Des Malarky in the above hotel, but they have now moved to Water Rock in Midleton and the good news for all lovers of fine singing is that they are there every Saturday night.
On another subject I mentioned last week about my attempt to fly from Cork to Edinburgh and the costs flying Aer Lingus Cork/Dublin/Glasgow which was 324. A reader rang and suggested I contact Travel Direct on an 1850 telephone number and the good news is that I can fly to Edinburgh from Cork for 140 return. Many thanks to that caller who didn’t leave her name.
Finally, Joe Dolans Munster agent Dominic McSweeney was seen in Laser Discs buying a ticket for the Daniel O’Donnell concert in Rochestown Hotel. Dominic was heard to say, “It’s not for me, its for my wife.” We believe you Dominic.
I have a confession to make, being a music purist, enjoying the singing and songwriting talents of people like Eric Bogle, Townes Vanzandt, Tom Russell (Guy Clarke, etc...), like the new single from … wait for it … Ronan Keating, lead singer with Boyzone. I’ll never be able to show my face again in the Lobby.

Bye for now.
Michael O’Hanlon

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