'Song of Tiananmen Square'

A tale of love...
in the time of terror

from a best-selling author who was there

David Rice was in Beijing during the Tiananmen Square massacre. Here he reveals the horrific truth through a heartrending love story.
  A love affair unfolds in Beijing at a time of growing unrest. When the student marches begin, Song Lan stays aloof at first, but soon joins the protests, and she and journalist  PJ O'Connor find themselves spending more and more time together in Tiananmen Square.
   This engrossing novel, a story of love amid China's terror, draws the reader inside the dramatic events of 1989. With the force of fiction it brings vividly alive the struggle for freedom and the conflict with the totalitarian state, yet it is also at its heart a story of love and friendship tested to breaking point, a tale of both loyalty and betrayal.