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Duchas - Tullaherin Heritage Society, County Kilkenny, Ireland
Duchas: Tullaherin Heritage Society

Stroan Fountain
by Michael Holden

I am a monument of substance,
Built by a landlord's crew.
To bring water to his people,
From a source both clear and true.
The Artesian spring that feeds me,
Brings water to my spout.
That alleviate the thirst and pain,
Of many a weary mouth.

I am the One and Only,
My like was not before.
The product of a genius,
Who lived in days of yore.
Treasured, loved and needed,
By animal and man.
But now I am redundant,
Replaced by another plan.

For centuries I served you,
On call both night and day.
But now I feel abandoned,
You have found another way.
My waters still are flowing,
As they have always done before,
But now their only function,
Is to join the River Nore.

I am calling on my people,
To provide me with a plan.
That will make me more appealing,
To every passing man.
I am proud to be a landmark,
For folks who love to roam.
And to have a useful purpose,
As a fountain here in Stroan.

I am serene and stately,
Like an obelisk of old.
I hope you have been listening,
As my story did unfold.
I invite you all to visit,
Come see me at my home.
I am still operating,
As a fountain here in Stroan.