Kelvin Hughes CTD Naval Radar

The Kelvin Hughes CTD or 1007 Radar is a high definition surface warning and navigational radar system, available in both 'I' Band and 'F' Band versions.

Design - proved in many thousands of hours of operation at sea, the designs have been refined and scrupulously tailored to meet the special demands of the modern warship. Many extra facilities, which are needed for naval use, are included as standard.

The CTD Has been the 'Work Horse' for The Irish Navy for the past seven years. CTD's are fitted on all of the Irish Navy's fleet.


Features Include;

  • High Definition, full colour rasterscan display (1360 x 1024 pixels)
  • Flexible design - wide application for ship and land based systems
  • Automatic tracking of up to 50 targets plus manual tracking of 20 targets
  • Navigation lines/parallel index lines
  • Comprehensive mapping with internal 200 map memory plus unlimited external maps
  • Alpha numeric labelling of tracks and maps
  • Ability to draw sector screens
  • 16 auto-acquisition or exclusion zones
  • Ability to target indicate to weapon systems
  • Helicopter landing path graphics
  • Compatible with RPB and VESTA transponder systems and IFF
  • Command aids-blind arcs, weapon pointing line, time and range to go for engagement
  • Sector transmission control
  • Digital input-output ports for sending receiving and displaying system data
  • Can display up to 4 different radars
  • All maps/nav lines scaled to range in use
  • Minimal training required to become a proficient operator
  • Operator error prompts
  • Simulation mode allows training at sea or in harbour
  • Automatic system status fail warning
  • Build-in test facilities