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Newcomers may not remember me, but back in the last millennium I created a whole bunch of WorldsAway Plugins. Now, before you download and use them, here are a few points to remember.



Player Card

Other Files Required



Version 1 - NEW April 2003!


Microsoft Word (The program uses Word as its spell checker. If you do not have Word installed, it will not work).
WADapi (see below)
VB6 runtime Files (see below)

Take a 9 letter word (9000 included with the program), jumble the letters and have your players try to make as many words of 3 or more letters from the jumble. Extra points for finding the original word. Tested with Windows 98 and Word 2000, but I cannot guarantee that it will work properly with other versions of either software.


Version 6.3

Version 1.3
or any Bingo Card

WADapi (see below)
VB6 runtime Files (see below)

These programs have been around since the good old days of CompuServe. This was the first Bingo host, though there was a pre-existing game called KYMER.


Version 3.5

Version 3.5

QCARD32.DLL which should be placed in your c:\windows\system directory or in the same directory as the host / player program.
WADapi (see below)
VB6 runtime Files (see below)

Allows a host to act as dealer for up to six players in traditional 5 card draw poker. I deliberately chose qcards32.dll so as not to mess about with people's windows resource (cards.dll).

Horse and Greyhound Racing

Version 4.1

Version 4.0
Not required but highly recommended

MSFLXGRD.OCX (required for host only) which should be placed in your c:\windows\system directory. This is a fairly common windows file which you may have already.
WADapi (see below)
VB6 runtime Files (see below)

Version 4 adds greyhound racing as an option. Note that the new card (version 4) is required for this version of the host. Older versions of the card will not work properly. This version of the card will work with older versions of the host.

Quiz / Trivia

Version 1


WADapi (see below)
VB6 runtime Files (see below)

A sturdy host for multiple choice quiz / trivia games. I may add further options in the future if time permits.

All of these programs are written in Visual Basic 6 and use Leadman's WADapi WorldsAway Communication Interface. This means that you will need WADAPI.DLL (35 KB) and VISUAL BASIC RUNTIME FILES (1 MB) for them to work properly. You only need to download and install these once and if you are already running previous versions of my programs or most any other program for VZones, then you probably already have then installed. Both resources are self extracting archives, which, after downloading, you should run once to extract the files.

Demo Source Code

In response to many requests over the years, I have created a couple of demo programs as an aid to would-be plugin writers. These are written is Visual Basic 6 and use the WADapi interface. The source code is below. As with the programs, if you find them useful or profitable, please make a donation to the support of Daisy Rua.

WA Demo Source
(a self extracting archive containing Visual Basic 6 source code demonstrating basic methods of interacting with WA)

This is some VB6 code that shows how to perform the basic interactions with WA using Leadman's WADapi.DLL file. It demonstrates how to Speak, Think, ESP, Collect the text buffer and Avatar names, from within a Visual Basic program. It may be of some help to would-be PlugIn programmers. Once you can interact with WA then what kind of plugin you want to create is up to you and limited only by your imagination and patience.

Simple Bingo Host Demo
(a self extracting archive containing Visual Basic 6 source code of a very simple Bingo Host which may help you in developing your own plugins)

This is some VB6 code that shows how you can make a simple plugin for WA. Please do not email for further help - I don't have the time.

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