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United Nations of Planet Rory

14 November 2000
Well, a new logo and possibly a new site design on the way - but I'm not sure yet. I've had a lot of free time on computers lately but I havent spent much of it on updates (shame on me!) as I actually have a few other things to do every now and then!
01 October 2000
OK - I'm still updating as we speak, but just in case I get cut off or something, I'm updating the mainpage now. Theres a hell of a lot more of my brothers ranting up on the rant page... thats about it for now though!!
26 September 2000
Welcome to the all new and improved Planet Rory! Whatcha think? Wait dont tell me yet. Wait till ya get to the guest book. Oh hang on - there IS no guest book! No matter! Tell me now. Ye can all sign the book later. Improvements will continue.... hopefully....

More or less finished:
  • FDI - ten most wanted
  • The Matrix - my matrix page
  • Leon/the professional - a fan page
  • Rorys Online Art Portfolio
  • Mad I Tell You! - humour page
  • Epochalypse - Post Apocalyptic Fiction
  • My fight club page
  • Lost Cartoons
  • Less finished:
  • Pyromania - my fire page
  • Blade - another fan page
  • "I Know Kung-Fu" - Martial Arts page
  • Amateur FilmMakers Resources
  • Music - Bands, lyrics and Guitar tabs
  • Great Directors

  • Email me: rok2@eircom.net

    Coming soon (hopefully):

  • A site about eyes
  • Additions to Daft Ten most wanted
  • Improvements to the movie pages
  • more artwork in the gallery
  • More on the fire page!
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