Butterworth BPF 4th order BPF

RadCom Frequency Counter HF/VHF/UHF Counter.

PIC18F4550 BoardA Simple 40 pin PIC board.

RadCom GPSDO 10MHz GPS disciplined frequency standard.

Portable Yagi for 144 MHz 7 element VHF Yagi.

HF Transceiver Multi band transceiver.

Digital display and VFO stabiliser Display/Stabiliser.

A compact beam for 10M VK2ABQ/'Moxon Rectangle'.

6M Transverter 17M to 6M transveter.

Building blocks Radio building blocks

PCB A simple method of making your own pcb's.

Iambic Keyer A PIC iambic keyer.

VHF CW TX 10W 2M CW transmitter

CW QRP TX Qrp CW transmitter for 80 Mtrs

VHF Converter 2M to 10M receive converter

50MHzConverter 50 MHz to 10 MHz receive converter

bits.zip Electronic symbols in BMP format (Zipped)

Linear amp Passive grid linear amp

LPF HF Low Pass Filter

ATU A simple T-Match ATU

SSB transceiver SSB transceiver for 80M

______ Exciter SSB/DSB exciter board

______ Receiver The receiver

______ Transmitter The transmit section

______ Mosfet PA 30 Watt PA

J-Pole A J-Vertical for 10 Mtrs

80M RX 80 metre receiver

TRF RX Single transistor receiver for SSB, CW, AM