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This address should only be used for queries related to the projects on this web-site. DO NOT send SPAM/UCE to this address

Please don't send me e-mail with attachments over 100KB. As my mail logs indicate that several large messages are deleted every day, it seems that many people don't understand this simple request. I have a 100KB size limit on all incoming e-mail. All messages over this size are automatically deleted. If you really must send binary attachments, photographs etc... put them on a CD-R or DVD-R and send them by post or courier. My address is at the bottom of this page.

My e-mail address is in the image below. For those people using text-only browsers, my address is: ei9gq AT eircom DOT net

73, Eamon 'Ed' Skelton. Cork, Ireland. Loc: IO51TV


E. Skelton
1 The Crescent,
Estuary Drive,
Mahon, Cork.