PIC18F4550 Development Board

A simple PIC development board

Pic Board

Are you looking for the Pinguino based DDS VFO page? You can find it here: Pinguino DDS

May 2012 This is an updated version of the PIC board. I found that it was quite difficult to drill holes through the very small pads in the original layout. This version has larger pads and thicker tracks. I have also replaced all of the capacitors and resistors with 805 surface mount types. The new layout is shown below.

PCB layout
Revised PCB layout

This is a simple 40 pin PIC development board as described in RadCom for November 2009. It is designed for a PIC18F4550, but it will work with other 40 pin PICs like the PIC16F877A. It has no bells & whistles attached. No buttons, LED, LCD ICSP etc. All of the PIC pins are easily accessible so that you can add any features you need. This board has been tested with the Vasco PUF and the Pinguino USB bootloaders.
Vasco PUF project.
Pinguino project.


PCB track side
PCB track side

PCB top side
PCB top side.

This is the PCB layout in Postscript format.