G0MUX HF transceiver built by G0MUX

G3GMN HF transceiver designed and built by G3GMN

EI9GQ EI9GQ shack

G3LUB A couple of nice HF transceivers and a very large mobile aerial.

G3XKF HF rigs that look as good as they sound

W6JFR A very nice SSB/CW rig, built by Pete W6JFR

WB4QXE Transceiver and transverter built by Woody WB4QXE

G3TSO  A Selection of rigs built my Mike G3TSO

GW3PEX   Some nice homebrew from West Wales

Photographs scanned with an Artec A6000C Plus scanner, at 100Dpi.

EI9GQ shack photographs taken with a Fuji DX-10 digital camera.

For best results, set your display to 16 Bit (thousands of colours) or higher.

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