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photo Copyright: Ten Tenths Ltd

These sounds come from real in-car recordings of ~GPL era cars.  The source was a cool CD included in a cool book by Nick Mason and Mark Hales.  Incidentally Mason plays drums for a big 'ol rock band called Pink Floyd.  The book is called "into the red", published by Ten Tenths Ltd, and I highly recommend it.  Check out the Ten Tenths website for info on how to order the book.  They also have sound samples from the included CD.... 

It took some doing but I finally figured out how to convert them into nice clean *.wav loops suitable for GPL.  All engine loops below were derived from the CD included with "into the red" Copyright: Ten Tenths Ltd.

Feb12-99 Ferrari_Rev2 (65 Kb) This Ferrari sound is from a 1970 Ferrari 512S.  Filtered to boost midrange vibration.
Jun13-99 Weslake_R3 (123 Kb) (rename cov.wav if you're using the 7-sound patch) Great new version of the Cooper-Maserati (aka Coventry) sound.   Made from the same Maserati 250F in-car sample.  I used an original '67 Cooper-Maserati in-car recording as a guide.  Hear the real thing at Doug's website.
Feb12-99 Cosworth_Rv2 (140 Kb) From a gorgeous 1955 Jaguar D-Type.  Filtered to add some growl to the Eagle and Lotus engine sounds.
Feb12-99 BRM_GPL (192 Kb) From a 1953 BRM V16 Mk2 in-car recording.  A genuine 16 cylinder sound for the beast of Bourne.
Feb12-99 Repco_GPL (72 Kb) From a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO V12 in-car recording.  Replaces Brabham and Honda (Murasama) sounds.   Boosted midrange to add growl.  This one is great.
Feb12-99 PD_GPL (676 Kb) Contains all five new engine sounds listed above.
Mar2-99 Skid_loud (195Kb) Default GPL skid sound amplified by 40% for those being deafened by the engine sounds.  Install same as engines.

How to install:

1.  First copy the original GPL sound.dat file from the GPL\sound directory.   This way you can unpack it and revert back to the original sounds individually whenever you want.

2.  To install new sounds simply unzip and put the *.wav file in the GPL\sound directory.  That's it, there's no need for unpacking/packing.

3.  Drive like %$*#?!

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