Ireland’s Water Fluoridation Policy Contravenes a Major European Human Rights Convention.

The Irish government is currently ignoring a major European wide Human Rights Convention that insists that no state or government can force its population to take a medicine to which they have not given consent. Over 23 countries have signed this convention since 1997, HOWEVER THE IRISH GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED TO SIGN UP!!!

The Council of Europe’s ‘Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine’ (1997) is the first internationally-binding legal text designed to protect people against the misuse of biological and medical advances. It aims at preserving human dignity and identity, rights and freedoms, through a series of principles and rules. Article 5 of the Convention has serious implications for Ireland’s Water Fluoridation programme, and clearly highlights that the Irish government is infringing on the human rights of the Irish population by pursuing this policy;

  • Article 5:An intervention in the heath field may only be carried out after the person concerned has given free and informed consent to it.

    This person shall beforehand be given appropriate information as to the purpose and nature of the intervention as well as on its consequences and risks.

    The person concerned may freely withdraw at any time.’

  • What does this mean for Ireland’s Water Fluoridation policy?

    ‘Free and informed consent’…The Irish government has never requested the free informed consent of the population to give them fluoride in their water supply.

    ‘Be given appropriate information as to the purpose and nature’; Most Irish people are actually unaware that they are receiving medication in the water, never mind being aware of the reason why it is actually put in.

    ‘As well as on its consequences and risks’; Although the Department of Health refuses to acknowledge the mounting research linking fluoridation and serious health problems such as cancer and hip fractures, they do concede that fluoridation contributes to dental fluorosis. However they have never informed the population of this now unavoidable risk.

    May freely withdraw consent at any time’… Because fluoride is put in the drinking water supplies, and is therefore in anything that is produced using that water supply, including every beer and stout brewed in Ireland, it is impossible for anyone to withdraw consent from taking this mandatory drug.

    Who has signed this Human Rights Convention?

    Since its inception in 1997, the following countries have ratified the convention; Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macendonia" and Turkey.

    What do the Politicians say?

    Patricia McKenna MEP; "Ireland strangely enough hasn’t signed this convention and I would love to know why? But under article five of that convention no-one is allowed to be forced to take medication which they have not agreed to and haven’t had their consent, having given their consent. So I think under that convention Ireland could be brought to book."

    FLUORIDE FREE WATER asks the IRISH GOVERNMENT to PLEASE ratify this Convention NOW, and STOP Water Fluoridation IMMEDIATELY