Morphic Fields has been in research since 1998. It was given its first public showing in February 1999 as part of a works-in-progress evening which was a feature of the Time and Motion initiative of Kildare County Council

  Made in Kildare for and about the people of Kildare, Morphic Fields is based of theories of evolutionary creativity and is inspired by the scientific writings of Rupert Sheldrake

Originally created by Cathy O'Kennedy with dancers Lucy Dundon and Jonathan Mitchel, the work began with an exploration of an abandoned space on the Bog of Allen and the migrant Workers form the West and South West of Ireland who worked the bog in the summer months and now make up part of the local community

  Morphic Fields is predicated on the hypothesis that memory is inherent in nature and all natural systems, from crystals to man, inherit a collective memory of their kind

While Morphic Fields is performed as a theatre work it was created within a North, South, East and West orientation and with a view to site specific performances both in Kildare and on other bog sites in the Ireland and abroad




Cathy O'Kennedy



Lucy Dundon & Maurice Fraga