Hi! My name is Barry. Iím 11 years old.
I go to Carnaun National School and Iím in fifth class. I like to skateboard, BMX, scoot, pogo, play hurling and listen to music. 
My favourite programs on TV are The Simpsons, Two of a Kind, Undergrads and the Cassidyís. My favourite movies are Bowfinger, Meet the Parents, Tomb Raider and Shrek.
My favourite band is U2. I really like reading all the Harry Potter books and Iím really looking forward to seeing the film Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone. 
My favourite food is roast beef with gravy and steamed potatoes. My favorite drink is Pepsi Max. I have two sisters and a mother and father. 
My sisters go to a secondary school in town about 4 miles from my home. 
The town is called Athenry. My father works in a computer company called Compaq in our nearest city called Galway and my mother works in a college called G.M.I.T., which is also in Galway. 
We have two cars in the house. My mother and father use these cars for getting to work. I travel on the bus to school and I get the bus home from school. 
We have a variety of dinners such as curries, beef dinners, barbecue dinners and grilled dinners.