Buzz from North Carolina visit Tara's House in Castle Lambert

After a long day's work at school I got on the bus and headed for Tara's house in Castlelambert.
We got on the bus and Tara introduced me to Mickey the busdriver.
We took a seat and I faced the window to see if I could spot Ireland's forty shades of green. As soon as we reached Castlelambert where Tara lives I said goodbye to Mickey and jumped off the bus to hear cows, sheep, tractors andother noises that I never hear in the city. We walked up the laneway to "Higgins' Hill" where I met Ursula and Richard, Tara's parents outside her bungalow house. 
Tara's house was lovely. It was white with many windows. Ursula then told me that my Irish stew was ready. Tara's most common dinners are either bacon and cabbage or Irish stew. I washed my hands and ran to the table where I ate the nicest dinner ever of Irish stew. I then put on my Wellington's and prepared for work on a farm. 
Tara then introduced me to many animals such as cows, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs and horses in the next field.
I then saw Tara's mother, Ursula working busily feeding calves. I rushed to help her. I soon learned it wasn't as easy as it looked. I ran and got a bucket, along came a calf and I gave him the bucket, well he took the bucket off me and jostled me out of the way. So of course, I came out the worst end of it covered in dirt! So I decided to wash and then relax in front of the TV. 
Later Tara came back to "teach" me about "Autumn farming". So I took out my pen and paper and decided to learn.
In Autumn sheds are prepared for the Winter by cleaning them. In October we put straw in for the animals' bed. Sheep and cows are normally wintered indoors in these sheds. Out on the land leaves coat the ground and the land starts getting soggy. "Wow! Autumn farming must be fun!" "Yes, but a lot of work. Now! Let's watch more TV." Ten o'clock. Bed time.  I've had an excellent day.