Carnaun School is an environmentally friendly place.
Buzz the Blue Ridge Mountain Bee interviews Marion from 6th Class

Hi folks! This is Buzz reporting from Ireland! Today I talked to Marion! 
She says "Over the past few years we have been striving to enhance our school grounds and its environs so that it will be a pleasant place in which to work and play. 
 It has been a litter free area for the last 10 years and we use only environmentally friendly methods at all times. We propagate our own shrubs, trees and plants as much as possible and as our budget, like other schools, is virtually non-existent and our area is large - 3 acres.

We applied to IOFGA for Organic Status and were successful! - We are now officially "in conversion". This is a great achievement of which we are very proud!  We are featured on the Irish Examiner ! We are now famous! (Our teacher says that we were always famous but that nobody knew about it!)
           We aim to create a habitat, where birds, animals and insects will have a safe place to live and rear their young. Carnaun - meaning a high stony place lives up to its name. The limestone rock is just under the surface and soil is a scarce commodity. We now make our own compost from garden and kitchen waste! 
            We have our own School Heritage Trail where we can show you around our School Grounds and Gardens and see the vegetable garden and composting area, the wildflower meadow, and wildlife pond. We have flower gardens and woodland groves and shrubberies and a beautiful wall mural depecting the history of Carnaun for the past 2000 years. 
             We invite people to come and visit us and we will bring them on a tour of our gardens and for those of you in North Carolina just go back to the project page and get a website tour of our lovely school".
Thanks to Marion and her lovely family!

Buzz comes from Glade Creek School in Ennice, North Carolina, USA.
He visited our school and Larry the Leprechaun from our school spent some time in Glade Creek and reported back to us! He had some interesting tales to tell!