A visitor from North Carolina reporting from the West of Ireland.

My name is David Crockett. I come from North Carolina. I am visiting Carnaun School in Ireland and today I visit a pupil’s house. I am proud to be in Ireland because my Great, Great, Grandfather (?) the famous Davy Crockett always said he was of Irish descent.
Today I went home with Martin Browne from 6th class. His mother, Vera is the school secretary and she drove us. At the crossroads we saw "Leacht Oliver Browne" a strange monument at the crossroads. Martin said it was in memory of somebody who got killed there many years ago. We arrived at Martins house in "Cnoc a'tSíodian which was 2000 years ago a place of pagan ritual, I got out of the car to see a lovely house and a big "soccer" pitch at the back of the house. We collected his small sister Edel on the way home "Boy! Had she enough to say". At about four o'clock Martin brought me for a "quick spin" in the “the mother's old banger” (car) he called it around the field when his mother was gone into the house and couldn't see what we were doing. I needed the seat belt for the ride.
After that we filled some bags of turf and as he sells some to Finbarr who is the teacher.
By then there was a lovely smell wafting through the kitchen window, Vera had the dinner ready. She made a traditional Irish stew, I thought it tasted very nice, organic lamb from Finbarr’s farm, potatoes and vegetables.
After the dinner I helped Martin with his homework. When Martin’s older brothers came home we played a game of rugby on the soccer pitch. At 7: 30 p.m. Martin and I went to Monivea to watch his older brother and the local rugby team train. Later we came home, had a snack and went to bed. 
We woke up at 8:30 a.m. in the morning had cornflakes and a cup of tea for breakfast. We got ready and went to school at 9 a.m. in the morning. 
I had a great time in Martin’s House. I could go back there!