I live in the countryside.

     My town land Cahertymore is out the country. I am four miles from Athenry town and twelve miles from Galway City. I live on a farm and we have lots of animals.
We have a suckler herd of cows and their bull and heifer calves and a big charolois bull called Charlie. My favourite cow is a small limousine called Rosie.She is easy to catch and her calves are real pets. Once the bull jumped out onto the Turloughmore road and chased Auntie Bridie and John, my father. It must have been a great sight to see them 'flying down the road'.
     We also have six horses one of them is my pony his name is Smokey [but more about him later],Shep - Marilyn's Dog two dogs called Shep and Snowy, four hens [you have heard about Ransom the clocking hen] and a cock and a budgie called Bounty.
     We have lots of wild animals living around us also. We have many foxes, lots of rabbits and hares, plenty of badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels, stoats and field mice.
My father shows me their tracks and pathways and when we go for a morning's walk in the dewy grass we sometimes catch a glimpse of some of them as they run through the furze and whitethorn bushes or jump over the grey stone walls to hide in the ferns and the grass. I like living on a farm.