The Milk Round

        My father is a Maddens Milk agent and he delivers milk all around Galway city every morning from 2am to 6am.He then goes to bed for a hour and at 7 o'clock he gets up again and delivers milk to the shops in Monivea and Athenry.He gets home at about 11 o clock and goes to bed again. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he delivers milk in our neighbour hood and to the houses in Athenry town. He also goes to the houses in Newcastle.  
    I help him very often and I like to work with him. If a house needs a litre of milk I jump out of the van open up the side door open up a pack of milk and then take a litre out of the pack and then leave it in front of the door of the house quickly. Some houses have dogs. One morning when I was delivering milk to a house a dog barked I got such a fright that I dropped the milk and then I was in trouble. When you have a sore knee from playing camoige and you have to deliver milk the next day it isn't easy jumping in and out of the van get very tired from delivering milk in the mornings but its worth it as I get can get nice gifts in the gift shop if you have enough tokens. Sometimes when I am out early delivering milk I see people coming home from the pub drunk.