Final update 01/01/2008
01.01.2008 Comenius Project "Growing up in a New Europe" 
 Meetings in Germany, Wales and Sweden  
 Project work - Art  
 Poject work - Traditions 
17.12.2007  Growing up in a New Europe update  
29.08.2007  School Organic Projects update  
12.05.2007  Our Solar Panel  
01.02.2007 Comenius Project Meeting Booklet, Carnaun School  
27.01.2007 Carnaun School Project Presented in Terre Madrel  
18.11.2006 Carnaun Organic Garden presented at Terra Madre Turin, 2006 
08.11.2006  Minister for Education Visits Carnaun School 26.10.2006 
05.08.2005 Note: Our Book 'The Lamberts of Athenry' is sold out - not available any more! 
29.06.2006 Digital Award for Carnaun School 
06.06.2006 Remedi Science Workshops 
12.05.2006 Maps of Co. Galway North of Tuam 
01.05.2006 Comenius Project "Growing up in a New Europe" Update 
20.03.2006 Martin Kelly, Carnaun Pastpupil, Seeks Office of National President of AOH 
16.03.2006 St. Patrick - St. Patrick's Day 
08.03.2006 International Green Flag awarded for the 4th time 
06.03.2006 Myths and Legends 
14.02.2006 Frog watch 2006 
01.02.2006 Springtime in Carnaun School 
20.01.2006 A Week in the life of an Irish child! 
07.10.2005 Seedsavers visit Carnaun School 
30.12.2005 New Sculpture for Athenry 
25.11.2005 Carnaun School gets National Award for "Excellence in Organic Education" 
25.11.2005 Carnaun Science Project features on National Television 
25.11.2005 * Marilyn - you're our Star!* 
25.11.2005 Distinguished Environmentalist visits Carnaun School 
20.11.2005 Fionn Science Project - A solar Panel as an Alternative Heating Method 
01.11.2005 "Growing up in a New Europe" Comenius 1 Schoops Partnership Project! 
17.08.2005 Summer Flowers in the School Garden July 2005 
17.08.2005 Text of Organic School Diary in Organic Matters April 2005 
16.08.2005 Publication - "Eagles over Ireland" by Paul Browne   
                  Published by "Flying Fortress Athenry 1943" this book tells the facts about one of the "Athenry's best kept secrets" of World War 2.  
17.06.2005  On the 17th.of June the Supeme AIB Co. Galway Arts Trophy was presented to the school 
27.05.2005  Carnaun School Visit to Paris 19.05.2005 
25.05.2005 Carnaun School wins top Art Awards 
15.05.2005 Carnaun School Organic Diary in "Organic Matters" Magazine 
12.05.2005 New Compost Bins - May 05 
12.04.2005  Art exhibition  - Artist in Residence Project 2004 / 2005  
19.11.2004 Carnaun School Netd@ys Projects 2000 - 2004 
                   "I eat, therefore I am" - A Netd@ys 2004 project - Carnaun School invites commuication! 
22.10.2004 Artist in Residence - Carnaun School takes part in the Tulca Festival of Visual Arts 2004 
                   Carnaun School - Europe through Art - a Netd@ys 2004 project  
                   About Carnaun School  
                   Where is Carnaun School? 
10.09.2004 President of Ireland meets the School Children 
26.08.2004 Organic Garden 2004 - Latest Pictures from our school grounds! 
22.08.2004 Carnaun School Heritage Trail 
                   Fionn Science Projects  
10.08.2004 Comenius Project Meeting in Guethary, France 
16.07.2004 Louis' Caterpillar Cocoon Carnaun Pupil features on National Radio  
07.05.2004  Cooking in the compost bin!   Fionn Science Project 2004 
01.05.2004  Sowing the Organic Garden 
17.12.2003 Flying Fortress Athenry 1943 Project US Ambassador visits Athenry! 
10.12.2003 Comenius Project Meeting in Aluksne, Latvia 
07.11.2003 Green Party Leader visits Carnaun School 
                   Fionn Science Project update 
                   New publications in Athenry 
01.11.2003  Autumn Gardening 
                   Our Pumpkins in the Galway Market - 25.10.03 
                   Our Pumpkins in Somer's Spar Shop in Athenry 31.10.03 
                   Carnaun School Featured in "Organic Matters" Magazine Nov/Dec.03 
                   Our lifestyles in Athenry - Horse riding - Lorna 
31.10.2003 Projects  
                               Update Organic Statis for our School Grounds - 1st. in Ireland 
                               EU Project - "I eat, therefore I am" A labelled project in Netdays Europe 2003 
                                Fionn Science Project update!  
                               Carnaun Teacher invited to speak in USA 
                               Self evaluation conference in Slovenia 
03.09.2003 Garden Report September 2003 
19.06.2003 Projects 2002 - 2003 
07.03.2003 Comenius Project Meeting, Athenry - Report 
07.09.2002 Jenn our Science Teacher from Wisconsin 
05.09.2002 Student Teachers in Carnaun 2001/2002 
27.04.2002 Comenius Project Meeting, Athenry, 10.05.2002 - More Maps! 
27.04.2002 Comenius Project Meeting, Varna, Bulgaria 
12.02.2002 Our Tele communications Projects with North Carolina 
27.01.2002  Student Teachers in Carnaun 2001/2002 
05.12.2001 Meeting in Dvúr Kralóve nad Labem in the Czech Republic 3120.11.01 
16.11.2001 Take a look at our lifestyle in Athenry! 
10.11.2001 Web site overhaul and update - After a "Virus attack"!  
10.11.2001 EU Project " I Eat, Therefore I am" Acclaimed Netdays 2001 
13.06.2001 Larry and Buzz Communications Project 
07.06.2001 Report in the Irish Examiner 
01.06.2001 Launch of the Heritage Mural 
24.05.2001 Organic inspection passed 
06.05.2001   ESB Environmental Awareness Awards - Winners Again! 
05.05.2001Our eSCHOLA Week  Project  - Our Website as a Project's Showcase! 
We have updated the School's Nature Trail - Tar linn go bhfeicfidh tú timpeall na scoile! 
02.05.2001 Our Heritage Mural - 2000 years of Carnaun! 
14.04.2001 Gortnor Abbey Past Pupil's ReunionHomepage 
27.03.2001 Irish Times features Carnaun Website 
18.03.2001 Greetings from Pastpupils! - San Diego, California calling! 
20.12.2000Green Flag Presentation Pictures! Party in County Hall! 
10.12.2000  Butterfly Project Update 
20.11.2000  Our Netd@ys Project  - A Website as a Project's Showcase! We have updated the School's           Nature Trail - Tar linn go bhfeicfidh tú timpeall na scoile! 
27.09.2000 Cool School of the Week - We were Awarded this prestegious award  
for our "wonderful contribution to education online". 
27.09.2000 A New Project -Butterflies More enjoyment with our friends in North Carolina! 
28.09.2000 Cecile's Diary Cecile, a french student, learning how an Irish country school ticks! 
24.09.2000 Projects report on the year 1999 - 2000 
                                            We had a great year! Lots of work, lots of fun and lots of awards. 
07.08.2000 Athenry Heritage Centre - New Website 
07.06.2000 ESB National Env. Awareness Award - Overall winners Conaught / Ulster  
05.06.2000 Wildflower Meadow - Photos  
31.05.2000 ESB National Environmental Awareness Awards - 1st. in County Galway - for the third year  
24.05.2000  We are awarded the European Green-Flag by AN TAISCE 
23.05.2000  ESB Environmental Awareness Award 2000 - Report - May 
18.05.2000 Blue Ridge Mountain Project - New Website With our friends in North Carolina. 
18.05.2002 Application for a Green-school award! Litter  - Waste Management Project -An Taisce. 
03.04.2000 Maps of County Galway - East Galway - North and South. 
31.03.2000 Spring Gardening - A new Glasshouse and a Wicker Screen in the Back Garden 
25.03.2000 Our Research visit to The Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh Co. Tyrone. 
01.03.2000 New Castle Ellen Website - - Click to view ! 
22.02.2000 Our Wildlife Habitat: Some pictures of the Pond and Frogspawn 
22.02.2000  The Blue Ridge Mountain Project: Our Trip to the Ulster American Folkpark in Omagh. 
22.02.2000Friends and Sponsors - Hayden's Athenry 
22.02.2000Our Life in Carnaun - Stories from the children of 4th. 5th. and 6th. classes. Mo Mhadra Bran 
22.02.2000Our Nature Trail: We planted 34 oak trees on 14.02.2000 
16,02 2000 New Web pages on "The Lambert Symposium" by Ian Mitchell Lambert  
16.02.2000 Visit Athenry - New list of Accomodation providers for Athenry started! 
02.02.2000 Parish - Our Millennium celebrations in Athenry (New format) 
26.01.2000 PastpupilsCarnaun School Pastpupils Golf Society formed - Outing 14.08.2000  
25.01.2000 Ten years ago: We had Jackdaws in the roof! 
21.12.1999 Millennium Mass and Open Day in Carnaun National School. 
20.12.1999 Parish - A Christmas greeting to all our friends. 
18.12.1999 SitemapNow you can explore our site without getting lost! 
14.12.1999 Friends and Sponsors of Carnaun School 
02.12.1999 Our School Garden Our Nature Walk  New Page - The Bird Window 
29.11.1999 The Blue Ridge Mountain Project: From Galway to North Carolina - Famine Emigration 
29.10.1999 Athenry win County Final again! St. Mary's tops in Hurling again! 
29.10.1999 New Projects - We are starting some very exciting projects this year! 
06.10.1999 The Lambert Symposium Report - Photos from the event 
04.10.1999 Lady's Well - Millenium Park opened 15.08.'99 
04.10.1999ESB Environment Awareness Project Report. Sept. '99 
15.09.1999 St. Mary's Parish, Athenry   'Meitheal' - Our Parish Bulletin - Summer '99  
15.09.1999 Archives -The site is a year old!  (Tempus fugit et mors appropinquat!) 
08.09.1999 The Mace and Seal of Athenry  Back to Athenry after 160 years! 
08.09.1999 Carnaun Past pupils - OneGold Medalist, and one with the 'World Cup'? 
08.09.1999 Achievements 1998-1999 - A Great Year!  
08.09.1999 Local Publications; New Books available locally 
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