ESB Environment Awareness Project Phase2
1st. in Co. Galway Again
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    Two Year Plan 1998 - 2000
      • Planting wild life pond 
      • Creating a marsh area 
      • Path through rough area 
      • Wild flower meadow and shrubberies 
      • Planting more trees
This is a 2 year plan! After a year we are well on our way to achieving our target. The pond has come on and is full of wildlife. The path through the meadow was a good idea as now we can visit the pond without getting all wet in the long grass. The shrubberies did not do so well as the storm on St. Stephen's day did some damage. However they have another year to improve! The meadow is full of wild flowers. Our main task now is to identify all of them amd of course plant some more.
Michelle and Rebecca.September 8th. 1999.
The Meadow Path
Thomas, Martin and Christian We started the new Path through the meadow on 20.12.98.
First we dug away the scraws (grass) and put down a layer of polythene to keep the weeds from growing through the path. (All the polythene we used was gathered from farmers when they were finished with it.) We then ordered a load of stone filling from Roadstone, £90 for 30 Tons, and spent two full days spreading it out along the new pathway. We had the 'staff' working in teams, with two filling the barrow, two pulling the barrow with ropes and one driver. then two more spread the filling.

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Roses under polythene Holly under polythene The Meadow  Path Planting Holly cuttings

Report - September 1999
The following pictures were taken with an Agfa 780 digital camera kindly sponsored by Quicktec, Galway, from who we bought all our equipment. We find their service and back-up excellent.
In spite of the bad weather when we planted our garden the results were great and all brought some home for the dinner!
The peas were especially sweet and were all eaten fresh from the pods as were a lot of the runner beans.
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Cabbage Carrots Onions Runner beans
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Flowerbed Frog Friends Rockery
Pond growth Begonias Irises Best picture? Click here!

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ESB Environment Awareness Award 1998
for The Wildlife Pond, Vegetable Garden '98 and Plant Propagation.
Pictures of Pond Life in our wildlife pond

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