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  1. We are leaving Carnaun 
  2. Sixth class
  3. Tree Planting 
  4. Stephen
  5. Local History 
  6. Catherine 
  7. Antoine Raiftearaí 
  8. Marie 
  9. Liam Deois The highwayMan 
  10. Stephen 
  11. My Name 
  12. Patrick 
  13. My Townland 
  14. Marita 
  15. Tour Of Galway 
  16. Marie 
  17. The Lindisfarne Link 
  18. Orla
  19. The Wizard Of Oz 
  20. Lorna 
  21. The Quiz 
  22. Eileen
  23. The Choir 
  24. Michelle 
  25. Sport In Our School 
  26. Shane 
  27. The Carnaun Journal 
  28. Mary
  29. Christmas Concert 
  30. Martha
  31. Our Sponsored Cycle 
  32. Rebecca
  33. Enda 
  34. Enda
  35. First Holy Communion 
  36. Kiera
  37. Our Christmas Play 
  38. Tara H.
  39. Holidays 
  40. Michael O’H.
  41. Song 
  42. Barry, Paul, Sean.
  43. Mrs. Coffey’s Class 
  44. Marion
  45. Dear Jesus 
  46. Tara O’R
  47. The Wild Life Pond 
  48. Marilyn
  49. Computers In Our School 
  50. Thomas 
  51. Theatre 
  52. Marcella
  53. Esker Retreat 
  54. Orla 
  55. Terry 
  56. Terry Tracey
  57. People Who Helped Us 
  58. Cathal 
  59. 1997 – 1998 
  60. Finbarr O’Regan
  61. Our School Year 
  62. Students
  63. Music in the classroom
  64. Orla

Our Peace Tree

On the first of May we bought a special tree to plant in our school ground. We planted this tree for Peace on this island-North and South.  We hope that the Nationalists and Unionists see the Good Friday Peace Agreement as the only way forward to unite this country and that the freedom and the right of people to live side by side are respected.

Michael O’H, Kiera, Christina, Marilyn, Michelle, Rebecca, Stephen , Marion, Martin, Catherine, Shane , Barry, Thomas, Orla, Endal, Gerry, Cathal, Marie, Tara O’R, Sean, Tara H, Patrick , Michael, Stephen. 
Clich here to view the PEACE LETTER sent by the Youth of Athenry to the Leaders who signed the 'Good Friday Peace Agreement'


We are leaving Carnaun!

We liked our last few years in Carnaun. It was easy for us to learn because the teacher made the work interesting. We were a small class and we found it very enjoyable. We learned a lot.
 We enjoy playing sports in our school because we have very good facilities both for fine weather and wet weather.
 Our day started in a big bright clean and warm classroom. We had great fun with the morning news-international, national and local-this included politics, major events and of course sport results.
 Of all the subjects History was one off our favourites. Our teacher made it interesting and we had loads of field trips. We also enjoyed Music –heaps of classical music from Finbarr while Anita taught us hymns, songs and the music for the Christmas concert with the help of Rose on the keyboard.
 We liked the other subjects also especially Social and Environmental studies. This year we worked hard at the practical side of this and were lucky to get an award for our efforts. We enjoyed Religion-singing in the church choir taking part in the Easter Ceremonies, Our retreat Day in Esker Confirmation and Fr John’s frequent visits,
 Our “days out were special”. We went to the theatre, saw the waterways of Galway, had a tour of Athenry, went to the Wizard of Oz (Pres. Collage) had a school tour to Galway, spent a day at the Rural show in Teagasc and especially remember the Environmental Awareness Award day in Sligo. We think we were very lucky to have been to Carnaun School. One of our parents said ‘You will never be in a nicer school’. Sad to be leaving, but looking forward too.

Marie, Marita, Orla, Catherine, Patrick, Shane, and Stephen.  

Local History

I like to learn History because of the way our teacher teaches us. We go on many enjoyable field trips and outings. We have a Norman keep just outside the wall of the school in Rabbitt’s land. We often have our History lessons there. Inside the keep was once a Hall-House with a dungeon. It was surrounded by a moat. We also studied about “Carnaun Castle” an outpost for the big Norman Castle of Athenry. We have many other interesting places in our area which date back to Pagan times. Some of them were places of Pagan Ritual. Others were dwelling places. We know of them as their names tell us about them. My town land Cahertymore means the place of a big stone ringfort about 6000 years old. Tober na bhFiann dates back to early times also. Sheeaun Park was once called Cnoc a’ tSíodhán and dates to pagan times also. Cussaun means pathway. It was Casán Liam Deois – called after a highwayman. Carnán was a stony place. Belleville, Castle Ellen and Castle Lambert are new names.


Antoine Raiftearaí

Anthony Raiftearaí was born in 1779 in Killadán near Kiltimagh in county Mayo. When he was young he got the smallpox which blinded him for life. He was illiterate. His boss frank Taffe sacked him because he injured a favourite horse. He was left to roam the countryside as a penniless poet who played music in pubs to make enough money to live on. He spent a lot of time in this area. He lived during the penal laws and so any bit of education he desired had to come from hedge schools from which he learned Latin and Greek. During this era there were a lot of ribbon boy and white boy attacks which disrupted the whole country His longest poem was over 300 verses long and because he was illiterate he had learn all these verses of by heart. My favourite story about Anthony Raiftearaí is the story is about his death. On Christmas eve 1834 he was in Killeeneen just outside Craughwell, and he said to the Cloonan family that on that on this very day a year later he was going to die and sure enough a year later on that night he passed away in Cloonan’s house. He was 54 years old.
Click here for a more detailed account of Antoine Raiftearaí.


Liam Deois “Our Own Highway Man”

In history we do not use books but we learn a lot of local history. This year we did some research about a highwayman called Liam Joyce.  His “Stomping Ground” was from the Cúinne Geal near Galway Airport to Cussaun Cross. Cussaun Cross is very near our school and our house is along that road. In Cahertymore where I live, Cahertymore means a big dwelling in a stone ringfort.  Across the road from us is the townland of Ballybackagh, which means place of “hindrance”. It probably was if Joyce was around.
 Liam Joyce lived during the 19th Century. He was a big man and people feared him. He robbed people who were going to and from the market in Galway. He would rob their goods and money. He liked to rob rich landlords of their money and jewellery. After a long reign of terror Liam Joyce was finally captured at the Cúinne Geal. A man and his son were on their way from Galway after selling a cart of hay. Joyce knew they the price of the hay but while he was struggling with the father who didn't want to part with his money the son hit him on the head with a loaded butt. A loaded butt was a lead filled stick used at the time in faction fighting. They tied him with the hay ropes and brought him to Oranmore police station.  We do not know what happened to him, was he hanged or jailed?  We need to do more research!


My Family Name

I enjoy history and this year I did some research into my family name.  My cousin Shane and I were interested in finding out some information on the Gilhooley name. We found out that our grandfather came from Leitrim but as he is dead we wrote to his brothers wife whose name is Jane Gilhooley.
She gave the letter to her son Oliver who lives beside her. Oliver and Geraldine, his wife, gave us some information. At the moment most of them live in Leitrim near Mohill, not far from the River Shannon or Lough Key.  They also said that some Gilhooleys came from Cavan also.
Our name in Irish is “Mac Giolla Guala” meaning “shoulder” so “Mac Giolla Guala” was the right hand man to the king. He would stand at his shoulder in battle and protect him. The Gilhooleys were related to the O’Mulvey family of Leitrim and Roscommon.
When we go to the Galway County Library on our research day I might learn more about my family's place in history.


My Townland

One of our favourite subjects in school is History. I like local History. I researched my own locality. CastleLambert is named after Captain Giles Eyre Lambert. Castle Lambert was called Aughrim Park or (Good Hill Top Land) before it was called Castle Lambert. We live on the site of the “Big House” but nothing much remains today but the bell frame (the bell called the workers for and their meals). Part of the stone work was used to build my Grandmas house especially the chimneys. Part of the yard especially the stables and lofts where the workers families lived still remain today. Old cellars lie underground but are hidden. There is another Lambert “Big House” about two miles from us.  This is famous for being the home of Elizabeth Lambert, Mother of Edward Carson founder of the Ulster Volunteers - "the start of trouble for many people in the North”.


Our Tour of Galway

On the 12-3-98, we went on a field trip to Galway. We saw a part of Galway we had never seen before. It was a nice way to learn. We saw three aspects of Galway
1 The Lake - boating and fishing
2 The sea – harbour, boating, swimming and beach
3 The city with its waterways and nature walks show us that 
Galway has a lot of wildlife and is very beautiful in places.
 In Rome there were seven waterways, but in Galway there were fourteen. The fourteen waterways in Galway were used to turn mills. Mill Street is named after a mill. We saw Nuns Island and the Eglinton canal. We saw how the lock gate worked. We saw the Mallards (male and female). We also saw moor hens (they are black birds with red beaks. We also saw some very beautiful swans. We walked across the salmon Weir Bridge and we saw the flowers tied to the railings of the bridge for a young woman who had killed herself. May God be with her. We saw the millrace, the Millstreet Garda station, The County Library Headquarters and the river Corrib. The Corrib is one of the shortest rivers in Ireland. It is only five miles long and we saw where the old Clifden Railroad used to be. We went into the cathedral, said a prayer and had a look around.
 We had a great day and I would to thank our teacher Mr Finbarr O’Regan for bringing us. I saw a part of Galway that I did not know was there. It was beautiful.


The Lindisfarne Link

This is my favourite history story. St Colmcille founded a monastery in Derry and later when he went into exile he started another in Iona.
In the year 635 AD the King of Northumbria, Oswald, requested the monks of Iona to send a missionary to convert his subjects to Christianity. Aidan was chosen for the task. He established a monastery at Lindisfarne, a tidal island in the shadow of the King’s Castle at Bamburgh. Aidan’s work was very successful and Finian, his successor, carried on his work. In 660 AD Coleman was appointed as Bishop – Abbot of Lindisfarne but after the Synod of Whitby. He resigned as Bishop of Lindisfarne. He and thirty Saxon monks set sail for Inishbofin an island off the coast of Galway, where he built a monastery. Here the Saxon monks became unhappy so St. Coleman came to the mainland seeking a site for the Saxon monks in Mág nEó (Mayo – plain of the yew trees) and was granted a site for a monastery for the Saxon monks. A former pupil of Coleman’s Gerald, son of a Saxon king, lived near Rosslea and he appointed him Bishop-Abbot of his new foundation and then returned to Inishbofin where he died in 674 AD. After some time St. Balan, a brother of Gerald’s, and another monk left Mág nEó and went to Tysaxon near Athenry. It was called Templemoyle. They named it Ti Saxon after Balan-Ti Saxon, meaning the House of the Saxon. Another monk travelled to Tullylease in Co. Cork and opened a monastery there. Last year my class visited Inishbofin and this year we had plans to visit Derry but it just didn't happen. I was very disappointed. We call the link between all these monasteries “The Lindisfarne Link”.


Click here on TYSAXON to get the 'full' story 

The Wizard of Oz

Before Christmas we went to see the musical “The Wizard of Oz” in the Presentation College, Athenry.  We enjoyed the performance very much.  All the fourth year students took part.  I thought the costumes were very well made.  Some of my friends took part.  My brother Michael was an Oz solider and was excellent.  It was so good that the 500 children in the audience stayed attentive and interested.  Some of the Carnaun Past pupils took part.  It was the 13th musical.  Last year they put on a play called “Annie”.  It lasted about two and a half-hours.  They had a raffle.  It was the first time I had gone to a musical in the Presentation College.  When I am in Presentation College I hope to take part in a musical.  Afterwards we went on a tour of Athenry.  I like these school excursions.  We should have more of them.  

The Quiz

I went with my Mum in to the Credit Union Quiz in the Presentation College. A lot of schools had entered. Mary, Cathal, Michelle and I were on a team. Michelle wrote down the answers. After 36 Questions we had a break. When we had finished we had 22 points. Coldwood School won and the Boy N.S. came second. I hope to be on the school quiz team again next year. I had a great time and I would like to thank the Credit Union for sponsoring it. Our teacher said it was very well run. Many children in our school have accounts in the Athenry Branch.

Our Choir

We always wanted to sing in the church for Sunday Mass.  During the first term we got our chance. It was very different from singing in school. We were looking down on the congregation and some people were looking up at us. We were very excited but with Finbarr conducting and Rose playing the organ we soon forgot our anxiety and excitement. We sang the hymns that we learned in school and we enjoyed it very much. The priests, our parents and many other people congratulated us and we hope to sing in church again before long.

Sport in Our School

In Carnaun we can play any sport we like.  This year soccer is the favourite. While we have a big pitch we play soccer on the concrete yard when it is raining. Stephen, Shane, Cathal, Eoin and Patrick played for the Athenry Team which won the under 13 League and Cup. The final of the Cup was played in Terryland Park, the home of Galway United. We also play Gaelic Football and Hurling. We have a good basketball court.  Mostly the girls play Basketball. Stephan also plays for Galway town under 12’s team. Peter Gilhooley cut our pitch with his tractor lawnmower and we would like to thank him and all the other parents who help with sport in Carnaun.

‘The Carnaun Journal’

In September I asked our principal Mr. Finbarr O’Regan if I could start up a magazine called “The Carnaun Journal” to raise money for our school and he said it was a brilliant idea.
First of all I decided to think of what I was going to put in the magazine. I decided to write a story called “The Sad Little Girl”. This done I also wrote a poem called “The Shining Light”.
Cathal and Shane  wrote about sport. Marcella put in some jokes. Others contributed different articles.  For example Patrick put in drawings, Christian put in a map and Stephen designed the front Cover. We also held a raffle for a box of “Roses” and Christian won. Thanks to our teachers Finbarr and Anita for all their help.
Next year with the help of computers I hope to publish a Journal every month. So look out!

Our Christmas Concert

It was all called The Nativity Play. It was all about the Birth of Christ. Every child in the school took part. My friends and I were shepherds. People donated lots of money to see the play. They thought it was really good. We practised a lot in school. Our teachers and our teachers aide helped us. It took place at 8-o clock during the night. The place was packed. People even stood out in the hallway. Theresa Feeney and Bridgie Laffey helped with the costumes. On the night we were very excited, there was a big attendance and a great response.  My Mammy and Daddy were there and they thought it was lovely. All the people said we were great. They hope there will be a concert next year.  I really enjoyed it.

Our Sponsored Cycle

In September we decided we would have a sponsored cycle to raise money for the school. Our teacher gave us each a sponsorship card. I collected £17.50. While we collected the money in September we did not hold the sponsored cycle on the 24th of April, which was a Friday, because of bad weather and also because were working so hard on the Christmas Concert. We must thank those who came up to the school to help us.  Bridgie Laffey and Theresa Feeney cycled with us.
Mrs. Coffey drove in front of us to slow on coming traffic. Suzanne Gray was at Carnaun. Delia Connaughton was at CastleEllen. Julia Ryan was at Cussaun. Phil Rabbitt was at Cahertymore.
Some people who cycled did a second lap. Rose Kennedy our Secretary cycled also while Mr. O’Regan, Bridie Browne and Vera Browne looked after the school while we were gone.
We raised £377.50 and we are very proud of our effort.


My name is Enda. I am in first class I am seven years old .I like school. My best friends are Barry and Michael. I like art. We made lots of nice things in school I am really looking forward to the school tour. I like my teacher and I like my school. I am making my Communion next year.

My First Holy Communion

On Sunday May the 10th 1998, I made my first Holy Communion. I looked forward to it so much. I made my first Holy Communion with Christina and Tara O’R. It was a very special day and we had great fun. I would like to thank all the priests, my teacher, my family and everybody who made it special.

Our Christmas Play

Last Christmas all the school had a Christmas play. It was about Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ.  It was a Nativity Play. I was one of the narrators. These are my lines: “Bethlehem was a noisy crowded town.  Mary and Joseph wandered up and down. They were looking for a resting-place.  But at every door they meet an angry face.” Lots of people came to see the play. My parents said it was wonderful. This year I was very lucky I won two prizes. In school I won a Coca-Cola Truck and an Irish Book. I am very happy in school.



My name is Michael and I was very lucky. My Mother and Father brought me on holidays. We went to Spain. It was very hot. On my holidays we stayed in a hotel. We went to Gibraltar. We saw monkeys and we gave them sweets and crisps. It was a great holiday.
  Michael O’H


“Sing a song of children coming home from school
They love to watch the little fishes swimming in the pool.
Sing a song of children coming home from school
They love to watch the sheep playing in the afternoon.
Sing a song of children coming home from school
Just because they done their work they think there very cool
Sing a song of children coming home from school
Running as fast as lighting to have a game of pool.
Sing a song of children coming home from school.
  By Barry, Conor, Paul , Gerry and Seán O’H

Ms. Coffey's Class

This is my last term in Mrs. Coffey’s classroom. I will be sad to leave. Next September I will be going out to the master’s classroom. Mrs. Coffey taught me a lot. I especially like learning crochet. I made three table centres and one cushion cover. She also taught me how to knit. Next year I will be knitting a jumper. The three girls in second class are very good at knitting. I like playing the tin-whistle. I know a lot off tunes on the whistle. Last year I went on a school tour. We went on the train. We went to Dublin Zoo. I saw a lot of animals. We went to a restaurant. I got chips and a Chicken nuggets. I had a good day. I can't wait to go on our school tour this year. I like school and my teacher.

Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus,
I love and adore you,
Thank you for making my day so special.
Thank you for giving me the bread of life.
You are a special friend to me.
God our Father helps me to live like Jesus.
Help me to love others.
Thank you for your love,
I want to love you all ways.

Lots of Love Tara
  Tara O’R.

Computers in Carnaun

This year we decided to buy a computer and then we bought one. We were happy. Peter Gilhooley gave us £500 sponsorship for the computer.  It has Pentium MMX chip, 32 megabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of memory. We have Windows 95, Microsoft Office Professional 98 and Microsoft Word. We have a colour printer, We have a modem for the Internet as well. First we learnt about the computer before we bought it. It cost over £1000. We hope to have four computers by next year in our school. Lately we have got a second computer especially for the Internet. We are making good use of the computers as this yearbook is done with them. We used a software package called QuarkXpress to make the pages. Michael O’Regan helped us. Soon we will all be experts on IT (Information Technology)


In the Town Hall Theatre they held a play called “Silly Bits of Sky” and we went to it.  It tells a story of five children and how they deal with the situations and problems which confront them especially their respective needs to feel part of the gang and there sensitivity to being teased about things that make them different. There were happy moments and sad moments. It was very good. I enjoyed it very much. The Town Hall Theatre is very nice. I would like to go there again.       Marcella


Esker Retreat

We went on our Esker Retreat on the 12th of March 1998. It was held on a Thursday morning from 9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. in the afternoon. It was all about preparation for our confirmation. We were told what change would happen after our Confirmation and what we should be thankful for.
It was a very enjoyable day and I made a lot of friends.
I would like to visit Esker again and I would like to thank all my helpers. There names were Ann, Paddy, Martin and Tom and most of all my teacher Finbarr O`Regan for bringing us there.


I am Terry. I like black. I am 8 years old. I go to Carnaun National School. I am in third class. There are three people in our class. Séamus is good fun.
“Where were you on the on the first of June? In the Bathroom”.
Marion is helpful and kind. I wish there was no school and that we went on the school tour every-day. But its okay we are going tomorrow.
Séamus is the best. Well I am really, I am.


People who helped us

We would like to thank all the people who helped us in 1998.  They did a great job. In the school Mr. O’Regan and Mrs. Coffey worked hard with us. Pat Laffey and Rose Kennedy gave great help also. Our parents helped us with our homework. We have to especially thank all the people who came to help with events like the Christmas play, The Sponsored Cycle, our Garden and the Wild Life Pond. The Board of Management helped also. Without their help and co-operation we would not be able to run the school. A big ‘thank you’ to all.

1997 – 1998.
It has been a great year in Carnaun this year. I enjoyed working with Mrs. Coffey, Rev. John Fennelly (Chairman) and the Board of Management. We were a good team with positive interaction. Parents worked well with us, our meetings with them were positive and fruitful and as a result the children had great fun and worked very hard. It was a very fulfilling year. Tá súil agam go mbeidh an bhliain seo chugainn chomh maith le cúnamh Dé.
Fionnbarra O'Riagáin - Príomhoide.

Music in the Classroom.

    We came in the morning to the sound of Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring by Johann Sebastian Bach. We learned Irish to Mozart's concertos. We did Maths to Beethoven, English to Tchaikovsky, Religion to Brahms, History to Schubert, Geography to Handel and were woken up sometimes by The Surprise in one of Haydn’s symphonies. We know more about classical composers than we know about our relation. We learned the difference between the March, Waltz, Jig, Reel and the Hornpipe. We learned the history of popular music down though the ages and even learned some tunes played by Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Victor Silvester, Frank Sinatra, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, The Beetles and of course the teachers favourite ‘Louis Satchimo’ Armstrong and The Rolling Stones.
Orla  6th.Class.

Our Schoolyear /1997 - 1998


    Very interesting demonstration by Michael Browne (pastpupil) on computers.
    Social and environment programme for year planning for the year. Including a Wild life pond, Vegetable Garden.
    Environment Project planning stage plan
     Started Trees/bog/ programme in the classroom.
    Made contact with St. Columba’s Primary school in Derry
    Singing at Sunday Mass in Athenry Church.
    Sponsored cycle Money collected.
    Our first Letters to Derry / Christmas Greetings to Inishbofin N.S.
    Research; on Liam Deois, the Highway man. We found out where the ‘Cúinne Geal’ was.
    We also learned that there was also a Hall House in the Norman keep near the school.
    Christmas Nativity Play & Sale of work. Very successful.
    We got a reply in the form of 18 Letters from Derry
    We went to the ‘Wizard of Oz’ in the Presentation College.
    Did some Family Research
    Started gardening, planted daffodils very late 
    Quiz (Credit Union)
    Vegetable Garden (Peat Moss/farmyard manure)
    Parents visits to school.
     Usually yearly visits from the W.H.B. Doctor (B.C.G. Vac.)
    Wild-Life Pond planning and learning about different plants and insects for pond)
    March .New computer Ordered
    Town Hall Theatre - Silly bits of sky. Very good.
    Tour of waterways of Galway. Excellent.
    Esker retreat for Confirmation Class. Very good.
    Presentation collage school Quiz. We could have done better.
    Planned roadside enhancement C. Coffey engineer.
    29th Confirmation. They had a great day.
    Started on Env. Awareness. Project record with our new Computer    were able to scan in photos.
    Took part in Ester ceremonies in our Parish church.
    Had the Sponsored cycle at last.
    Env. Project Judged.
    Derry trip off due to unrest in the North (sadness).
    1st Holy Communion.
    Break-in in the school. Video Recorder stolen. Strong room door and window damaged.
    22nd May Referendum Day off, - interest in our project from voters.
    25th Winners of the Environment Project.
     Ear and Eye Test from Nurse Eileen Ourfalli.
      4th School Tour Galway.
      8th Sligo for Environment Award.
      12th Tomorrow's Farm. Teagus
      19th visit from Dentist Dr.Mc Namara.

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