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Foxwatch Ireland Website Awards

Since its launch in 2000, the Foxwatch Ireland website has picked up awards from the following. These awards are dedicated to all the foxes that have been torn apart by foxhunters, gunned down by shooters, poisoned and snared by farmers and run over by motorists.

yahoo uk ireland

Yahoo UK & Ireland
Irish Pick: February 2001

This is a wonderful guide to understanding and learning more about the red fox. It provides lots of information for anyone who would like to observe this elusive creature in its natural habitat. Visit the diary to read about sightings of these nocturnal animals and there's a great FAQ section where questions can be sent in. If you want to see what these critters look like, take some time at the photo gallery. Foxwatch also provides valuable tips for the proper disposal of rubbish so that it does not harm any farm or wild animal. Check out the games and take the 'spot the fox challenge'. We're still looking.  


Doras Directory
4/5 Shamrocks

Fox fans take note - the website of Foxwatch Ireland offers a wide range of information on foxes, along with numerous photographs and images to brighten up you desktop. Newsletters from the organisation are also available, and the latest one is promised soon. Visitors to the site can also play a "spot the fox" game. This website provides useful information for those interested in the activities of Foxwatch Ireland. Navigation is simple and access is not hindered by photographs. The gallery and the wallpaper sections are presented in thumbnail format and can be enlarged. A comprehensive and attractively designed site featuring a large volume of content.  


Society for Species Management & Survival
Earth/Animal Friendly Site Award

Congratulations on being a recipient of our Earth/Animal Friendly Site award. We have visited your site and found it exceptionally worthy of our award. (May 2001)

Tiger Award

Zuercher Tierschutz (Zurich Animal Protection Society)
Tiger Award for Excellence in Animal Site Design

The Jury of the Zurich Animal Protection Society has noticed with great pleasure that your website is of outstanding quality. That's why your homepage got awarded last week with the exclusive "Tiger Award" donated for Excellence in Animal Site Design. Congratulations and kind regards from Switzerland. (May 2001)