images of death

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Images of Death - Foreword

Every year in Ireland tens of thousands of foxes are brutally slaughtered in our countryside. The death toll is created by either those who take pleasure in taking the life of a living creature or by those who have been led to mistakenly believe that the fox is a pest that needs to be destroyed. Either way, the result is an incalcuable amount of suffering for the red fox.

Presented here is a collection of images which you will inevitably find shocking and, perhaps, distressing. They are not displayed for their shock value but rather to expose the horror which awaits the fox around every corner of Ireland's countryside.

If you have any photos which you think should be placed in this gallery, please get in touch with us now. Before foxes can be saved from such brutality, it must be fully exposed. Help us to do that.

WARNING: This exhibition of photographs includes images of dismembered and disembowelled foxes which may prove extremely distressful and upsetting to some.

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Cause of death:

NOTE: None of the photographers were responsible for
the death of the foxes pictured.

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