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A selection of entries into the Foxwatch Ireland Guest Book. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Foxwatch Ireland.


Ah I think humans are the ones that need to be controlled, there's way too many of us. I love foxes and don't really understand the haters who waste their time coming to pro-fox sites to try upset us with their garbage.

Name: JP

Fox hunting does control fox populations. The very nature of control indicates that something is controlled. Foxes need to be controlled in order to maintain the ecological balance of the countryside of the countryside.

Name: Marta
Hometown: Gdansk

I am writing about foxes...u know,fur farms,hunting,killing...I am against it...and I must say that I found a lot of usefull information to my project...thanks.

Name: John Tierney
Homepage: http://www.huntsabsireland.org

Never forget the foxhunting with hounds does not control foxes.

There is no report out there that says Irish foxes need controlling and that the only way to control them is hunting with hounds.

Time to call of the hounds and leave the fox to get on with living its life.


I got one of your mates last night, one in the nut will do it everytime :-)

Name:pearl millard
Hometown: london

I think foxes are beautiful creatures. we had a vixen, dog fox and cubs nearus in march and although they do some damaged to our gardens, i feel really lucky that they stayed near us. and to see them pass through our garden was out of this world.we miss them now. may be another family will honour us with their presence next year. hope so.

Name:Katy Ziffer
Hometown: Waterford

I don't know why people don't like foxes. I mean, foxes help keep numerous small animal populations in check to help crops and such, and they also eat insects and help in the same way. They eat garbage which helps keep our somewhat disgusting big cities in some order of cleanliness. I mean, yeah they do eat some farm animals, but they're just keeping themselves and their families alive. People should just LAY THE HELL OFF in my opinion.

Name: anna chiaravalle
Hometown: (America) Reston VA

it breaks my heart to see a dead fox or any animal.
i'm starting a fox/animal club to help stop fox and
other animal killing. and if all the animal lovers get together, we can stop animal violence! thanx for the
advice about foxes, now it should be very simple to stop fox kills. knowing about what happens to the innocent foxes JUST for thier fur, it makes me whant to stab fox, and other animal hunters! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!
i hate them SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

Name: Zorra
Hometown: Hong Kong SAR, China

I love fox. I feel so sad when I saw the photos of the dead foxes in your web.

Name: fox hater

foxes are horrible. they should be shot

Name:Animal Rights Action Network
Hometown: Limerick City

Good on you guys, this website is just great - please keep up the great work you are all doing for the foxes and other animals. Good on you all. ARAN

Hometown: Cork County

what kind of a lunatic are you? Posting instructions on how to kill foxes on a website devoted to promoting fox watching. Why do you feel the need to shoot foxes? Were you dropped on the head at birth or is it that you are so inbred (well with a name like JP one must wonder)that you just can't tell the difference between right and wrong. Whatever the reason is you should write it down in detail so we can see the justifications for doing it. I look forward to tearing your arguement to shreds.

Hometown: usa

Ty this site gave me alot of things to think about

Name: Pete
Hometown: London

WASHINGTON, May 26/U.S.Newswire--Congressman Tom Lantos (D-California), with the support of 20 other Members of Congress, introduced House Concurrent Resolution 338 yesterday urging greater attention to identifying and treating individuals who are guilty of violence against animals because of the link between abuse of animals and violence against humans. In addition, H.Con.Res. 338 urges Federal agencies to further investigate the link between cruelty toward animals and violence against humans.
In introducing this bill, Lantos said, "Violence against animals can no longer be overlooked as meaningless and instead must be recognized as a marker of serious psychological problems that frequently lead to violence against people."

In simple terms, those who support animal abuse, directly or indirectly by turning a blind eye are a deviant minority, and one should seriously question what other pervert activities they may enjoy behind closed doors.

Name: JP
Hometown: Munster

Shine powerful lamp untill you see distinct red eyes of a fox.
pull rifle bolt back and chamber a bullet.

Fix cross hairs on chest.

Saftey off.
Pull trigger and blow 'charlies" chest away.
P.S. i have 17 confirmed fox kills in the last 3 months using this method.

Hometown: mort a tots els fills de puta

What is all of this ignorant bulls*** about foxes causing damage? only the human beign is causing damage destroying the earth and it's natural equilibrium and abusing it's power over all the other living creatures. TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU.

Hometown: conca de barbera

Foxes, as anyother wild creature, are beautifull and it is a gift to be able to see them and feel them around us. The only pest in this f***** up world is the human race with all of his dirty and his destructive behavior. I will like to start a new sport: Bastard Hunting! I think it will be great fun to go after some of you through the fields riding a horse with a big pack of hunting dogs and stick a bullet up your a**, why not?! anyone will like to join the new club? big bastards skin coats instead of animal fur coats? the new coming fashion style? yeah!

Hometown: bristol

i have to do a report on a red fox. and i am havin the hardest time finding infomation on the heart/circulatory system of a fox. is finding infomation on that really that hard or doesn it really not matter what a foxes heart and circulartory has to do wiht a fox? if anyone knows can they please tell me some information on that???

Name:ian mckie
Hometown: liverpool

where i live there are a number of people hunting foxes with lurchers and terriers i have approached these thugs on a number of occasions but i just get threatened they have killed my cats put dog poo on my lawn let down my moped tyres ripped the hood off my anorak(wich was new).they have even daubed YOU QUEER TWAT outside my flat and chased my boyfriend away.Iam at my wits end just do not know what to do for the best.Im even contemplainting getting a lurcher just to fit in a bit any advice from anyone would be helpfull

Name:*Fox cub*
Hometown: Australia

People come to this message board saying how 'foxes are the biggest pest' that 'they need to be cotrolled' and that you 'kill foxes for fun' are completly out of your mind. How stupid could you be to not be able to see that the race of men every where are the ones causing all problems. Foxes, rabbits and all the other 'pests' would not be multiplied and all over the world had man not breed them for this so called 'sport'! People just go seeking vengance on animals for the mistake that we have all made.
So its hardly fair to place blame on other things to protect our 'pride'

Name: paige
Hometown: mukilteo

dear red fox.com people. i thank you for all of the amaizing facts and pictures. and hope you get more. this web site has helpped me on many school reports. thank you again. love paige of mukilteo washinton
Homepage: http://communities.zeelandnet.nl/data/greythounds/
Hometown: Axel, The Netherlands

I love to see that there are people who care about Foxes, Hares and nature in Ireland. But please keep the places wher you observe them a BIG secret when I read this guestbook I see there are a lot of crazy and sadistic people surfing on your wonderful website!!!Natural balance is completely f****d up by people who are hunter for "sport"
And remember :

Tanx for the beautiful foxypictures,

Name: ananomous
Hometown: Springfeild 123 fakestreet

I like foxes they are nice and fuzzy DAMN all those people who said bad things about them DAMN THEM TO HELL!!!!!!

Name: John Tierney
Hometown: Ireland

Memo to fox killers using this site to promote an anti-fox climate sorry perverts but you are not fooling anybody. You can boast and brag about killing foxes but normal humans know that what you do is sick, twisted and an outlet for perverts to abuse animals. No doubt fox killers have "issues" in their miserable cruelty soaked existence but at end of day they would not be missed if they were taken off the planet. So without using any big words because we all know that animals abusers are not the sharpest tool in the toolbox I can say with certainly that the recreational killing of foxes will someday be outlawed. Face reality lads and get help.

Name: Goz
Hometown: Notts

Lets get it straight. Nature dosn't need mankind to keep the status quo amongst prey and preditors, as its managed for millions of years on its own without our help. What mankind does he does for his own needs (and generally screws it up along the way).
I keep a bedlington terrier who is not worked and not encouraged to hunt but given the chance i'm pretty sure he would go for foxes and rabbits. My view on this is that if a wild fox/rabbit is taken out by an unwitting domestic dog, fare and square then the fox/rabbit is weak.
The demise of such animals, although not v.good for the fox/rabbit will strengthen the gene pool of the species and ensure survival of the fittest.
So whilst i'm not against protecting livestock with dogs/hounds of a protective nature, which may cause death to wild predators, i think the action of such activities in pursuit of entertainment dressed up as countryside pursuits is pretty obsene.
Lets think back to a time when foxes weren't the largest predator. The old english sheepdog with its "wolf proof" coat would protect heards of sheep on the Cornish moors, not to mention the presence of vigilant shepherds.
So lets not get to emotional when a fox has a go a sheep, the fox is doing what comes natural. Keeping docile woolly lamburgers penned up in a lonely old field unprotected is pretty unatural.

Name: Daniel

I love foxes, always have since I was old enough to know what a fox was. Unfortunately I haven't seen one in real life, but I plan on doing so very soon. I love the site, and all the people out there who share my opinion that foxes are beautiful creatures that should be protected.

Name: shinny
Hometown: south Dublin suburb

This year the breeding earth under our garden shed was used again and produced the largest litter we have yet seen. Five beautiful cubs, some with distinctive black feet as if dipped in ink.There was a very small cub who only appeared rarely, a runt but possibly with genes for survival as it was the wariest and fastest.It was quite magical to see them play in broad daylight,nuzzling under tufts of grass for insects(Isuppose)and on several occasions we watched the vixen groom them which she does very thoroughly. Sometimes they threw themselves on their backs to nurse.A fine sunny late morning is a favourite time for the fox family to browse around the garden, digging up plants and chasing, play fighting and play mating.Since August they have become hard to spot but we are often woken at night by terrific squealing and snarling; there must be great pressure for territory among the young as foxes are very numerous in this area.Twice I have seen the vixen chase a cat tho' she never had much hope of catching one.You can tell when a fox is out by the fierce chatterng of magpies who seem to dislike them and sometimes actually pursue them with pecking and supporting crowds!In fact we have seen the vixen walk calmly down this residential street in barely twilight, carrying a dead magpie. In a previous litter we saw three adult foxes attend the earth; the mother, grooming and babysitting; the dog fox who brought food and seemed to teach the cubs(really it did look like that) and a very shy other adult, rarely seen, who also brought food. This years batch howver was a single-parent family. Certainly they did a lot less damage to the neighbours garden in which we watch them play. We feel so priveliged to see them so closely and so often. The secret world of wilderness is a note of hope in our lives.

Name: olivia
Hometown: drogheda

i would like a hunter to be a fox in his/her next life so they would be able to feel real fear.

Hometown: Hong Kong

the games are good ^^ I love foxs very much because they are very cute and lovely =^.^=

Name: foxy jill
Hometown: stockport

many fox haters know nothing about foxes and will believe anything they are told .

Name: Crano
Hometown: bray

I got me two of them pretty fox's last night with my old trusty 243, and spot on it was to :)

Name: John
Hometown: ?

Ithink tat all foxes should be dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Jen
Hometown: B.C

If foxes can be in a socity were noone would hurt then than this world would have to be perfect

Name: john murphy
Hometown: nottingham

brillant stuff-great site.The more websites against all hunting with dogs or any cruelty to animals the better.lets all stop these so called sports.
john murphy. BAN THE HUNT UK.

Name: John
Hometown: Cork

Have to say I love the site and delighted to see people discussing their love of nature.Keep it up

Name: jennifer
Hometown: Bayles,Victoria,AUSTRALIA

Have been feeding and studying a family of foxes on my property for the last two years.I believe in kindness to all living things.As foxes were an introduced species in Australia they are considered by most to be vermin and not treated too kindly.

Name: Lee
Hometown: Fleet Hampshire

A Great site for a great animal....well done
A few years back i started to feed our lovely local fox,she was beauitful,but sadly became very ill with mange.
However after treatment she regained her strenth and beauty,and became a daily and nightly visitor,she would even sit on our door mat and wait for her snacks.
just before we moved away foxy paid us a visit with her cub, it was a sight i will never forget.
live long foxy.

Name: Chris M.
Hometown: Kenai, Alaska

First I'd like to respond to Hugo Deasy.. I am in of course no standpoint to claim things that I have not verified myself, but it's been proven time and time agian that these 'predators' you place the skapegoat on, usually have very little to do with the actual cause of it, or virtually no effect in the cycle anyway. Nature is nature. With that said, it should also be agreed that most hunting should be banned. As I know, most of us do live in an age where we can provide for our families without senselessly destroying other lives. This may be different for our ancestors and some others in different types of worlds that don't have it the same way, relying on the cycle to support their family. Back in my ancestry, the only way of income was fox trapping, which I'm not too happy about.. but if its to stay alive, it's simply the course of nature. However, what disgusts me, is that a lot of people in our modern world disregard that- I'm sick of listening to people who actually feel it FUN to go out and shoot something. It disgusts me. Anyway, I wanted to start out with the morbid part first and the more cheery part second. I absolutely love the information provided on this website. Living in Alaska, among one of the few remaining wild areas left in this part of the world, I've always wanted to observe foxes in the wild. Though I haven't had much idea what to look for, seriously.. but I think with the things on this site, I'll be able to at least see one. Thank you all, wonderful people, and good fortune for the fox...

Name: Mgt. Houlihan
Hometown: Killarney

I am a sheep farmer and I love my sheep, I have heard all the horror stories of the harmfoxs do to lambs. In 13 years looking after sheep, I might possibly have lost atotal of 3 lambs to the terrible fox. The weather and lack of milk is a far more serious threat , or a ewe abondaning the first born when the second lamb is born. I am the night nurse on our farm and I have yet to see a more beautiful sight than a fox and its mate trotting through the sheep with their lambs, the foxs minding their own business and the sheep paying very little attention to the fox, yet if I have my own dogs with me on a check, the sheep are restless and calling constantly to their lambs even though they are very famillir with the dogs. Yes of ourse the fox will kill to survive and to feed his young, so would I if I had to, however if nature was left alone and the fox was not interfered with , the fox would survive on rats, mice, worms insects and the occacasional wild rabbit, his natural prey.

Name: Ciaran
Hometown: Tullamore

I think foxhunting should be banned. It is discraceful. Every Saturday i go walking in the fields i often see foxes they are beautiful creatures. This is a brilliant site ill come back again.

Name: Grainne
Hometown: Co. waterford

It's great to know there are like minded people out there! It gives one faith in humanity.Foxwatch Ireland is doing a great job. Those who inflict pain on animals usually treat humans little better as anyone who has ever tried to peacefully observe the hunt's activities will know. They like to keep their sordid behaviour to themselves.

Name: Shirley Fullerton
Hometown: Sligo

I thought the piece on the suburban foxes was quite charming. Is this based on actual foxwatching? Perhaps we could have some more, as it's absolutely facinating.
Keep up the good work! Best wishes.

Name: Donough O'Brien
Hometown: Dublin

With reference to the gentleman from Limerick, above, who suggests that we should concentrate on issues of racism etc, perhaps he would also like to suggest that the hunters use the money which they spend on hunting, up-keep of horses and time spent hunting and not working etc, on some of these issues. Perhaps he would also like to bear in mind that, as we are individuals and not automata, we can't all be concerned with the same issues as he sees fit for attention.

Name: Kathy Rowe
Hometown: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

What wonderful work you are doing for the foxes. Your website is fantastic. I very much enjoyed my visit today. I will return again in the near future. Thank you for all you do for the animals.

Name: alex o'connor
Hometown: limerick

Oh Please,
Such immature sentimentality. God bless you all. Keep up the good work against the "evil " hunters. Can we have more pictures of cuddly foxs please. When you rejoin the real world we can talk about hospital waiting list, racism, poverty etc.

Name: David Hall
Hometown: Hinckley, Leicester

By the way, too many hunters have visited this site, same old rubbish "fox hunting is the most humane way, blah blah blah...", get a life you evil lot or crawl back into the holes you came from!!! Hunting WILL be banned, i'm sure of it, if not now it will be soon.

Name: David Hall
Homepage: http://nocturnals-cartoons.com
Hometown: Hinckley, Leicester

Excellent site! The fox is a beautiful creature, deserves to be fully protected! Please visit my website. Thank you! (Foxwatch & Squirrel support, Founded in 1993.)

Name: Penfold
Homepage: http://members.tripod.co.uk/thefoxking/thezone.html
Hometown: aldershot,england

i love your site. as i look at your guest book i see a lot of hunters saying the same old things what have been proving to be lies time and time again.
keep up the good work.
fox rules

Name: Karen McCormack
Hometown: Westmeath

great site.... keep up the good work people looking out for our furry friends. Did anyone happen to see this mounths "Animal Watch"? a picture of a fox cub cuddled up with a grey hound & the caption read "Best of Friends"!! thats proof enough that hounds aren't natural born fox killers but they are trained by natural evil men!!

Name: Anthony Dacko
Homepage: http://pages.zdnet.com/anthony.dacko/anthony-dacko-home-page
Hometown: Northumberland UK.

I just want to say you have done a excellent job of your web page. I love it when people want to see a end to out dated cruel bloodsports around the world keep up your excellent work on your site well done.

Name: j
Hometown: telford

Web site brilliant, i have stumbled across a den with 6 fox cubs and know very little about foxes. I would like to obseve them for a while and you have given me all the info I need to watch without disturbing. I am a horse owner who is totally against fox hunting. Thanks again

Name: Kian
Hometown: Sligo

Hello to all my fans this is my fave fox site. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi.Bye!

Name: Lisa Hadden
Homepage: http://www.peta-online.org
Hometown: Limerick

Dear Friend,

The Animal Rights Action Network ARAN is a PETA support group. ARAN is currently seeking volunteers to part time help our campaigns which operate all over ireland. We are totally non-vioent and non-political.
Get back to us if you can help.

Name: Noodles
Hometown: achill, co.mayo

For 5 years I have fed foxes, sometimes by hand. i have also taken great joy watching my visitors gape and gasp and what appears to be a pet (dog?) on my front lawn. My 3 children adore our foxy and my next door neighbour has fed them for over 40 years!
we live next door to sheep and have never seen any damage done, so all those out there with their comments about foxes back off and stop using fox hunting as an excuse for your own barbaric behaviour!
I love the fact that a web site has been set up specifically for our foxy friends...

Name: Jenny
Hometown: Bristol

FFFFooooxxxeeesss are so sweet, how can anyone hunt them to death even if they kill livestock, it just isn't fair, not all foxes invade farms surely?

Name: Roon
Hometown: Dodge City Ks U.S.A.

Enjoy your website and reading what folks think about Foxes and all. We have a few foxes out here on the high plains, but Coyotes are more plentyful. Bigger than a Fox and a little smaller then some Dogs. I use to shoot Coyotes to collect the $50.00 bounty money, then sell the hides to furiers. I would hide myself in a clump of Yucca plants, and use a call that sounded like a injured rabbit. By calling into the wind they couldn`t pick-up my scent. When they got in range I would plug`um with my 44 cal. Winchester. As time went on I got to noticing how smart they were and how the male and female worked together to flush out their pray. I read that they mate for life and this started to bother me too. I decided that I would stop using my Winchester and use a Nikon instead. Now at the end of the hunt I have 36 (hopefully) good pictures and no Fox or Coyote to gut and skin. We have learned out here that the more you try to surpress or destroy the Fox and Coyote the more plentyful they become. When Coronado first came up this way in 1530 the Coyote was only found in Northern AZ. now they are in 49 of the 50 U.S. States. If what I read in the online Irish newspapers is close to truth the influx of automobiles in Ireland will more then limit the number of Foxes each year by "Roadkill" alone, no need to hunt them.

Name: S.R.O'Byrne
Hometown: Tustin,Ca. usa

Hello to all in my motherland...I enjoyed this site,keep up the good work.

Name: Leslie
Hometown: Running Springs

Hi, I think the site is great! I think foxes are one of the cutest animals.

Name: Craig

The great shame of this counytry is the amount of apathy for are wildlife,so its heart-warming that
organisations such as Fox-Watch and the Seal-Sanctuary.
You are a positive force and are to be commended.Keep up the good work.
the good work

Name: Georgie O'Sullivan

Well done !
Great site dedicated to a wonderful animal.
Heres to all the brave foxes and may the hunters return to the cave!
Name: Martin
Homepage: http://www.nfws.org.uk

Keep up the good work, these poorly understood wonderful animals need as much help as possible.

Name: Caoimhe
Hometown: Waterford

hi, im determined to help wildlife and all animals but i really like foxes, im only 11 but do you know of any wildlife groups in the waterford area?