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by Peter Akokan of Foxwatch Ireland

Podcast: January
Another active month for foxes!
Podcast Photos: January

Podcast: February-March
Things have quietened down but the vixen and dog fox keep in contact. The vixen will give birth in March.

Podcast: April
One of the best months to observe foxes and cubs

Podcast: May
The month cubs play and explore further from the den

Podcast: June
Cubs are more independent and sleeping away from the den

Podcast: July
Cubs learning from parents and dispersing

Podcast: August
Time for cubs to leave home and find new territory

Podcast: September
Fox cubs have grown into young adults and maintain some contact with parents

Podcast: October
The time of year foxes start seeking refuge underground.

Podcast: November
The courting season of the fox.

Podcast: December
It's the peak of the courtship season - things are really starting to hot up for the elusive foxes this month!