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National Parks and Wildlife Service in "Heritage Highlights":

"No matter what people think, foxes seldom kill and eat young lambs."

James Fairley in "An Irish Beast Book":

"A great deal many allegations of lamb killing are based on insufficient or even non-existent evidence. When interviewing farmers, I found that in some cases, a dead, unwounded animal or the mere disappearance of a lamb were attributed to the work of the fox."


"The main challenges to the new-born lamb are concerned with nutrition, temperature and infectious disease."

Dr AD Scott, BSc PhD MBOU, Zoologist:

"I've worked at fox dens in all areas covering every aspect of prey possibilities. I've observed what adult foxes have brought in, I've analysed countless numbers of scats or droppings, and also the stomach contents of many animals. Game birds were insignificant, and so too were poultry, and the only two lambs I've ever found at dens were already dead before they were carried in. They were in fact carrion mutton."

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