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A drawing of Fred Finn (Click to expand)

Tom Roddy (click to expand) Rita Flannery, Beatrice Roddy & Joyce Enright (Click to expand)
Teresa McCormack and Sharon Boles (Click to expand) Sisters of the late Fred Finn(Click to expand) Bro. Angelo, Margot and Meaití Joe (Click to expand)
A group with Labhrás (Click to expand)

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2005 Festival Pictures

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The Concert

fest05 004.jpg (105461 bytes)
Young musicians
fest05 005.jpg (41414 bytes)
More young musicians
fest05 009B.jpg (33351 bytes)
Frank Finn singer
fest05 010.jpg (26769 bytes)
The Hurley Family, Ballymote
fest05 012.jpg (29731 bytes)
Two musicians from Drumshambo
fest05 013.jpg (42658 bytes)
Dessie Collis, Padraic Kerins, Mick Shannon, Kevin McTiernan, Michael O'Brien and Michael Carroll
fest05 014.jpg (27944 bytes)
Denis Regan
fest05 015.jpg (34007 bytes)
June McCormack and Michael Rooney

The Leitrim Ceili Band Tribute

fest05 016.jpg (36651 bytes) fest05 021.jpg (31837 bytes) fest05 031.jpg (27363 bytes)
fest05 034.jpg (40781 bytes) fest05 038.jpg (42295 bytes) fest05 042.jpg (31930 bytes)
fest05 045.jpg (45021 bytes) fest05 046.jpg (34862 bytes) fest05 048.jpg (43309 bytes)
fest05 049.jpg (32365 bytes) fest05 051.jpg (30874 bytes) fest05 052.jpg (37738 bytes)
fest05 061.jpg (39196 bytes)
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