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John Nicholl has supplied a thoroughly researched set of Gaelic kit guidelines. Click here for details. Images will be uploaded soon.

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"On the whole, I have found children to be the most inquisitive once they get over the initial concern at the broadsword strapped to your side. I was once beaten by a young boy at hnefatafl - a board game of Norse origin - and this after only explaining the rules in brief five minutes previously!

Kids are without shame and will ask the most pertinent questions, like what did a Viking use to wipe his bottom, amongst others..."

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Gael Agus Gall... an introduction

Gael Agus Gall was formed in the summer of 1995 by a group of history enthusiasts keen to bring back to life the ways of our ancestors from a thousand years ago.

The name Gael Agus Gall, which translates literally as “Irish and Foreigner”, derives from a 12th. century manuscript entitled “Cogadh Gaedel Re Gallaib”.

This name was chosen specifically to represent both the Gaelic and Norse elements of Irish society as it existed over a thousand years ago.

Gaelic words such as “margad” for market and “mangaire” meaning dealer are derived from the Norse language. Many Irish placenames – Leixlip, Arklow, Strangford – reflect a Norse influence, as do some family names like McAuliffe – “Son of Olaf” – or Cathal, which is an adaptation of the Norse “Ceitil”

These links give testimony to the intermingling of the races and the impression that the Lochlannach, or Northmen, made on the local population.

If you would like to read a slightly longer explanation of the strange hobby of reenactment, click here!

Gael Agus Gall would like to acknowledge the generous grant aid and support of
The Heritage Council, Kilkenny, Ireland.
The Heritage Council

Gael Agus Gall will be working on a number of sustainable projects over the course of the year.
Interesting results will be posted here. Watch this space!

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