Greetings and welcome


Hi my name is Mike Serrage and I have been part of the team here in Grace Dieu for the last few years. In 2004 I took up the role of Director which is a new challenge but I am grateful to have the support of an expanded team. One of the blessings of the last two years has been the continuation of the the Spiritual Accompamiment Course here in Grace Dieu. Along with Finola, John and Con we look forward to the new course starting in October. I am gratful to be here as the ministry of the house is very enriching and rewarding. I come from Tamworth in England and it is a town near Birmingham and it has a rich and important history, but no one seems to know that except us Tamworthians! I am no stranger to Ireland my paternal Grandparents came from Roscommon and I spent most of my formation years in Galway and Dublin. My previous ministry was at our school in England, Princethorpe College. I look forward to meeting you if choose to come and stay with us.

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