Access to the Journal of the Anthroposophical Society in Ireland was the occasion for writing The Spiritual Organs. The companion essay, The Spiritual Body, is in direct continuity with it, in effect the second part of a single work. I separated them simply because as one essay it would have been too long for the Journal.
The Spiritual Organs was published with little trouble in 2000, but The Spiritual Body was rejected because it is too specialised for the Journal. Perhaps it is too soon to think of publishing it, but it is part of the first essay, not some kind of higher level interpretation or elaboration of it. Hence it is being made available on this website on the understanding that there might be a few who can absorb the two essays entire and even more who are willing to swim in their authentic waters.
I have offered The Encounter with Christ to no one for hard printing. Let its truth or otherwise be tested from here and let the verdict trickle out from those who make the verdict.
Activating the Spiritual Organs completes the description of the spiritual organs begun in The Spiritual Organs and The Spiritual Body. It gathers together much of the material disclosed in the preceding three essays. The Seth Meditations is an addendum to Activating the Spiritual Organs and is intended to illuminate an important aspect of that essay.
The sixth contribution to this site is On the Division of the Human Being and the Advent of the Ego, which details the context for the creation of the Spiritual Organs and their relation to the destiny of mankind.
The final essay, The Same and the Different: the Nature of Human Will, is an attempt to outline the larger destiny of mankind and its place in the great spiritual drama that shapes the whole of reality.
A short Afterword has been added. The GRYPHON MYSTERY is now complete.

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The Spiritual Organs
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Activating the Spiritual Organs
The Seth Meditations
On the Division of the Human Being and the Advent of the Ego.
The Same and the Different: the Nature of the Human Will
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