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A summary transcript of the February 27th Internet broadcast by
Prof. James McCanney on
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Many NASA scientists are listening to his radio
broadcasts, according to James McCanney in his
Thursday 27th February broadcast. Server bandwidth
was exceeded on the broadcast due to the increased volume of listeners.

In a reference to and other websites, Professor McCanney complimented the "amateur scientists who have uncovered the manipulation of images by NASA."

Summarizing the current situation for new listeners Prof. McCanney said: "Something big is going on in our solar system, right now. All the planets did not form at the same time. And a new planet can form at any time. The planet NEAT is obviously a new planet."

"The nucleus is probably about the size of the planet Mercury. It is in an orbit that is perpendicular and will not interact in a gravitational manner, but action at a distance is the rule in the solar system."

"You could see the Earth react to comet NEAT. And NASA shut down the SOHO feed, because clearly they were not getting the photos they wanted. The comet was doing things it shouldn't."

"All the satellite information on solar wind etc. were giving different readings. NASA are hiding data. A group of scientists are in charge who are well.... liars. They are not talking about this."


Professor McCanney said that people should beware of the Internet "There is a lot of misinformation out there. A lot of government sites out there giving misleading information.

"One piece of misinformation came out today that this comet was about a six kilometer sized piece of rock."

Later in the broadcast Professor McCanney detailed the second misinformation in an article by Lee Dye.

"He quotes a David Morrison --who they say is a senior NASA scientist. He is saying that asteroids could collide with Earth and cause a problem."

"Morrison is a very elderly man and they are ridiculing him.

"JPL and Goddard are the two news release agencies for NASA --so why is ABC news using Morrison's name to talk about a possible threat?"

"And the article quotes Lee Clark --Assoc. Prof. of Sociology from Rutgers. What is he doing talking about asteroids? Where are the NEAT impact team?

"Clarke says may it might not happen for thousands or millions of years, if at all."

"The article says nothing about comet NEAT. They knew it was big -knew it was inbound and said nothing. Why?"

"Because they knew the public is smart enough to ask what else is out there. And what if this came near the planet Earth? The average guy would realize this immediately."

"But the public realized one thing --that Comet NEAT was huge. If you can see a comet in broad daylight sun near the sun it must be huge.

"Now, 2.5 years into a solar minimum the Sun is going crazy. We have had about four comets come in by the sun in a week."


Later in the broadcast, Prof. McCanney revealed important information about the NEAT comet passage past the sun.

"As NEAT rounded the sun - it was in perfect alignment with Mercury. On the 19th [of February 2003] you see a very faint trailer. That's the electron beam that is connecting the comet to Mercury. Mercury at the time was probably turning into a comet and attracting quite a bit of material."

"Similarly, on January 14th 1998 at 0940 UT you will see the planet Venus with tracers going down to the surface of Venus. A tube of plasma electrons inside and positively charged particles on the outside. This one looks kinda like an octopus tail coming of the planet."


"There is nothing there -where claims Planet X will appear. This site was put up as a total disinformation site so that when the entire topic broke people would say: "Don't listen to this Planet X stuff, that's just these crazy people talking to aliens."

"There is a springtime party coming up which may break on national and international news -also designed to discredit Planet X."


"I'd like to discuss the Fusion Model for the Sun, and why the old model of fusion at the center of the sun does not work. The nuclear bomb fusion method is not what is happening in the sun.

"That's a gravity--pressure--heat--expansion model. But I realized there has to be some type of electrical separation and also too few neutrinos were coming out of the sun.

"Comets are electrical discharges. The fusion reaction is kicked off by energetic lightning bolts in the solar atmosphere. Lightning bolts in Jupiter and Saturn produce Marconi oscillators. A carrier frequency is produced by a marconi oscillator.

"Now, Voyager's oscillator dropped down as it approached Jupiter. It had to be due to the electrical field -viz. fusion. And I predicted Saturn would produce greater red shift in the oscillator. Saturn is much more active and both planets produce fusion. No core model fits this. There is not enough pressure."

"Therefore it became clear that the fusion reaction is in the upper atmosphere. There is an electrical pinch effect. Electrical currents bend, and in the kinks, the atomic nuclei fuse -initiating the fusion reaction --which continues in a self maintaining way."


"The response on Earth is incredible weather. You get very exaggerated flipping of the jet streams taking place. Because the jet stream is influenced by solar wind."

"Comets at a great distance can effect us. As described in the Hopi legends --which says blue comets are the dangerous ones."

"There are many solar system objects including one named Enigma and we will have a March 10 passage.


Our March 20th show is coming to you from Mayan ruins at an undisclosed location in Central America. And, of course we are planning a Southern Hemisphere expedition to complete the Harrington work to pinpoint Planet X."

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NASA upload missing SOHO data
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