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Comet Aquarius
Spark of Life
of the Man-God

The celestial
sperm makes
it's way to the
center of the


The NEAT comet has been estimated to have a coma head
area. twice the size of Jupiter,
and was passing Tuesday
within a few million miles
of the sun.

Onsite mpegs
of Comet Flyby

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Soho "Real-time"
Solar images

Comet returns
after 37,000 years

BBC News

Comet Hit By
Solar Flare

by Fintan Dunne,
February 22, 2003 01:45 EST


A symbolic and scientific analysis
of the Comet NEAT C2002V1

The most significant aspect of the passage of the comet NEAT V1 has been its electromagnetic interaction with the Sun. Due to the deliberate masking of the SOHO satellite web images by NASA, we lack the definitive photographic evidence of this interaction, but we can infer it from the available pictures and the evidence of the solar wind, electron and proton graphs for the 18-19th February.

As detailed by James McCanney in his 21st February broadcast, there was in effect, a spark --an electrical discharge-- between the sun and the comet. This most singular event is a potent symbol of changes in the psycho-spiritual aspects of human development.

The period 3,500 BC to the birth of Christ saw a development of religious understanding which climaxed in the powerful symbological aspects of the recorded details of the life of Christ. I say this from a scientific and psycho-social perspective rather than an expressly Christian one. In deference to those uncomfortable with a Christian identification --who can validly regard Christ as an expression of the Christ-nature of man.

We can regard the lifetime of Christ therefore as the conception of the Christ nature. The two thousand year period since then can be regarded as the gestation period of that Christ nature. As we move now into the so-called Aquarian era we can expect archetypal symbols which express that movement and change.

The entry of the comet into the solar system, in symbolic terms is analogous to the entry of the sperm cell through the cell wall into the ovum itself. Both are the penetration of the stable female circle by anarchic masculine energy. The sweep of the comet towards the sun is akin to the movement of the sperm towards the center of the ovum to fuse with the cellular DNA and complete the conception.

The electrical discharge between the comet NEAT and the sun represents that moment of completion of conception and is seen in art most graphically when the fingers of God and man meet --in the Creation of Man by Michelangelo.

Note that the fingers do not actually touch --but come close enough for that "spark" to leap the gap. This is not only an artistic device but is a matter of practical electric's. For example, this is what enables an automobile to ignite compressed gasoline and air by means of a spark plug.

We could happily divert here to talk in detail about the psycho-symbolic ramifications of the 20th century proliferation of hydrocarbon fuel-pressure-spark driven metal containers called cars. The metal of the automobile is akin to the armor of the knight and must be removed as Lancelot removed his armor to make love to Guenivere . So you can wave good-bye to the automobile -no matter what geopolitical significance gas may have presently. All this is a rich symbolic landscape in itself -but let's continue with our analysis of the comet.

The sun-comet spark is revisiting the conception of the Christ nature. Taking us back 2,000 years in symbolic terms. But there will not be another 2,000 year wait for the birth. In the speeded up perceptions of the modern era the wait will be much shorter. A new birth approaches. And the planets are already dancing to it's command.

Now this last statement might outrage those scientists mired in a deterministic view that ascribes to planets or comets no hint of psycho-spiritual motivations. What could lumps of rock care about the mind of man? Such attitude is the mark of a fool. How fallen is the mind behind the popular prevalent science.

There is nothing -shall we say- "airy-fairy" about this symbolic analysis. It is rooted not only in the archetypal analysis of Jung, but in the science of the space-hyperspace dynamic. Which is as "hard" a science as any rationalist could demand --though little understood.

Modern science has relegated humankind to a place as a lucky accidental development on an obscure planet, in an obscure corner, of a vast galactic firmament. What complete rubbish. Humanity is the center of the universe. And that is why the planets, stars and this NEAT comet all obey the laws of human development.

In fact, the stars are more like backdrop behind the stage of life here on Earth. Simply props to be wheeled about at will by the whims of human requirements. If this sounds strange then that simply shows how pervasive was the brainwashing of the modern era on our understanding.

In fact, the apparently vast galactic distances are an illusion. Everything that happens in the galaxy happens within the view and purview of man. If a supernova erupts on the other side of the universe -you can still see it from your own back yard. But it's light years away proclaims the scientist! What is light then but the vision of man's life? And what are years but the measure of it?

Hyperspace is wrapped around every point in space-time. And every point in space-time. is simultaneously wrapped around hyperspace. Which renders not only time an illusion -but space as well. Both are a perceptual illusion as transparent as the one which makes actors come alive at twelve frames a second on the cinema screen. Your eyes can't see faster than those twelfth of a second gaps. So you smooth the jerks of the projector gate into a fluid motion.

If you cannot see faster than a twelfth of a second what hope have you of seeing the oscillation of the spacetime-hyperspace system at speed of light times speed of light? That's how quickly the universe switches from every space-time. point being encapsulated by hyperspace to it's alternate: all of hyperspace being encapsulated in every point of space-time.

Distance is no object. And no object is distant. Not only are we not separated from the stars, we are not even separated from each other. We inhabit one body -we are one body. But don't tell the cinema audience. The illusion must be maintained. The Matrix must mold.

The comet did not interact with the Sun 93 million miles away. Because the Sun is right here on Earth. The globes of Earth, Moon and Sun all coexist in the same place in Hyperspace as assuredly as every-body inhabits the same body of space -or space of body. The astronauts did not need to journey to the moon -for they already walk on it's surface during every night's low-gravity dreams.

And the circle of the Sun is not a billion times larger than the circle of the ovum of a human female. It is the same size. Size doesn't matter you see. The circle of the ovum wall is the same size as the Sun. The circle of the moon surface is the same size as the lunar-cycle activated ovum. And the inner is the outer light squared times a second.

A comet did not kiss the sun this week. The comet came here to the surface of Earth. And hands of humanity reached out to receive the divine celestial spark. Many light-squared times we wrapped ourselves around God this week. Many light squared times we were enfolded in the arms of God.

The conception is complete. We await the birth.

Fintan Dunne
22 Feb. 2003 01:45 EST

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