Columbia Strike Linked To
Ariane Rocket Explosion

--'Takeoff Damage' Professor Has UK Defense Links--
--Rosetta Project Sold 24hrs. Before Shuttle Blast--

February 2, 2003


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Professor's "Rosetta"
Comet Research Mission
Shelved After Explosion

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Can Europe afford space research
that keeps going up in smoke?
12 December 2002
The European Space Agency has opened an
independent inquiry into the failure of the
Ariane 5 rocket that shattered into myriad
pieces before splashing into the Atlantic.

Image shown above is of Ariane 5
similar mishap in 1996.

  The 'space expert' wheeled out today to bolster the media spin that damage at takeoff caused the space shuttle Columbia to disintegrate on reentry, had only days previously been grounded by the takeoff explosion of a European Ariane 5 satellite launcher.

And financial interests behind the Ministry of Defense-linked project for which he works were sold to new investors only 24hrs. before the Columbia disintegrated in the skies over Texas.

Following the catastrophic loss of the Columbia the Anglo-American establishment media spin has seized on damage to the heat-resistant ceramic tiles to explain away the loss of the craft. This speed of this conclusion has rivaled that which saw Osama bin Laden identified as the culprit for 9/11.

In the Britain today, as widely reported in the US, Professor Andre Balogh told SkyNews that the space shuttle Columbia was "doomed" from the launch of the mission. The damage done to the wing, said Prof. Balogh, was "just there and waiting to destroy Columbia".

He claimed that NASA had been fully aware of the problem and had, in all probability, known all along it was potentially fatal.

However, Professor Balogh is no disinterested observer. He works for a consortium whose Rosetta comet research mission was indefinitely postponed mid-January 2003, by the explosion of the latest European Space Agency's, Ariane 5 satellite payload rocket, which shattered into pieces
December 12, 2002 only 3 minutes after launch from French Guiana.

The Rosetta project is funded by the European Space Agency and is tied to UK Ministry of Defense due to the technically advanced nature of projects associated with it's personnel, funding and management.

On 31st of January, 2003, just 24hrs. before the Columbia disaster, BAE Systems, the UK defense contractor, announced a deal to sell its interest in the satellite concern, Astrium --which is heavily involved in the Rosetta project-- to EADS, Europe's leading aerospace group.

Seventeen years in preparation, the Rosetta project on which the professor works had scheduled an early 2003 launch to conduct advanced plasma physics research by intercepting a comet. Now the launch window has closed on that plan. The Ariane series has been plagued by a series of failures which have left it with the worst track record in the satellite payload launch business.

The primary beneficiaries of the problems with the Ariane series have been Boeing and Lockheed Martin --both of whom successfully launched rival rockets just weeks before the latest Ariane December 2002 failure. Russian Air Launch Corp. was also expected to benefit from Ariane's woes -with plans to use jumbo "Ruslan" planes for cheap mid-air satellite launching.


The full resources of persuasion of the spin doctors of US public opinion have already been deployed to divert the public from any focus on the true cause --
direct hit by an enemy. In this case by use of a scalar weapon.

In the alternative press, the need for questioning comment will be fed by the construction of a deflecting pseudo-controversy. That has already been launched. The spin is that NASA knew of the tiles problem and kept mum. Nasty old Government eh?

The fact that Professor Balogh managed to get both mainstream and alternative spins into his brief comments is testimony to the sophistication of the cover-up.

Various pseudo-anti-establishment figures are already pushing the pseudo-controversy. See who pushes it hardest and you can tell who is a real independent investigator. Note their names for next time -then you can really get to understand what's going on. Some of the high-profile people involved will surprise --Jeff Rense being one rather obvious example.

All of this helps make clear why agencies bother to spend such time and energy establishing these puppets of pretend Government opposition. Payoff time comes when events such as this need to be smoothed over. That's classic information warfare, and it's PsyOp 101 primary tactics, by the way. Your best defense is NOT to watch TV -but rather to rely on the written word and reports of TV presentation when evaluating. It's the repetition on broadcast after broadcast that is so effective in promoting pap. If all those people in suits are saying it time after time -it must be true.

The news managers of the Anglo-American establishment are the very professional indeed. One day after the event, most people have forgotten they had well founded suspicions of the true cause. One has to admire that level of opinion management. Next stage will be to layer on new news and drop this like a hot potato. Beautiful.

Finally, i
t is worth noting that before the latest hue and cry over the loss of ceramic tiles, a more measured Time interview with their science correspondent Jeffrey Kluger ruled out tile loss as a cause.

Time Interview extract follows with our emphasis in bold:

TIME.com: What are the possible scenarios that could have caused this disastrous accident on the shuttle's reentry into the Earth's atmosphere?

Jeffrey Kluger: There are three possible scenarios that explain this event. The first, which I believe is the likeliest explanation, would be an aerodynamic structural breakup of the shuttle caused by it rolling at the wrong angle. Remember, after reentry, the shuttle is descending without power, which means astronauts at the controls can't compensate for a loss of attitude by using the engines, they can only do so using the flaps. And that's extremely hard. Astronauts describe piloting the shuttle on reentry as like trying to fly a brick with wings. It's very difficult to operate, and even more so to correct any problems.

A second explanation might be a loss of tiles leading to a burn-through. But I think that explanation is unlikely, because the tile-loss would have had to have been quite substantial for that to become possible. You'll hear a lot in the next few days about things falling off the shuttle during liftoff. But it often happens that they lose a few tiles, and I'd be surprised if it happened on a scale that could make an accident of this type possible.

The last option is some kind of engine failure leading to fuel ignition. Although the main tanks are mostly empty, there should still be fuel left in the maneuvering tanks. But probably not enough for an explosion that could have caused this breakup.
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